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              MARCH 1, 2010

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"Matter is fluid and flows like a stream, constantly changing from one thing to another. The key to worlds within thee is found only within, for man is the gateway of mystery, and the key is that One is within One. Look thee above, or look thee below, the same shall ye find, for all is but
part of the Oneness."

- The Emerald  Tablets  of  Thoth


I continue to have a great time in Costa Rica and to make some good connections. On Saturday I'll be leading a chant session in Domenical. I've met and jammed with some good musicians, both in the 'blues/R&B' and 'sound healing/world beat' realms.
I am planning some Costa Rican retreat/workshops for next year. More details later. They will be opportunities to both experience this gorgeous country in a 'non-tourist' way and to nourish the soul and enrich the mind. There will also be an emphasis on keeping it affordable.
My good friend, John Tonin, will be leading the Guelph Chant Club for the March 3 gathering. I'll be back to lead the gathering on the first Wednesday of April.

I have had one challenge recently here in Cost Rica - my laptop crahed. As a result I'll have to take a raincheck on the next installment of the 'Understanding the Big Shift' series. In subsequent newsletters we'll look at some of the human biological changes associated with the Shift, as well as some of the symptoms of change that are being reported.

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing the ongoing articles on the Physics of Mysticism,  Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website:


Peace and love, Dennis.

The new and improved CASP website is up and running - please visit:

While I'm in Costa Rica, my good friend, John Tonin will lead the Chant Club. John has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years and has been a musician for much longer. I'm sure you'll enjoy his kirtan style.
DATE                                             CITY                              VENUE               _____________________________________________________________
WED., MARCH 3, 2010             Guelph,                              Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                             Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


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