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We Need a Miracle!
February 26, 2008
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THE BHADRA COLLECTIVE - an interactive, multi-media concert
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First of all, thank you to those of you that attended 'One - the Event' in Port Hope on February 8th. It was a big success and a great time was had by all.

The Bhadra Collective is an ensemble of singers and musicians celebrating the  return of goddess energies to the planet with a new brand of danceable chant music. We will be launching our new CD at two big events, the first at the River Run Centre in Guelph on May 1st.
The secong will be in Toronto at the Music Gallery on May 12, as part of the Aleila Festival. Please see more details below.

I hope nobody came out to the Guelph Chant Club on Feb. 6 only to find the doors locked. The weather was brutal that night and we had to cancel. In the future, if the weather is questionable, please call to see whether there's a cancellation.

In this newsletter we will wrap up our ongoing essay on magic. (By the way, all previous newsletters are available on the 'newsletter' page at my website -

Peace and love, Dennis.


- conclusion -

       by Dennis Gaumond

Over the past several newsletters we have covered a lot of ground as we learned about this mysterious thing called magic. When we talk about magic, we're really talking about the same phenomenon as karma, the law of attraction, dowsing or divining and other similar concepts. Throughout the ages it has continually been re-invented, described in different terms and renamed. In one way or another these concepts all refer to the same thing - the power of consciousness. Mystical teachings over the millennia have told us that this divine power is something that we all possess.

        We've learned about different methods that have been employed to harness this power over the ages, and that most of these methods had certain things in common. All the skills that we've practiced while praying and meditating - the ability to focus, visualize and remain lucid - can now be seen as skills that are crucial to the effective use of our magical powers.

        We've seen that this idea was much better understood and accepted in the past and that certain powerful groups have suppressed and even outlawed this knowledge. The practice of activities based on this knowledge was frowned upon and often it was punishable by death. We were taught to feel like powerless victims of circumstance. We were filled with fear and manipulated by power groups who had a very imbalanced understanding of what true power actually was. If that feels familiar, it should, because the same thing is happening in the modern era. We are continually being presented with some new form of 'bogie-man', whether it's the cold war, terrorism, new diseases, etc. Fearful people are much easier to control.

Humanity's awareness of its own innate power has ebbed and flowed over the course of human history. We've learned in this essay that this awareness is making a big comeback these days, both at a grass-roots level and at the level of science. And thank God for that. We could really use this awareness now, as we face so many problems here on Earth. Global warming, war, poverty, pollution - the list is long. These are problems that we have brought upon ourselves, either by contributing to them directly or by allowing them to be perpetrated. Whether by commission or omission, the underlying problem is an ignorance of our true nature. The problems that we face are dire. I believe that the planet is like a car speeding toward a brick wall. Even if we slam on the brakes right now, we're probably still going to hit that wall. What we need now is a miracle!

   I truly believe that humanity is entering a crucial time of change. We are being invited, in a big way, to embrace our divine nature, to accept the power and responsibility that come with it. We are understanding to a greater and greater degree that we are all the same - we are one - cut from the same fabric. As this new belief system takes hold and grows, it will replace the old one - the old paradigm that limits our perspective and renders us weak. When this happens, the power that we possess will become unstoppable. There is nothing that we can't achieve, no problem that we can't solve. We are magicians! We can perform miracles!



DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
WED., MARCH 5/08        Guelph,                   Guelph                      Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm        Ontaro                    Chant Club

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more Detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.ca


DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
FRIDAY, MARCH 21/08     Waterloo,               Waterloo                
The Community of Hearts
7:30 to 9 pm                 Ontario                Chant Club                           Yoga Studio
This is an Equinox Chant - the energies that day will be such that the power of any clear intention will be much greater. The collective power of our chant this evening will be huge.

chant magic graphic
I recently received some interesting reviews of my book, 'Why Is Life?'  If you'd like to read them, please go to this site, click on the 'cosmic archive' link and then to the Jan., 2008 link:       cosmicbookreviews.com
Why Is Life? is now available as an e-book
for a reduced price.
To purchase or preview Why Is Life?,
please go to:
e-book download
The Power of Consciousness
with dennis gaumond

SUNDAY, MARCH 2nd, from 1:00 TO 5:30 PM

The ancients have always known about the magic of Sacred Sound - that it is a powerful healing device. They've also known that it is a very effective way to develop the power of consciousness. This workshop will teach us how to use sound to amplify and accelerate the vibrations of our intentions, to effectively attract more of what we desire and less of what we don't desire.

         Learn how to use mantras to change your mindset and attract your desires.

         Experience the healing power of chanting and overtone singing.

         Allow the sound of the crystal bowls to soothe and transform you.

         Learn to use all of these 'sound tools' to enhance your 'attracting power'.

         Share your open heart in a respectful, loving space.

         Please bring a water bottle

The cost for this workshop is just $50.00 (includes GST)
at The Lotus Centre or
by phone
with Visa or MasterCard - 519 642-2378
email -



an interactive, multi-media concert

Celebrating the
'Return of the Goddess'

Chant music, world-beat grooves, exotic instruments, trance-dance.

An 8-piece band, with special musical guest:
Gary Diggins - didjeridoo, fluglehorn, trumpet

Featuring dance performances by
Ishra and the Invoke-tress Dance Theatre

 Special performances by Gina Tome and Monk Mann.

May 1, 8PM
- the River Run Centre - Co-operators Hall, 35 Woolich St., Guelph, ON www.riverrun.ca
Tickets - $22
Available at the River Run Box Office - 519 763-3000 or toll free 877 520-2408
Tickets also available at:  bhadra tickets

May 16, 8PM
- The Music Gallery, 197 John St., Downtown Toronto, ON
Tickets - $18 Available at bhadra tickets


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