WHERE: 106 Hunter Road in Orangeville                        
WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 18, from 7:30 to 9:30PM
COST: by donation 
For more info EMAIL: allanh@safe-mail.net 
or phone 519 942-2195
Orangeville Dowsers
Orangeville Dowsers
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Dennis Gaumond is a visionary, researcher, musician and author of
the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. He is the founder of the
Guelph Chant Club and the Big Shift Support Group. Dennis is a
speaker who has presented workshops across Canada, teaching
seminars on the topics in his book and leading ‘sound healing’
events. He is a teacher of the science of mantra and the ancient art of
overtone singing, a practice that maximizes the healing potential of
the human voice.  He leads groups in singing chants from a variety
of world traditions, in sound healing circles,
shamanic drumming
and crystal bowls.
‘Intro to Sound
Both modern research and ancient wisdom agree that
sound, the essence of all creation, can serve as a very
effective tool in the healing process. We are all beings of
divine energy vibrating at  our own signature frequencies. As
such we are greatly affected by sound, which is itself
vibrating energy.
This presentation will include:
     -     a brief explanation of the healing capacity of sound 
-     some aspects of sound healing, ie overtone singing,    
           Native American flute, drumming and crystal bowls.
-    An interactive chant session; an opportunity to join in
     on some chants from a variety of cultural traditions.
“We can no longer
rely on dogma and
doctrine. It is time
to figure things out
for ourselves…
TIME !!”