With Dennis Gaumond
Sunday, October 19, from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Location: Living Yoga and Health
105 Wyndham St. N
Guelph, Ontario N1H 4E9
“Sound structures energy fields 
and brings the physical into being.”
The ancients understood that sound has the power to heal and transform. Today more and more people
are discovering that the use of sound is a joyful way to affect health, stress levels and mental attitudes.
This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to both learn about and experience the
transformational power of sound. It will be divided into 2 segments:
The morning segment will help us to understand why sound has this power. We will learn to see reality in
a new way, understanding it in terms of energy and vibration. From this new perspective, many things
will start to make more sense, including the healing process and the power of sound. We will begin to
see ourselves as electro-magnetic beings whose actions emit a negative or positive charge. We will also
get a better understanding of the great changes that are affecting the planet and its inhabitants at this
time – a phenomenon sometimes called the Big Shift.
Spend the afternoon in a beautiful environment, enveloped in Sacred Sound. Learn to use your voice to
affect your health, stress levels and mental attitudes. Enjoy this introduction to the ancient art of
overtone singing. The soothing tones of the crystal bowls will massage your spirit and carry you into a
meditative trance. Simple drumming
exercises are relaxing and fun and can help to entrain us to the
natural rhythms of the Earth. (drums will be provided or bring your own)  Learn about the power of
mantra and chanting from a variety of cultural traditions. We will create a frequency of love, peace and
gratitude to heal ourselves and to send out to the Universe.
*No previous musical experience is required. 
Even if you don’t consider yourself a singer or musician you will be delighted at your ability to
join with others to create powerful sound through toning and chanting. 
Cost: Morning segment - $30
         Afternoon segment - $60
         Both segments - $75 (bring a lunch)
(these prices include GST)
Register by phone - 519 763-0004 
or by email – dgomo@golden.net   
Dennis Gaumond
is a
visionary, researcher, musician, and
author of the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’, and the
CDs, ‘Attracting Abundance' and ‘Soon Come Shekinah’. He
is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Sound
Healers. He is also the leader of the Bhadra Collective, a
group of singers and musicians who perform chant-based,
world-beat music. Dennis is a speaker who has presented
workshops across Canada, teaching seminars on the topics
in his book and leading ‘sound healing’ events. He is a
teacher of the science of mantra and the ancient art of
overtone singing, a practice that
maximizes the healing
potential of the human voice. 
He leads groups in singing
chants from
variety of world traditions, in sound healing
circles, shamanic drumming and crystal bowls.