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           JUNE 1, 2012   

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Hope you're all well and enjoying the weather as summer approaches.  


One event I'm very much looking forward to is the 'Big Beat' solstice celebration with Gary Diggins and friends on June 23rd here in Guelph. These events happen four times a year in Toronto and have been going on for many years. They are always well attended and are renowned for the good times that are had by all. The last time we had one in Guelph it was a great success. For more details see below.  


I'll be at Unicamp, up near Collingwood for the weekend of July 6 thru 8. A great summer getaway - more details below. 


With all the talk and misinformation circulating about the 2012/Big Shift phenomenon, I thought it would be a good idea to spend the next few newsletters revisiting that theme. This month's article is about something I call the 'divine energy perspective' - a new way of looking at and understanding the world we live in. Gaining this new perspective will make it much easier to understand what is going on with this phenomenon and the changes it is bringing. 

Also, my friends Glori and Gi are offering, in July, an interesting new retreat in Costa Rica called The Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being - a Couples Event featuring Ecstatic Union. See more info below. 

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.
I'm happy to say I'll be back at Chant Club this Wednesday - hope to see you there.
Thanx John, for filling in during my absence.

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., JUNE 6, 2012                     Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                            Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com





Yes, we are living in amazing times. Yes, we are in a process of change the likes of which we haven't seen in recorded history. Some of us feel this at a gut level - our awareness is mostly instinctive or 'right-brained'. Some of us understand it at a head level - with an awareness that is more logical or 'left-brained'. In my opinion, a balance of both of these types of perceptions is most useful.


There is currently a vast amount of information that exists online and elsewhere about the 2012/Big Shift phenomenon. I am constantly struck by what I feel is a misunderstanding of what is actually going on. Predictions of violent social upheavals, end of the world mayhem, geo-physical disasters and various renditions of doom and gloom are largely missing the point. There is lots of talk about the return of Planet X or Nibiru, of cosmic alignments, of pending pole-shifts, etc. And it will all happen in December of 2012. These types of scenarios or symptoms may be part of the phenomenon, but focusing on them does not foster an accurate understanding.


I believe that this misinterpretation, this struggle to understand is due to our adherence to the 'normal' way of looking at things - something I'll call our 'old physical perspective'. It is much easier to understand the changes at hand (as well as many other things) if we embrace a new way of looking at things - something that I'll call the 'divine energy perspective'.


The 'old physical perspective' is based on the 5 senses. We see the universe according to the way it looks, sounds, feels, tastes and smells. It is a common sense way of understanding things. It is this viewpoint by which we go about our daily business. However, over the past hundred years, science has shown us that this perspective is inadequate in our efforts to understand the workings of the universe. The mystics have also warned us that this perspective will only allow us to view the illusion, the 'maya', and that a deeper understanding of how the universe works requires a different perspective.


A deeper understanding is possible if we can shift our perspective with the notion that everything in our collective reality is made from the same stuff - something that we call 'energy'. This is a concept that was well known to the ancient sages and, in the wake of Einstein and quantum physics, is being embraced by the scientific community. The famous equation, E=mc2 suggests that all matter is a manifestation of energy, that what appears to be solid is actually an illusion. Quantum physics recognizes that our physical/material reality is non-solid and non-continuous, that it is expressing itself in very rapid short bursts of light/energy called 'quanta'.

The mystics take this a step further, saying that matter, light, information, sound, and even thought and emotion are said to be forms/expressions/manifestations of energy, measurable in wave frequencies. These manifestations of energy, both tangible and intangible, constitute our physical reality. But even the non-physical aspects of reality are manifestations of energy. Those aspects that are beyond the perceptions of our 5 senses, that may be accessible to some who have extra-sensory perception, are also manifestations of energy with their own frequencies.


What do we me mean by 'frequency'? If we understand that everything in our physical/material universe is a manifestation of energy, then we also understand that every aspect of our physical reality has it's own unique rate of vibration or frequency. Lead and oxygen are both made of the same stuff - energy. The difference is that oxygen is vibrating at a higher frequency than lead. Every aspect of physical reality has its own signature frequency. Even those less tangible things such as thoughts, words, emotions, sound, light; they can all be understood in terms of frequency - vibrating energy.


Those aspects of reality, those vibrations of energy beyond the physical - the metaphysical - belong to other levels of reality. The branch of science known as 'string theory' now acknowledges that there may be other levels of reality, other dimensions. Mystical thought suggests that there are many levels of reality, many realms or dimensions. Reality in its entirety can be thought of as every single possible frequency of energy, from the lowest/slowest to the highest/fastest and everything in between. Within this enormous range of possible frequencies, possible manifestations of energy, there is only a fraction that constitutes the physical realm. Our physical reality is defined by a band of frequencies. In other words, there are parameters to our physical reality, a lowest frequency and a highest frequency, beyond which it is no longer physical.


To understand this better, let's use the metaphor of a piano keyboard. Most pianos have 88 keys, but let's assign our special keyboard 122 keys. Each key is a different note, a different frequency. The highest note represents the highest possible manifestation of energy in all of reality, and the lowest note represents the lowest manifestation. If we divide this keyboard into 12 parts, which we'll call octaves, then each octave represents a level of reality/realm/dimension. Only one of these would represent the physical realm. The rest, those octaves that are metaphysical, represent those parts of reality that we've referred to as 'spiritual', 'astral', etc.


To understand the 2012/Big Shift phenomenon is to understand that the band of frequencies that defines our physical reality is changing - it is rising. The parameters of our reality are changing - they are including ever-higher vibrations and excluding those near the lower parameter. Those aspects of our reality that are made up of lower vibrations, are having a 'harder time existing' here on the physical plane. Things are shifting. The changes are affecting the planet, as well as human consciousness, both as individuals and as a collective.


In future newsletters we will learn how to use this new divine energy perspective to better understand certain mysteries, including the Big Shift. How is change affecting us and how are we affecting change. What symptoms of change can we expect to see? Will it all happen in December of this year? 






A soulful celebration of dancing,  

drumming, didgeridooing & dreaming.

(bring a drum) 


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Norfolk United Church (side door)

75 Norfolk in downtown Guelph
Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start

$25 per person for tickets at the door  $20 in advance


Join Gary Diggins, Dennis Gaumond, Jen Gillmor, Tom Wolf, Greg Dean plus musical friends for an ecstatic evening.  The BIG BEAT engages everyone through spontaneous movement, hypnotic music, a joyful rhythm circle, and imaginative soundscapes.   

Nourish yourself!


Contact:  Dennis Gaumond   dgomo@golden.net


The BIG BEAT was designed by Gary Diggins - a Toronto musician who brings social change through the arts.  Gary maintains a private practice, teaches soundwork as soulwork, and facilitates community-building events. In Africa, Gary encourages peacemaking efforts through Mindfulness Without Borders.   


Check out garydiggins.com



The BLI-SS Movement presents

 at the Valley of Dreams in Costa Rica


The Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being

-Couples Event featuring Ecstatic Union-


BLI-SS (Being Liberated In-Side Self) is delighted to present an all-inclusive program: the Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being for couples (open to all gender diversities) from July 20 to July 29, 2012, at The Valley of Dreams: Terrian in Platanillo, Costa Rica. This program will include an expanded focus on the topic Ecstatic Union for deep sustaining love, bonding, and pleasure. The format will include a variety of workshops and leave enough free-time for personal reflection and trips to some of the exotic sites and sounds of Costa Rica. Read on for more details or go to www.simpledirectpath.com to learn more.


 Ecstatic Union: a tool for exploring an ancient, rich alternative approach to sex.


You gain understanding that the brain has a chemically-driven mating program that is designed to subtly strain harmony in every intimate on-going relationship, causing you to experience your partner as a source of on-going stress. In order to maintain a loving, long-term pair-bond, you will learn how to use certain behaviours that restore balance and how to surrender to the pleasure of lovemaking though channeling sexual energy. This reaction doesn't happen in an explosive way, but rather in an implosive fashion - the energy moves inward, nourishing the lovers, bringing expanded awareness.


By learning to use sex sustainably and creatively, you can feel more lucid, inspired and vital. The benefits go far beyond the exquisite pleasure and joy that lasts for hours; they also extend into healing, self-confidence, sensitivity, deep bonding, aliveness, transformation, wholeness and centeredness, as harmony is created and in-love adoration restored. (To read more, please go to www.gloribeldorai.com for Articles: Ecstatic Union: From Impulse to Harmony in Sexual Relationships; Who's Running the Show: Dopamine & Manipulation; and Toward Marital Renewal & Bliss.)



Cost: $1,175 per person based on 2-person occupancy in the Sol and Tierra cabins and Serena guest suite. The 2-storey Divina cabin can accommodate 4 people with a shared bath for $975 per person or $1225 per person based on 2-person occupancy. Costs include: breakfast, lunch and vegetarian dinner plus travel to and from scheduled sight-seeing. (It is not necessary to have a rental car.)   


For more information visit: www.valleyofdreamscr.com  

                        or            www.simpledirectpath.com 

Sacred Sound at UNICAMP
Please join us for an affordable weekend 
in beautiful surroundings. Unicamp is located on
the Escarpment just south of Collingwood.

From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon,
JULY 6, 7, 8. 

Sound healer, author and musician Dennis Gaumond returns for his 6th year, offering a weekend of toning, chanting, crystal bowls and drumming (drums provided or bring your own).This year the Sound program will be augmented by a discussion and a movie on the subject, "The Magick of Water." Is this amazing substance, which we all take for granted, the solution to all our challenges? We will use sound to bless water to take home with us.  
Program fee: $75 for the entire weekend. 
Accommodations and meals are very reasonable at Unicamp,  
with a variety of options.  
For more info and to register, please go to their website: 




Montana Mar is a monthly magazine published in Costa Rica. It has gained a reputation for the quality and variety of its articles. I am proud to be one of the regular contributing writers.

Montana Mar has recently become an E-magazine  

- please check it out at MONTANA MAR


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