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              NOVEMBER 1, 2009

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Quote of the Month
"Soon will the present-day order be rolled up,
and a new one spread out in its stead."
- Baha'u'llah, (1863)


I'm excited to announce that I'll be spending the winter (from the beginning of December to the end of March)
in Costa Rica. Some friends have purchased land down there and are building a spiritual retreat centre. They've asked if I'd like to be involved in some way in this project. I'll have my computer with me so the newsletters will continue and I'll remain in contact.

If you're like most people, you don't know what to believe about the so-called 'swine flu pandemic'. As usual the mainstream media is spreading fear-based info with few dissenting viewpoints. This is, however, a hugely contentious issue. The links below will give you access to some of those dissenting perspectives.

Most of us are aware, to some degree, of the amazing changes that are happening to this planet and its residents. The next few newsletters will feature a series of articles designed to help better understand these changes.

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing the ongoing articles on the Physics of Mysticism,  Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website:  whyislife.com

Peace and love, Dennis.
By Dennis Gaumond
Let's firstly acknowledge that it is difficult to articulate the concepts that will appear in this ongoing essay on Understanding the Shift. I apologize in advance for oversimplifying this information and hope that you will read it with open hearts and minds.
If we understand that everything in our physical universe is a manifestation of energy, then we also understand that every aspect of our physical reality has it's own unique rate of vibration or frequency. Therefore, our reality is defined by a band of frequencies, from the lowest/slowest to the highest/fastest and everything in between. There are parameters to the physical plane, a lowest frequency and a highest frequency, beyond which it is no longer physical. Those vibrations of energy outside the physical parameters belong to some other reality and cannot be perceived by our five senses.
However, that band of frequencies is changing - it is rising. The parameters of our reality are changing - they are including ever-higher vibrations and excluding those near the lower parameter. Those aspects of our reality that are made up of lower vibrations, are having a 'harder time existing' here on the physical plane. Things are shifting. The changes are affecting the planet, as well as human consciousness, both as individuals and as a collective.
Scientific experiments and demonstrations, some from a branch of science called Cymatics, have shown us that our actions - our thoughts, words, deeds and emotions - can also be recognized as things that are made of energy, vibrating at specific frequencies. They've shown that actions based in love and compassion have a higher frequency than those based in fear. As our reality shifts it will become increasingly difficult for those of us acting in a fearful way, and easier for those of us acting in a loving way.
There may be several phenomena contributing to our shifting reality, but we will be looking at only two: the role played by our collective consciousness, and the role played by our position in the cosmos - the astrologic perspective. In the next newsletter we will talk about our changing position in the Grand Cosmic Cycle of 25, 920 years.

CASP - Meet & Greet!
After two years of hard work and collaboration we have launched an exciting new organization - the Canadian Association of Sound Practitioners (CASP). If you are interested in learning more and/or in becoming a member visit canadiansoundpractitioners.com

Come join like-minded souls as we celebrate this emerging community of Sound Practitioners...Bring a favourite instrument, as we will have an opportunity to talk, share, play and explore.  Feel free to bring a few friends who might be interested in learning more about CASP.  Light refreshments will be served. 

Location:  Vivace Studio, 291A Jane Street (4 blocks north of Bloor Street West)
Time:  7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
RSVP:  hazel@soundspirit.ca

DATE                                             CITY                              VENUE               _____________________________________________________________
WED., NOVEMBER 4, 2009             Guelph,                              Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                             Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com

with Dennis Gaumond
Tuesday, November 24th
7:30pm till about 9pm
At 'The Space Above', 138 Garafraxa St., N. (Hwy 6)
Durham, ON
Suggested donation - $15
contact Donato - 519 369-6298, donato@ucsart.com
Allow the joy of chanting to loosen your karmic knots and take you to the zone!


We've been inundated lately, by the mainstream media, with info regarding the so-called 'swine-flu pandemic' and it's accompanying vaccine. There is, however, much more controversy within the scientific/medical community than the mainstream media tends to report. Here are some links to information that gives a different view:
- Dr. Rauni-Leena Kilde, the Health Minister of Finland - DR. KILDE
- Congressman Ron Paul - RON PAUL
- Vaccine Expert "Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Flu Itself" - VACCINE EXPERT
- Doctors speak out about H1N1 VACCINE DANGERS - DOCTORS
- Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1 -  MAKERS OF VACCINE
- How much of a killer is swine flu?  This chart puts things into perspective -  CHART
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