‘Self Connection Books’
‘Self Connection Books’
Author of
Dennis Gaumond is a visionary, researcher, the
founder of the Guelph Chant Club and author of the
books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. Dennis is a
speaker who teaches seminars on the topics in his
book. He is a teacher of the science of mantra and
the ancient art of overtone singing, a practice that
maximizes the healing potential of the human voice. 
He leads groups in singing chants from different
world traditions & in sound healing circles.
If you are a reader looking for one multi-functional book
that could introduce you to a wide variety of ‘hot topics’, a
broad range of ‘alternative information’, a smorgasbord of
mystical food for thought, there are very few books on the
current market that can fit the bill. ‘Why Is Life?’, however, is
such a book. In the process of addressing some of humanity’s
biggest questions, this book
looks at an enormous range of
relevant information, offering us great clues and insight. 
   How do all of these fascinating topics relate to each other?
What is the common link? This book ties it all together with an
interesting and entertaining analogy. It offers the possibility
that we are here as part of a great, cosmic ‘Game’, that
everything in the universe is a manifestation of ‘energy’ or
‘consciousness’ on a great evolutionary journey.
   To understand things in this new way is to arrive at new
definitions of humanity, new definitions of God, angels and
extra-terrestrials, new definitions of just about everything. It
leads to a better understanding of illness and healing, of
suffering and death, of enlightenment, of the laws of cause
and effect, of the many mysteries past and present. This new
perspective leads to a better understanding of the ways that
humans behave, and of the huge changes that face humanity
in the near future. 
   Come and hear Dennis Gaumond tell you about his new
“We can no longer rely on dogma and
preconceived doctrine. It is time to figure
things out for ourselves…
WHERE: Self Connection Books, 4004 19 St NW
Calgary, Alberta
WHEN: Saturday, May 13, 1 to 2:30 PM
COST: This is a FREE event.
For more info phone: 403-284-1486  Toll Free: 866-735-3457