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Canadian Society of Questers
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Author of
Dennis Gaumond is a visionary,
researcher, the founder of the Guelph
Chant Club and author of the books ‘Why
Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. Dennis is a
speaker who teaches seminars on the
topics in his book. He is a teacher of the
science of mantra and the ancient art of
overtone singing, a practice that
maximizes the healing potential of the
human voice.  He leads groups in singing
chants from different world traditions & in
sound healing circles.
of the
Have you heard about the face and pyramids on Mars? The Sphinx in
Egypt is now thought to be considerably older than previous
estimates. Who built it and the many other enigmatic stone structures
around the world? A small African tribe called the Dogon have had,
for centuries, detailed info about our solar system and the star Sirius.
How did they access facts that science has only acquired in the last
few decades? Who were the Mayans? Did Atlantis exist? Glyphs from
the highly advanced Sumerian civilization of 4000 BC are revealing
some startling news. The Pyramids, crop circles, UFO's, what does it
all mean? There are many mysteries – many more questions than
answers. Perhaps we’ll never know the definitive solutions to these
mysteries, but we can come much closer to understanding them by
changing our perspective. By embracing a new way of seeing reality -
of perceiving creation, we can look at these mysteries with fresh
“We can no longer rely on dogma and
preconceived doctrine. It is time to figure
things out for ourselves…