with Dennis Gaumond
brought to you by
‘The Pearl Company - the Opus Mundi Festival’
16 Steven Street, Hamilton ON
Saturday, May 9th
From 2 to 4 PM
*No previous musical experience is required. 
About the Opus Mundi Festival:
This is the second Opus Mundi Festival, a Multi-Disciplinary Artistic Convergence, featuring a wide
range of events, with performers from many cultures in both the gallery and the theatre at The Pearl
Company.  Film, music, theatre, dance, visual art and dub poetry are all part of the mix. The festival is
devoted to bringing established local artists together with the excellent artists from other counties who
have made their homes in Hamilton and surrounding areas.
The cost for this workshop is just $20.00
Pay at the door
The ancients understood that sound has the power to heal and transform. Today more and more people are
discovering that the use of sound is a joyful way to affect health, stress levels and mental attitudes. This
workshop provides an opportunity for participants to both learn about and experience the transformational
power of sound.
Demonstrations and discussion will help us to understand why sound has this power. We will learn to see
reality in a new way, understanding it in terms of energy and vibration. From this new perspective, many
things will start to make more sense, including the healing process and the power of sound.
We will then experience a sample of several forms of 'sound healing', including:
the soothing tones of the singing crystal bowls
the power of mantra and chanting from a variety of cultural traditions.
an introduction to the ancient art of overtone singing