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              APRIL 1, 2010

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" Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye."

the Holy  Bible,  1 Corinthians 15 : 51


I am home from a wonderful four months in Costa Rica and looking forward to seeing my friends and acquaintances again. I met some lovely people down there and made some great contacts. I led 2 Chant Parties at a beautiful yoga studio called Bamboo Yoga. Welcome to those of you who attended and are new to the newsletter.

Many of the people I met in Costa Rica had been looking for a great place to live in community with like-minded people, to grow their own food and live healthy, happy lifestyles. I am excited to say that we've purchased some land down there and are looking forward to an increased connection with the community. If you know of anyone who is considering something similar and would like to talk to me about it, please feel free to contact me. I've learned much about land prices, availability and many aspects of life in Costa Rica, and i know of some good deals.

I'm looking forward to the Chant Club on April 7 - hope to see you there. I'm also doing a gig at Gate 403 - 403 Roncesvalles in Toronto on Saturday, April 10 with my friend Jen Gillmor. On April 4 (Easter Sunday) I'll be giving a talk on the Big Shift at the Unitarian Church in St. Catherines. More details below.

In this segment of the ongoing article on the Big Shift, I'll be talking about Symptoms of Change.

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing the earlier articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism,  Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website:


Peace and love, Dennis.


by Dennis Gaumond

              Many people are increasingly experiencing strange circumstances and phenomena in their lives. Perhaps, as circumstances on the planet are changing, they are feeling the symptoms of change. Here are some of the more commonly reported symptoms;

- changing patterns of sleep:  People are having difficulty getting enough sleep, feeling wide awake when they should be tired, and sleepy when they should be alert. They report a hard time getting to sleep as well as staying asleep. Many wake up in the middle of the night and some feel like their body is 'buzzing'. Some awaken after a good night's sleep still feeling very tired.

- aches & pains: There is an increase in conditions such as 'chronic fatigue' and 'fibromyalgia', which have no perceivable causal agent such as a germ or virus; muscle stiffness, tension and strange headaches which seem to happen for no reason.

- lucid dreaming:  Most people dream during their sleep. Their astral bodies travel and interact with others in the astral world. However, few people remember this activity or relate it to their everyday physical experiences. Increasing numbers of people are now reporting that they are having more vivid dreams, which they can recall in greater detail. Sometimes strange images and settings are returning in 'flashes' during waking hours.

- misperceptions of time:  It seems to some people as though time is 'speeding up'. Events seem to fly by. This phenomenon has been referred to as 'the quickening'. In regards to the laws of karma, many people feel that their fears and 'issues' are being thrown up in their faces to be dealt with at an increasing rate. Circumstances are arising which demand that one embrace a great deal of change. In other words, opportunities to heal are coming in 'fast and furious'. Those who choose to ignore these opportunities are finding that these issues simply will not go away. Some also report moments when, in states of reverie or stupor, time seems to be suspended. If time is a construct, a product of our collective conscious-ness, then perhaps our perception of time is shifting along with our consciousness.

- a questioning of the value of important relationships: Many people are feeling a withdrawal or a 'drifting away' from some family members, spouses or friends. This feeling is often accompanied by guilt and anxiety. These people are often attracted to new relationships and have a longing to reinvent themselves.

- unusual memory experiences:  Strange, sometimes startling memories drift into consciousness at unexpected times. At other times, names, numbers and otherwise familiar facts seem suddenly inaccessible. Information that one has known for a long time seems to suddenly disappear. The unfamiliar seems familiar and vice-versa.

- shifting values:  What once seemed very important no longer seems to matter. Many people feel that what they are doing is not fulfilling them at a deeper level. They feel listless and unsatisfied yearning for something with more meaning. They often feel disconnected to reality, as if they are walking about in a fog. As mentioned previously, more and more people are becoming 'seekers'.

- breakdown of traditional systems and institutions:  More and more people are questioning the status quo, challenging aspects of life that were recently considered to be 'written in stone'. Institutions such as the government, the church, the education system, the media and the justice system are increasingly under suspicion. This questioning is sometimes dismissed as rampant cynicism, but actually, it may be the result of an increased awareness and a sense that we are continually being deceived and misled by the authorities. Increase in the number of same-sex relationships and divorce rates is testament to a challenging of traditional marital roles. Some feel that we are moving away from monogamy and there is a great confusion about the nature of relationships and commitment.

            Researchers claim that evolutionary changes at the genetic level are resulting in a recognizable list of temporary physical symptoms:

- flu-like symptoms such as fevers, sweating, aching bones and joints

- migraine headaches that are unaffected by pain killers.

- dizziness and a feeling of 'not being grounded'.

- ringing in the ears

- muscle spasms and strange aches and pains, often in the back and neck.

- tingling in arms, hands, legs or feet.

- feeling tired or exhausted with a loss of muscular strength.

- feeling as though one can't get enough breath.

- immune system changes, including allergies.

- wanting to sleep longer and more often than normal.

- nails and hair growing more quickly than normal.

- bouts of depression for no real reason.

- anxiety due to a feeling that 'something is going on', but not knowing what it is.

              Could it be that these 'symptoms of change' are the result of humanity entraining to higher vibrations? Is our level of awareness and perception of reality in the process of changing?

              Those who suspect that we may very well be resonating at ever-higher frequencies may be asking themselves, "what can I do to facilitate the process of entrainment?" Of course, there are many ways - as many as there are people on the planet. Some methods, however, are common to many. To more effectively expose oneself to the rising vibration of the planet, it makes sense to be in greater contact with the planet. Most of us are always several steps removed from a purely natural environment. In the past sixty years, we have become increasingly surrounded by synthetic objects. Our homes, cars, workplaces, etc. are made up of unnatural substances. Plastics, paints and lacquers, synthetic fabrics and other manufactured materials come in contact with us continually. These artificial substances do not carry - do not accurately represent the planetary vibrations in the same way as natural substances that are in closer contact with the Earth. Most people who are immersed in the beauty of nature feel more alive, their moods elevated. Natural objects have a 'power', especially rocks and crystals.

              The next logical deduction is to eat natural foods, drink clean, 'living' water and breath unpolluted air. It's not rocket science, it's common sense - natural products of the Earth will tend to be vibrating in resonance with the Earth. Ironically, our physical bodies are our links to the higher realms. You may have heard the expression, "we are not physical entities having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual entities having a physical experience". As true as this may be, it does not mean that our physical selves are somehow less important than our emotional/mental/spiritual selves. Our bodies represent our point of interaction between the physical, third-dimensional realm and those beyond. A healthy body will be better equipped to absorb the enlightening vibrations.

            Most of the world's many light-workers feel that we have successfully achieved 'critical mass' - that there are enough people (roughly 10%) who are awake and holding up the frequency of the planet to ensure its survival and to minimize the severity of geo-physical earth-changes. This will enable many of us to take major leaps forward in our healing processes. As a result, there seems to be less of an emphasis on teaching and spreading the word and more of an emphasis on supporting each other. When the road gets a bit rockier and the uncompassionate, damaging institutions on the planet start to fail, we need to be available to each other to offer support. We need to help each other maintain the higher frequency - to assemble and participate in activities that unite and empower each other. More and more people are looking for ways to live in community - living healthy lifestyles, growing organic foods, fostering self-sufficiency. Our main responsibility is to create and maintain a constant state of love, joy and gratitude.


The new and improved CASP website is up and running - please visit:

Looking forward to chanting with my friends.
DATE                                             CITY                              VENUE               _____________________________________________________________
WED., APRIL 7, 2010             Guelph,                              Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                       Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


 Dennis Gaumond, Jen Gillmor
and special guests.

"from jazzy blues to Sanskrit chants
   and beyond!"
WHEN: Saturday, April 10, 9pm                                              

WHERE:  Gate 403,  403Roncesvalles, Toronto                          
416 588-2930
no cover charge!

"Gate 403 has great food."
for more info:  gate403.com
- a talk by Dennis Gaumond

WHEN: SUNDAY, APRIL 4, 11AM till NOON.     
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