Dennis Gaumond is a visionary, researcher, musician, and author of
the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’, and the CD, ‘Attracting
Abundance'. He is the founder of the Guelph Chant Club and the Big
Shift Support Group. Dennis is a speaker who has presented
workshops across Canada, teaching seminars on the topics in his
book and leading ‘sound healing’ events. He is a teacher of the
science of mantra and the ancient art of overtone singing, a practice
that maximizes the healing potential of the human voice.  He leads
groups in singing chants from a variety of world traditions, in sound
healing circles, shamanic drumming and crystal bowls.
WHERE: Phoenix Books, 10202 152nd St., UNIT 117, Surrey , BC
WHEN: Sunday, May 27, 1 to 5:30 PM 
COST: $45.00 
For more info call – 604 584-8738 
‘Phoenix Books’
‘Phoenix Books’ PRESENTS
Sunday, May 27th, 1 to 5:30 PM
The Law of Attraction says that, by focusing our intention, we can have anything we desire. The
ancients have always known that one of the best ways to use this law involves the magic of Sacred
Sound. This workshop will teach you how to use sound to amplify and accelerate the vibrations of
our intentions to more effectively attract more of what we desire and less of what we don’t desire.
Learn how to use mantras to change your mindset and attract your desires.
Experience the healing power of chanting and overtone singing.
Allow the sound of the crystal bowls to sooth and transform you.
Learn to use all of these ‘sound tools’ to enhance your ‘attracting power’.
Share your open heart in a respectful, loving space.
Please bring a blanket, pillow and water                                                                     
“We can no longer rely on dogma and preconceived doctrine. It is time
to figure things out for ourselves…