"I'm proud to be one of the speakers and workshop leaders at this year's annual
convention of the Canadian Society of Dowsers." –Dennis Gaumond
20th ANNUAL CONVENTION            
of the 
June 22-25, 2007
Humber College North Campus
Toronto, Ontario
Keynote Speaker: 
Glenn Broughton - One of the world's leading authorities on crop circles and earth energies.
Other Speakers:         
Gary Skillen -
Dowsing and the Law of Attraction
Michelle Hanson - Ocean Crystals
Dr. Sabina DeVita - Electromagnetic Smog                                            
Dennis Gaumond -The Big Shift and the Law of Attraction                                    
Pat Prevost - How Animals Teach Us                                                             
Rev. Lynn Walker - How to Use Dowsing to Heal Your Life   
Glen Broughton - Dowsing Earth Energies and Crop Circles                                                                                                                     
Dennis Gaumond - Using Sa cred Sound to Attract Abundance                                                                                                                
Alicja Aratyn - Environmental Dowsing                                                                                                                                                    
Michelle Hanson - Ocean Oracle: Introduction to Seashell Divination                                                                                                          
Dowsing Schools:                                                                                                             
Basic - Susan Collins,                                   Advanced - Joan (DeNew) Nathanson
For more info, including directions, accomodations, schedule, etc., please visit
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Mark J. Brewer, CSD President
mark@ReikiToronto.com or (905) 791-8320