WHERE: Uniondale, (near Stratford), Ontario
WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 24th, 2006, from 1PM to 4:00PM
COST: $35.00  
For registration - PHONE: (519) 349-2727 
‘the Arrhianna Centre’
‘the Arrhianna Centre’ PRESENTS
Author of
Dennis Gaumond is a visionary, researcher, the founder of the Guelph Chant
Club and author of the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’. Dennis is a
speaker who teaches seminars on the topics in his book. He is a teacher of the
science of mantra and the ancient art of overtone singing, a practice that
maximizes the healing potential of the human voice.  He leads groups in singing
chants from different world traditions & in sound healing circles.
‘Secrets of the Da Vinci
- The Bible, Magic and Sex
Recently, the book and movie, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ has
brought some very controversial information to light. This
information challenges the Bible and the teachings of the
Christian Church in a profound way. The idea that Jesus was
married to Mary Magdelane is only part of this ‘hidden’ info.
What other things have been held from us?
The Bible and many other ancient works often make
mention of various forms of ‘magic’. What is magic? Why
have we lost touch with this ancient knowledge? Many feel
that a new understanding of magic is emerging. 
Why has sex been vilified by our society and its
institutions? Many other schools of thought say that the sex
act can be a very effective and pleasant path to
enlightenment. The role of women in our history has been
overlooked and the female aspect of humanity has been
oppressed for thousands of years. Why? In this talk we will
look at some of the mysteries surrounding sex, including
sacred rituals, Tantric practices and sex magic. We will also
discuss the return of feminine consciousness to its rightful
place in a rapidly changing world.
“We can no longer rely
on dogma and
preconceived doctrine. It
is time to figure things
out for ourselves…