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It’s happening now! It is affecting us all!
Earth and her inhabitants are entering a new Energy!
Throughout the ages, seekers of enlightenment and mystery school initiates have understood the
importance of sound as a tool for elevating consciousness, entraining to the higher frequencies and
connecting to source.
Through the use of sound we can carry ourselves into the deepest levels of our being, expand our
states of consciousness, and be in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.
Your Facillitators: 
All spiritual teachings point to the present as a time of great potential. Humanity is making a huge evolutionary leap in
consciousness, creating heaven on earth. This great ‘cosmic opportunity’ has been called many things -  the ascension,
the coming of the ages, the quickening or the Big Shift. This new energy - this new vibration is available to all of us, if we
choose to open ourselves and align with a higher consciousness.
Learn how you can consciously use sound to increase your personal vibration and
align yourself with the new energies. Take advantage of this new opportunity.
This will be an experiential intensive - exploring both the mystical and scientific aspects of healing with sound.
Whether you wish to use sound to heal yourself or others, this intensive is for you.  No previous experience is
required - all that is required is an open heart and a clear will, a desire to experience sound as a beautiful,
enjoyable and highly effective method of being one with all that is.
Lora Teuschler is a Certified Sound Healer SHA, Transformational Therapist (SRT)
and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has trained with many gifted Sound Healers and
drumming teachers. Lora has an extensive knowledge of working with crystal singing
bowls, using light, color and sound to create transformational energetic changes. She has a
sound healing practice and regularly leads sound healing circles ,trainings and crystal bowl
Daeva N. Guest  is a sound healing artist and workshop facilitator who has recently
moved to Nanaimo. From her rich background in playback theatre, dance and
performance art she developed a deep appreciation for authentic spontaneous vocal
expression. In recent years Daeva has focused her studies on chanting, toning, Reiki and
instruments such as the drum, the didgeridoo and the Native American Flute.
Dennis Gaumond is a sound healer from Toronto. He is a visionary, musician,
researcher, the founder of the Guelph Chant Club, founder of the Big Shift Support
Group and author of the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. Dennis is a speaker who
teaches seminars on the topics in his book. He is a teacher of the science of mantra, chant
and the ancient art of overtone singing.
May 5, 6 and 7th
Body Spirit Center- 719 Fitzwilliam St., Nanaimo BC - Tuition $250.00
To register or for more information please contact Daeva at (250) 714-0784