Sunday, NOV. 11, 2006, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Yoga For You
551 Bryne Drive, Unit H
Barrie, ON
This is an opportunity for you to both learn about and experience the
transformational power of sound.
The cost for this workshop is just $25.00.
Register by phone - 705 727-1415
or email -
Dennis Gaumond is a seeker, visionary, public speaker, musician, the founder of the Guelph Chant Club and author
of the books "Why Is Life?"  and “Chant Magic”. He is a student of the science of mantra and teacher of the ancient
art of overtone singing, a practice that maximizes the healing potential of the human voice.  He also leads groups in
singing chants from different world traditions and in drum circles.
This presentation is fun and entertaining. It will introduce you to different aspects of ‘sound
healing’. You will enjoy a ‘SOUND MASSAGE’, which will include a crystal bowl concert, a
demonstration of ‘overtone singing’, a concert of relaxation music and chanting, the use of
rhythm and mantra and more. It will also include an explanation of why ‘sacred sound’ is an
effective healing tool, using a demonstration of how sound affects the human aura.