‘The Big Shift’
Global warming and climate change is only the tip of the
iceberg. Our planet and its residents are going through some
profound and enormous changes that will affect climate,
seismic activity, solar flares and, most importantly, human
consciousness. Many prophets have spoken of this change -
some call it the 'End Times', some the 'Apocalypse' or
'Armageddon', while others refer to it as 'the Big Shift'. Are we
in the process of 'graduating' to a new dimension - of ascending
into Christ-consciousness?
This workshop will examine these changes from both scientific
and mystical perspectives. By understanding that we live in a
‘vibrational universe’ we can gain a new understanding of
reality and the life process, a new understanding of
reincarnation, enlightenment, karma, dimensionality, etc. We
will learn about the ‘precessional cycle’, about how we are
moving into a new position in our galaxy, which will expose us
to new energies. We will learn how these new energies are
affecting us, both physically and spiritually. Most importantly
we will see that we can shape our own destiny with our will,
with the power of our consciousness.
WHERE: ‘The Lifehouse’ - 427 Fitzwilliam St., Suite J, Nanaimo, BC
WHEN: Monday, June 4, 7:30PM till 10PM 
COST: $30.00
To register phone: 250-740-0333  or  
E-mail: judithkarlson@yahoo.ca    or  transform@thelifehouse.ca         
‘The Lifehouse’
‘The Lifehouse’
Dennis Gaumond is a visionary, researcher, musician, and author of the books ‘Why Is
Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’, and the CD, ‘Attracting Abundance'. He is the founder of the
Guelph Chant Club and the Big Shift Support Group. Dennis is a speaker who has
presented workshops across Canada, teaching seminars on the topics in his book and
leading ‘sound healing’ events. He is a teacher of the science of mantra and the ancient
art of overtone singing, a practice that
maximizes the healing potential of the human
voice.  He leads groups in singing chants from a variety of world
traditions, in sound
healing circles, shamanic drumming and crystal bowls.
“We can no longer rely
on dogma and
preconceived doctrine.
It is time to figure
things out for