Dennis Gaumond
is a
visionary, researcher, musician, and
author of the books ‘Why Is Life?’, ‘Chant Magic’ and ‘Attracting
Abundance’. Dennis is a speaker who has presented workshops
across Canada, teaching seminars on the topics in his book
and leading ‘sound healing’ events. He is a teacher of the
science of mantra and the ancient art of overtone singing, a
practice that
maximizes the healing potential of the human
voice.  He leads groups in singing chants from a variety of
world traditions, in sound healing circles, shamanic drumming
and crystal bowls.
WHERE: The Rising Sun, 10330 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON  
WHEN: Thursday, March 1, 7:30 to 10 PM
COST: $30.00
To register, or for more info, phone 905-884-3362                              
or e-mail                              
for directions please visit   
‘The Rising Sun’
‘The Rising Sun’ PRESENTS
The Law of Attraction says that, by focusing our intention, we can have anything we desire.
To more effectively attract more of what we desire and less of what we don’t desire, it is crucial
that we believe in this concept. If the faith is strong, then the creative power of the mind is strong.
The best way to believe in the Law of Attraction is to understand why it works – how it works.
This workshop will clearly demonstrate the creative power of consciousness. You will gain
a stronger sense of the Law of Attraction by understanding that we live in a vibrational universe -
that everything in creation is an aspect of Divine Energy. Is this energy the equivalent of
consciousness? We are electro-magnetic beings whose actions emit a negative or positive
charge. We will look at the roles played by the higher vibrations of love/compassion, compared to
the lower vibrations of fear/doubt.
The use of ‘Sacred Sound’ is a very powerful way to bring about change. This workshop will
also demonstrate how the use of singing crystal bowls and the repetition of mantras can greatly
enhance our ability to attract whatever we desire. 
“We can no longer rely on dogma and preconceived
doctrine. It is time to figure things out for ourselves…