Dennis Gaumond
is a
visionary, researcher, musician, and author of
the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. He is the founder of the
Guelph Chant Club and the Big Shift Support Group. Dennis is a
speaker who has presented workshops across Canada, teaching
seminars on the topics in his book and leading ‘sound healing’ events.
He is a teacher of the science of mantra and the ancient art of overtone
singing, a practice that maximizes the healing potential of the human
voice.  He leads groups in singing chants from a variety of world
traditions, in sound healing circles,
shamanic drumming and crystal
WHERE:  Harmony House, 770 King St. E., Oshawa, ON                
COST: Register for all 3 events for $85 (a saving of $15)
To register, or for more info, phone 905 432-9828                                            
or e-mail 
‘Harmony House’
‘Harmony House’ PRESENTS
Saturday, Oct. 21, 1 to 3:30 PM                                                                                                     Cost - $30
This discussion will take a new look at reality, creation and the quest for enlightenment in terms of energy, the
evolution of energy and the behavior of energy. How does this divine energy relate to our consciousness? By seeing
life as a great ‘Game’, we can gain a new understanding of reincarnation, karma, dimensionality, ascension, etc. We are
electro-magnetic beings whose actions emit a negative or positive charge. We will look at the roles played by the higher
vibrations of love/compassion, compared to the lower vibrations of fear/doubt. How can we affect the enormous
changes facing our world?
Some call it the 'End Times', some the 'Apocalypse' or 'Armageddon', while others refer to it as 'the Great Shift'.
Whatever you call it, there is a great deal of compelling evidence to suggest that this planet and its inhabitants are on
the verge of enormous change.  Are we in the process of 'graduating' to a new dimension, of ascending into Christ-
Saturday,  Nov. 4,  1 to 3:30 PM                                                                                                    Cost - $30
This truly fascinating field of study has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is a science that has been around for
thousands of years. Sacred geometry can be thought of as a ‘language’ by which we can better understand our reality
and recognize the ordered design that underlies creation. 
For thousands of years certain numbers have held significance in a variety of ancient cultures. The number 2160, for
example, which is the length of one astrological age, appears in many cultures, in many contexts. How are these
numbers linked? What is their meaning? What is their magic? What about 144,000 or 666, the number of the ‘Beast’? 
This course includes a slide presentation, offering an introduction to sacred geometry and numerology in an
entertaining, easy to understand way. It does not require a mathematical mind. 
Saturday, Nov. 18,  1 to 5 PM                                                                                                        Cost - $40
This is an opportunity for you to both learn about and experience the transformational power of sound. Spend the day
in a beautiful environment, enveloped in Sacred Sound. Learn to use your voice to affect your health, stress levels and
mental attitudes. Enjoy this introduction to the ancient art of overtone singing. Simple drumming exercises are relaxing
and fun and can help to entrain us to the natural rhythms of the Earth (drums provided or bring your own). The soothing
tones of the crystal bowls will carry you into a meditative trance. We will create a frequency of love, peace and gratitude
to heal ourselves and to send out to the Universe.
“We can no longer rely on dogma and preconceived doctrine. It is time to
figure things out for ourselves…