“We can no longer rely on dogma and preconceived
doctrine. It is time to figure things out for
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‘Banyen Books’ PRESENTS
Dennis Gaumond
is a visionary, researcher, musician, and
author of the books ‘Why Is Life?’ and ‘Chant Magic’, and the
CD, ‘Attracting Abundance'. Dennis is a speaker who has
presented workshops across Canada, teaching seminars on the
topics in his book and leading ‘sound healing’ events. He is a
teacher of the science of mantra and the ancient art of overtone
singing. He leads groups in singing chants from a variety of
traditions, in sound healing circles,
shamanic drumming
and crystal bowls. For bookings contact 519 763-0004 or e-mail
The Law of Attraction
says that, by focusing our intention,
we can have anything we desire. The
ancients have always known that one
of the best ways to use this law
involves the magic of Sacred Sound.
In this presentation, Dennis will
discuss the ways that sound can
enhance our ability to manifest our
desires. We will talk about the Three
Key Aspects of Effective Magic and
how the use of sound can make
magic happen. We will discuss the
use of mantra and why it is such an
effective way to amplify and
accelerate the vibrations of our
WHERE: 3636 West 4th Ave., Vancouver, BC
(5 doors down from Banyen Books)
WHEN: Thursday, May 24th, 6:30 to 8 PM
COST: This is a FREE event.
For more info phone: 604-737-8858