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           JULY 1, 2012   

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As I write this newsletter I'm enjoying some beautiful birdsongs up in our backyard tree. I'm grateful to be here in Canada in the glorious summertime.   


I want to thank everyone who came to the Big Beat celebration - once again it was a great success and everyone had a blast. It was a treat for the body and soul. Thanx to Gary Diggins and all my musical buddies for making it happen. We will be hosting these events four times a year.  


With all the talk and misinformation circulating about the 2012/Big Shift phenomenon, I thought it would be a good idea to spend the next few newsletters revisiting that theme. Last month's article was about the 'divine energy perspective' - a new way of looking at and understanding the reality we share. This month we will look at the concept of enlightenment from this new perspective.  This will lead to a better understanding of what is happening to us in these special times.

Also, my friends Glori and Gi are offering, in July, an interesting new retreat in Costa Rica called The Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being - a Couples Event featuring Ecstatic Union. See more info below.

Also, my friend Satyama is offering a workshop called 'Tantra - A Journey into Sacred Love and Intimacy'. This will be held at a beautiful spot just outside of Guelph on July 28 and 29. See details below.  

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., JULY 4, 2012                     Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                            Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com








In the last newsletter we discussed something called the 'divine energy perspective' - a new way to see life, to understand the workings of creation. From this perspective we see that every aspect of creation, everything from matter to thoughts and emotions are made up of a mysterious substance called 'energy'. What distinguishes one manifestation of energy from the other is the speed at which it vibrates - something called 'frequency'.


We also discussed the idea that reality can be divided into different levels, which are referred to as 'dimensions' or 'realms'. Each level of reality is defined by a range of frequencies, a range of manifestations of energy. The physical/material realm, the one in which we are experiencing something called 'life', is defined by a band of frequencies. In other words, there are parameters to our physical reality, a lowest frequency and a highest frequency, beyond which it is no longer physical. Manifestations of energy that have frequencies beyond these parameters belong to other realms. (see previous newsletter for a better explanation.)


These concepts are important if we want a deeper understanding of what is happening to us with the big shift/2012 phenomenon. In this newsletter we will discuss another important concept, something that is often called 'enlightenment'. (Bear in mind that this brief explanation is, by necessity, oversimplified, and that words are always inadequate in describing  metaphysical concepts.) 


The nature of existence in the physical realm, something we'll call 'life', is to accumulate enough experience, to learn the life-lessons that will prepare us for graduation to the next level. Once we have achieved a certain state of being, we will no longer need to exist at the physical level and will be ready for whatever experiences await us at the next level. This state of being has been given many names by many different traditions, but here we will call it enlightenment.


Someone who is enlightened is able to live in a sustained state of love and joy, with no trace of fear. When one is capable of greeting any and all of life's circumstances with nothing but love, compassion, joy and positivity, then one is enlightened. Love/positivity is the opposite of fear/negativity. Negative emotions such as anger, hatred, envy, etc., are aspects of fear.


When one reacts to a circumstance with negativity, then the lower frequency of that action will attract similar frequencies - similar circumstances. These are the laws of karma. For example, if people tend to treat you poorly and you tend to react to that with 'victim vibrations', which are based on a fear of 'not being worthy', then you will attract more of the same. Eventually one sees through the fear and learns to react with compassion, which has a higher frequency and thus attracts different circumstances. This presents the opportunity to learn some other lesson till, after many lifetimes, all the life-lessons are learned. At this point there is nothing left to fear and one is able to sustain a constant state of love.


This ability to sustain a constant state of love/positivity comes about in conjunction with an increased awareness of the true nature of things. For example, realizing that death is an illusion quickly leads to a loss of the fear of death. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fears of all kinds fall away as our perceptions become clearer. In other words, one who is enlightened reacts to all circumstances with love and gratitude because it is completely unaffected by any form of fear or anxiety. Underlying this unflappable inner tranquility is knowledge; the awareness that we are all sub-systems within a larger system; that everything is one; that all components of life and death are parts of a complex illusion; that we have the power to create our circumstances; that the essence of our being is divine. When all these memories have been rekindled, one's awareness is flooded with the bliss of endless joy and love. One is then ready for the next level of reality, confidently in control of all actions, thoughts and emotions, joyfully awaiting new adventures.


Why must an enlightened being be in total control of all actions/thoughts? This ability is necessary in order to graduate to the next level because existence at the next level has some distinct features that are very different than those at this level. Whereas here in the physical realm reality manifests 'slowly' as a result of the actions of the individual and collective consciousness, in the next realm, the metaphysical realm, thoughts instantly manifest into reality. In environments of higher frequency, the barriers or edges between reality and consciousness break down. In other words, consciousness IS reality. All thoughts are real. Nothing can impede the being's ability to go anywhere, do anything, because all it needs do is imagine it. For a being to exist in the next realm it must have complete and constant willful control over the mind. Will and imagination become unified. There is no room for fear of any kind, as it would quickly manifest into reality.


To understand this from the divine energy perspective, let's put it in the language of frequency. The next level is characterized by higher frequencies, that is, energy manifests in forms that have higher frequencies - that are beyond the physical. The creative power of consciousness is better accommodated by this higher frequency environment. While the highest speed of energy in the physical realm is something we call the 'speed of light', in the next realm it is the 'speed of thought'.


We are all moving inevitably toward enlightenment, whether we realize it or not. The cosmic circumstance we are moving into with the big shift, is making this healing process 'easier'. It is a great opportunity to make huge strides toward enlightenment. In the next newsletter we'll take a closer look at this. We'll also talk about why the ancients did what they did and said what they said.


The BLI-SS Movement presents

 at the Valley of Dreams in Costa Rica


The Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being

-Couples Event featuring Ecstatic Union-


BLI-SS (Being Liberated In-Side Self) is delighted to present an all-inclusive program: the Simple Direct Path to the Joy of Being for couples (open to all gender diversities) from July 20 to July 29, 2012, at The Valley of Dreams: Terrian in Platanillo, Costa Rica. This program will include an expanded focus on the topic Ecstatic Union for deep sustaining love, bonding, and pleasure. The format will include a variety of workshops and leave enough free-time for personal reflection and trips to some of the exotic sites and sounds of Costa Rica. Read on for more details or go to www.simpledirectpath.com to learn more.


 Ecstatic Union: a tool for exploring an ancient, rich alternative approach to sex.


You gain understanding that the brain has a chemically-driven mating program that is designed to subtly strain harmony in every intimate on-going relationship, causing you to experience your partner as a source of on-going stress. In order to maintain a loving, long-term pair-bond, you will learn how to use certain behaviours that restore balance and how to surrender to the pleasure of lovemaking though channeling sexual energy. This reaction doesn't happen in an explosive way, but rather in an implosive fashion - the energy moves inward, nourishing the lovers, bringing expanded awareness.


By learning to use sex sustainably and creatively, you can feel more lucid, inspired and vital. The benefits go far beyond the exquisite pleasure and joy that lasts for hours; they also extend into healing, self-confidence, sensitivity, deep bonding, aliveness, transformation, wholeness and centeredness, as harmony is created and in-love adoration restored. (To read more, please go to www.gloribeldorai.com for Articles: Ecstatic Union: From Impulse to Harmony in Sexual Relationships; Who's Running the Show: Dopamine & Manipulation; and Toward Marital Renewal & Bliss.)



Cost: $1,175 per person based on 2-person occupancy in the Sol and Tierra cabins and Serena guest suite. The 2-storey Divina cabin can accommodate 4 people with a shared bath for $975 per person or $1225 per person based on 2-person occupancy. Costs include: breakfast, lunch and vegetarian dinner plus travel to and from scheduled sight-seeing. (It is not necessary to have a rental car.)   


For more information visit: www.valleyofdreamscr.com  

                        or            www.simpledirectpath.com 


To register -



Montana Mar is a monthly magazine published in Costa Rica. It has gained a reputation for the quality and variety of its articles. I am proud to be one of the regular contributing writers.

Montana Mar has recently become an E-magazine  

- please check it out at MONTANA MAR


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