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             SEPT 1, 2011  

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The summer is flying by - hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. We are still in that phase of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar that will be characterized by a period of extreme darkness. There may be physical challenges and/or conflicts in relationships during this darker time. From Sept 5 to Sept 23, however, we will move into a period called the PROTO-HIGHEST EXPRESSION or FLOWERING. This will be a time of great enlightenment - great strides. The fog clears and greater clarity is achieved.


Many people believe that, as soon as the vast majority of Earthlings can show that we are taking responsibility for our actions, that we are ready to treat this planet with compassion, that we are ready to move beyond fear, help will arrive in the form of loving beings from elsewhere. Many are still skeptical of this kind of talk and so I thought it would be a good idea to devote the next few newsletters to this controversial topic. See the article below.

Some special events - this month's Chant Club will be a repeat of something we did last year, a water blessing. This was such a popular event last time, we thought we should do it again. Also, please join me at Gary Diggins' Big Beat celebration - big time fun. See details below 


We've started to plan some week-long retreats for next winter. One is a Nia/Sound-healing experience with co-facilitator, Wendy Roman running from February 10 to 19, 2012. I'm also offering a 10 day 'Why is Life Mystery School' retreat from March 2 to 11, which will be a very affordable adventure. See the details below.


If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.
This is the third article dealing with the ET phenomenon. It is an excerpt from my book, Why Is Life.    

           UFOs, LIVESTOCK  

                                             By Dennis Gaumond            


There have been countless books written on this subject, ranging from well-researched journalism to ridiculous sensationalism, and I will not spend much time writing about it here. For a well-rounded overview of various cases, check out 'The UFO Encyclopedia', by Margaret Sachs, 'Above Top Secret', by Timothy Good, and 'Alien Identities', by Richard Thompson.


Although the majority of sightings do not get reported, hundreds of claims of some type of contact with a UFO are reported to the authorities each year. Of these reports it is said that about 90% are explainable phenomena, 2% are hoaxes, and about 8% are unexplainable and appear to be extra-terrestrial. Probably the most well-known and irrefutable UFO incident is the one that took place at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947, where many witnessed a UFO crash in the desert and the government cover-up that followed. I saw a documentary that showed a movie in which a group of white-coated doctors are doing an autopsy on an alien corpse retrieved from the Roswell crash. It had the delicate, thin, grey body, bulbous head and large, almond-shaped eyes that have become typical of most mental images of an ET. Some skeptics have claimed that the movie was probably produced using high-tech Hollywood special effects, but tests have shown that the celluloid came from the 1940s when such special effects were unheard of and highly unlikely. So many reputable people have spoken up about what they saw and about the government threats and bullying in the ensuing cover-up, that the Roswell incident has become very difficult to deny.


According to several inside whistle-blowers, an incident took place at the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico on April 25, 1964, which was recorded on film. The footage shows a UFO landing at the base, three ETs emerge, are greeted by military personnel and escorted into an office building. It is said that they met with President Dwight Eisenhower at a subsequent landing at the Edwards Air Force Base. A drawing of the ET looks very similar to the image on an ancient artifact from the Assyrian city of Kachu. The insignia on the side of the space-craft looks like the ancient Sumerian symbol 'Din-Gir', which translates as 'righteous ones in fiery chariots'. This same image occurred in a crop formation at Milk Hill in July, 1992.


By 1994, the FBI had accumulated about 24,000 reports of cases of livestock mutilations, mostly cows and horses. These reports have many characteristics in common:

- The carcasses have had organs removed, most often reproductive organs, with what appears to be laser cuts.

- Many of the carcasses have broken bones, as if they had been dropped from a height.

- Mutilated bodies are often marked with potassium and magnesium powder, which is visible under ultra-violet light.

- Circular 'landing marks' are often found nearby. Reports of mysterious lights, sounds and sightings often accompany the mutilations.

Professor David Jacobs of Temple University has studied 300 cases of human abductions in America between 1986 and 1991. The 'abductees', whose memories were accessed under hypnosis, report the same fundamental pattern. They claim to have been given medical examinations, to have had sperm and eggs taken from them, given short explanations and then told to forget. Some claim to have been shown live embryos growing in laboratory settings. Some examinations of abductees have discovered small implants under the skin or in the brain, which can be seen with x-rays. Alleged abductions from other parts of the world report similar circumstances. The common denominator with these reports is that the abductors were obsessed with functions of reproduction. The most common criticism of these claims by sceptics, is that people under hypnosis are highly susceptible to suggestion and that memories can just as easily be some one else's ideas.


Some compelling information about ETs and government cover-ups, etc, has come from 'insiders'. A former member of American Naval Intelligence, Bill Cooper, in his book, 'Behold a Pale Horse', claims that the 'power elite' has been co-operating with a race of ETs since the '40s, trading permission for the abductions and livestock experiments in ex-change for technology, especially computer technology. (People involved with the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix Project say that ETs provided information about anti-gravity, free energy, mind control and time travel.) Cooper puts the finger on specific government offices and projects designed to mislead the public and to thwart investigation into this phenomenon.


Another insider is Bob Dean, an officer in NATO's Cosmic Top Secret Level, who claims to have been privy to many cases of UFOs and even of ET carcasses found in Europe in the 60s. He believes that many different races of ETs have been interacting with humans for thousands of years. Some of them are benevolent and some are here for reasons that are more self-serving.


Drunvalo Melchizadek tells of the 'Greys', a race of ETs that came to Earth because their survival was being threatened by their own left-brain imbalance. They had forsaken 'heart' knowledge for 'brain' knowledge to the point where they lost the ability to procreate naturally. They came to this planet to research the reproductive process and possibly to find a new home. These ETs had made agreements with the secret governments of several countries, including the US, Russia and Germany at the time of Hitler, trading for technology. They were highly manipulative, but were prevented from doing too much damage by other ET races. These other races felt that Earthlings should be allowed to evolve on their own without interference from outside sources, and so the Greys were turfed out of here in the early 1990s. Drunvalo claims that there are a great many races and types of entities who are 'parked' in the overtone above ours, patiently watching, interested to see how we will react to the enormous change that is coming our way. They are not alarmed or worried. They know that, whatever move we make, the Game will continue - evolution is inevitable.


GUELPH CHANT CLUB                           
This month will be a special meeting of the Chant Club - we will do another water blessing. We will put our chant energy to work blessing some water that we'll have in a crystal bowl. Please bring a jar or container so you can bring some water home with you.  

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., SEPT 7, 2011                     Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                            Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com




I'm happy to be a musical guest at Gary Diggins' upcoming BIG BEAT celebration. If you've never experienced one of these events before, they are very unique and a whole lot of fun!


THE BIG BEAT - A Fall Equinox Celebration

SEPT. 17, 2011.
A celebratory evening devoted to joyful sounds in a playful community.
TRIUND and musical guests.
Bring a drum and your dancing feet.
Hosted at VIVACE Studio - 291 A Jane Street.
(Four blocks north of Bloor St. West).
Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start
Tickets available at the door: $20.
Contact: Gary Diggins  garyd@garydiggins.com




10 Day Retreat in Costa Rica

with  WENDY ROMAN       and      DENNIS GAUMOND

Black Belt Nia Instructor                 Soundwork Facillitator




(view from Finca de Vida)


Finca de Vida is a beautiful retreat centre with a focus on nature, organic farming & sustainable living. Located in the South Pacific zone of Costa Rica halfway between Dominical Beach and San Isidro, this mountain setting benefits from pleasant temperatures, cool breezes and spectacular views. It is situated on 37 acres of fruit trees, permaculture gardens & old growth forest. Check out their website:


Price includes 9 nights accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals (7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 7 dinners), all Nia classes, drum circles, crystal bowls, chanting, sight-seeing tours that include pristine beaches and breathtaking waterfalls, all ground transportation including to and from the San Jose airport.


Early Bird Pricing before September 1, 2011:

-        double occupancy; $1565/person

-        shared occupancy (4 people); $1455/person


A deposit of $200 is required upon registration. Balance is due January 10, 2012.

Price does not include airfare





In Costa Rica

With Dennis Gaumond


Experience the beauty and adventure of the Costa Rican rain forest, with its wild rivers and waterfalls. Lounge the pristine beaches or ride the surf in Dominical. Do this in the company of kindred spirits who are seeking truth, peace and compassion.



                               MARCH 2 TO 11, 2012 


Every day of this 10 day retreat will involve a different exotic location, a new discussion topic and a spiritual experience. It will open both your heart and your mind.

Discussion topics will be chosen by consensus from the following list:

-       sacred geometry and sacred numbers

-       the big shift

-       the vibrational universe

-       sex, magic and the return of the goddess

-       bible roots

-       the science of mantra

-       secrets of the Da Vinci Code

-       theories of evolution

-       ETs in our past, present and future

-       A lesson in overtoning



Spiritual experiences might include:

-       chanting

-       toning

-       crystal bowl sound massage

-       guided meditations

-       morning yoga



We'll be staying at the Valle de Suenos, a small retreat centre located in the heart of 'real Coata Rica', amidst beautiful hills and valleys that are 60% jungle and 40% pastureland. We'll be 20 minutes away from the bohemian beach town of Dominical. Valle de Suenos can accommodate up to 8 guests in beds and several more if they are willing to tent. The cuisine will consist of delicious and nutritious vegetarian fare. 


The following prices include all meals, all accommodations, all ground travel to exotic locations and transportation to and from the airport. Accommodations vary and thus so do the prices. Here is a description of each type of room:

Cabina - Queen size bed, private 3-piece bath and balcony with jungle view.

Tenting - 2 tents are available, or bring your own gear

Two-storey Cabina - Queen sized bed downstairs, queen sized bed upstairs, private 3-piece bath and balcony with jungle view on the first floor.

Each of the available beds sleeps 2, so there is a price for single or double occupancy:


                         SINGLE OCCUPANCY                                 DOUBLE OCCUPANCY


CABINA                       $1025                                                            $845


TENTING                     $780                                                              $750



FIRST FLOOR             $1025                                                               $845


SECOND FLOOR           $900                                                               $830




519 763-0004 OR dgomo@golden.net


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