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              FEBRUARY 1, 2010

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"Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another. The key to worlds within thee is found only within, for man is the gateway of mystery, and the key is that One is within One. Look thee above, or look thee below, the same shall ye find, for all is but
part of the Oneness."

- The Emerald  Tablets  of  Thoth


I hope you are enjoying the Canadian winter. Here in Costa Rica things are continuing to unfold in a remarkable way. I was supposed to have the shared use of a vehicle, but for various reasons that fell through, only to have a better opportunity take its place. I keep meeting interesting people who share my values, and one of them has agreed to an interesting barter - I'm now producing a CD of original music as background for some of his poetry, in exchange for the use of his four-wheel-drive vehicle for 2 months! I continue to meet good-hearted souls who are either already involved in a spiritual community or are interested in developing one. This region is attracting people of that nature. It's very exciting and beautiful.

My good friend, John Tonin, will be taking over the Guelph Chant Club while I'm gone. Read more below.

In this segment of the ongoing article on the Big Shift, I'll be talking about the relationship between magnetics and frequency of vibration, and how this balance is rapidly changing. In subsequent newsletters we'll look at some of the human biological changes being observed, as well as some of the symptoms of change that are being reported.

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing the ongoing articles on the Physics of Mysticism,  Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website:


Peace and love, Dennis.


 by Dennis Gaumond

There are two key factors that effect life on this (and possibly any other) planet, the strength of the magnetic field and the average frequency at which the planet vibrates. The Earth is an electro-magnetic entity, and so are all of its resident life-forms. Every cell in our bodies has an electrical charge and a magnetic field. Ancient mystery school knowledge tells us that the electrical (male, mental, yang) aspect of our being represents all the information of our true, multi-dimensional reality - the totality of creation. In Part one it was noted that exposure to such a totality of information would cause a type of 'circuit meltdown'. The magnetic (female, emotional, yin) aspect acts as a shield or buffer, allowing us access to only a certain amount of the totality of information. We are thus protected from being overwhelmed by the 'larger truth', for which we are not yet prepared. One must have total mastery over one's fears and react to every possible circumstance with love and compassion in order to be prepared to witness the totality of creation. Thus, our perceptive capacity, our state of being is defined by this balance between frequency and magnetics.

The ancient mystery schools of Egypt ( consisting of twelve years for the Left Eye of Horus - corresponding to the right brain - and twelve years for the Right Eye of Horus - corresponding to the left brain) are said to have used magnetics in the process of 'training' initiates. It is said that different chambers in various temples and structures were constructed to have varying degrees of magnetic strength. The first of the telve chambers would have the least decrease in magnetic strength and the initiate would be presented with a relatively mild aspect of the human psyche. If the initiate overcame his fear of that aspect and reacted with love, he would pass the test and graduate to the next level of training. He would thus be able to handle increasingly lower levels of magnetics. The twelfth and final test is said to have taken place in the 'King's Chamber' in the Great Pyramid, where the magnetic strength was close to nil. Only an initiate with complete mastery over his fears and an ability to sustain a state of love/compassion would survive such a test. With the ability to activate and control his personal electro-magnetic field, he would be placed in the 'sarcophagus' (granite box) for three days (the same amount of time that Jesus is said to have taken before his resurrection), during which he would shift to a higher octave of expression at a cellular level. Hopefully, he would thus ascend into Christ-consciousness

Magnetic fields are said to accommodate memory. Our personal memories are governed by our personal fields, while our collective memory (sometimes referred to as the Akashic Record) is governed by the planetary field. Memory could be defined as a retained body of finite information, a portion of the infinite whole. Some say that a major Earth-change/cataclysm is accompanied by a collapse of the magnetic field and that whatever happened 13,000 years ago caused the field to collapse for three days, resulting in our collective memory being wiped clean. They say that it signified the end of the Atlantean age and that we lost all language and knowledge from that era, causing us to have to 'start over'.

Scientists are not sure as to the cause of the Earth's magnetic field. We do know that an iron bar with a coil of wire wrapped around it will generate a magnetic field when a current of electricity is sent through the coil. To reverse the direction of the current is to reverse the polarity of the field. Probably the most popular theory about the cause of our field postulates that the planet's solid iron inner core is rotating at a different rate than its mantle/crust, due to the molten, fluid outer core. This would generate an electrical charge, which in turn would generate a magnetic field. Core samples taken from the ocean floor have shown that there have been many polarity reversals during the planet's 4.5 billion year history. Magnetic strength is a specific quantity, measurable in 'gauss' units. The Earth's field, which was at a peak about 1,000 years ago according to estimations, has decreased 38% to it's present state which has been measured at 8.0 x 1025 gauss units. Most of this significant reduction has happened in the last few decades, due to a change in position of the Earth's core relative to the rest of the cosmos.

We have already talked about higher, love-based actions yielding a higher vibration. One who consistently emits and receives higher vibrations is said to be in a higher state of awareness. Frequency of vibration of the planet is thus an important factor affecting our collective consciousness. It is another specific quantity, measurable in Hertz (Hz) units. One pulse or beat per second equals one Hz.

The Earth has a base resonant frequency at which it pulses. (Some say that this is the OM of creation in the Hindu traditions.)  All life-forms on the planet would entrain to resonate to the same frequency. Earth's base resonant frequency, until recently, has been 7.8 Hz. Many organizations including military operations have relied on this constant for their transmissions, but have been alarmed recently because the base rate seems to be increasing. The planet's base resonant frequency is also known as the Schumann Resonance, after W. O. Schumann, a German physicist who predicted the increase in vibration back in the 1950s.

The base frequency of the planet has been almost 8 Hz, which is one of the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. This frequency is said to be increasing and is thought to be headed for the next step
in the sequence, which is that familiar number - 13, the number representing Christ-consciousness.

Brain-wave activity is commonly measured in Hz values;

                                Delta waves range from .5 to 4 Hz - deep sleep,

                                Theta waves from 4 to 8 Hz - relaxed, barely awake,

                                Alpha waves from 8 to 12 Hz - awake,

                                Beta waves from 12 to 23 Hz, high alertness.

As the planet's magnetic field decreases and its vibratory rate increases, we will automatically tend to entrain with the new rate. When viewed in terms of brain wave activity, the Earth at 8 Hz is in a lower alpha state - a state of being barely awake. At thirteen it would be in the early stages of the Beta state of high alertness. So as the planet enters this new set of circumstances, it is providing us with a big opportunity to move toward enlightenment, to raise our own vibratory rates. This process of entrainment will be easier if we let go of old belief systems and learn to react to different circumstances with, you guessed it, less negative, fear-based emotions and more positive, love-based emotions. We will move into the Alpha state. There will be a mass awakening.

The new and improved CASP website is up and running - please visit:

While I'm in Costa Rica, my good friend, John Tonin will lead the Chant Club. John has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years and has been a musician for much longer. I'm sure you'll enjoy his kirtan style.
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WED., FEBRUARY 3, 2010             Guelph,                              Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                             Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


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