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         SEPTEMBER 1, 2012   

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It's been a glorious summer - I've managed to get up to Algonquin Park to do some interior camping and canoeing. Hope you're taking the opportunity to commune with nature. This month's newsletter contains part 3 of the 'Divine Energy Perspective' article, entitled 'The Great Cosmic Cycle'. 


I'm very excited about an upcoming event that I'm involved in with my good friends David Hickey, Gary Diggins, Jen Gillmor and Brenda McMorrow. This will take place on David's land just south of Owen Sound on Saturday, Sept. 1. It is an all-day event, and people are welcome to bring a tent and stay over-night. The weather forecast is sunny and warm, so please come and join us. See details below.


If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., SEPT. 5, 2012                     Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                            Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


"Summer of Love 2012"

Come Open-Be Ready-Leave Alive


"The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967. While the hippie movement was well underway throughout North America, a major cultural shift happened when as many as 100,000 people converged on the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood of San Francisco. The Summer of Love became a defining moment of the 1960s, as the counterculture movement not only jumped into public awareness but also challenged the status quo of the day. Sadly, the summer of 1967 equally witnessed some of the worst violence in US cities due to race riots in places such as Detroit and Newark. Racial discrimination against African-Americans was still rife in 1967.


Fast forward 45 years later and ask, "What would a Summer of Love look like and sound like in 2012?" David Hickey, musician, posed that question to his artist friends and invited them to co-create a day long festival of camping, community dialogues, and (of course) spirited music. Hosted north of Markdale, Ontario, the festival will take place on David's rural property called Crystal Journey Acres. We invite you to participate. Gates will open at noon for an afternoon of creating village, browsing vendor's stalls, and connecting with kindred participants.


"Come join Crystal Journey and friends for a magical evening of amazing music, sound and consciousness expansion" Gary Diggins, Brenda McMorrow, Dennis Gaumond, David Hickey and Jen Gillmor.Come and experience the healing sounds of Quartz Crystal Bowls, Paiste Planetary Gongs, Vibraphone, Santoor, Chanting, Singing, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Didgeridoo and more.

<<<Full "Blue Moon" Night >>>

Saturday, September 1st

Crystal Journey Acres , Berkeley, ON

580089 Side Rd 60 (off Hwy 10, west side. 8.2 kms north of Markdale, ON)

4pm to Midnight - Gates open at noon

Cost $45/person, children under 12 free - Camping Space and light snacks provided. Camping gear NOT provided, bring all appropriate gear to camp.

905-928-9706 for more information.

There will be NO Drinking, Smoking and Drugs Permitted at this event. This is a Family and Enviromentally friendly event.



Pay Pal Link for tickets:  PAYPAL 

 Tickets available at:

The Ginger Press, 848 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound, ON. (519) 376-4233

SPIRIT SPACE STUDIO GALLERY, 18 Toronto St. (hwy 10) Flesherton, ON

Akasha's Den, 312 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville (905) 844-5055

And at the gate the day of the show .

This will be an outdoor concert under a large tent (Rain or Shine)

Bring lawn chairs and blankets to lie on.


A current outline of the event includes:

At 4 p.m. an hour-long public forum will take place exploring land, lifestyle, ecology, farming, and the green movement.

At 5 p.m. a community dialogue will explore the role of the expressive and healing arts in bringing about social change.

A village needs to eat and so in the spirit of breaking bread, a 6 to 7 p.m. time has been set aside to prepare, share, or forage for food. (Bring your own nourishment AND bring some to share).

The evening concert is dedicated to sending out a Summer of Love energy through conscientious music. We'll transition into the music segment with Dennis Gaumond's presentation called 'The L-Rod Demonstration' (20 minutes)


The music program includes:

-       Dennis Gaumond and Jennifer Gillmor as BHADRA BLUE creating music that heals. Blues, jazz, and beyond.

-       Brenda McMorrow with Kathleen Gillis and Shannon Kingsbury sharing the beauty of "call and response" Kirtan music that opens hearts and voices.

-       Gary Diggins and Sonica Mystica conjuring up soulful soundscapes and imaginal landscapes on world instruments old and new.

-       David Hickey brings the "Sounds of the Solar System" To Life with Paiste Planet Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Vibraphone and Santoor.


When the Woodstock festival occurred in 1969, nearly 500,000 participants showed up rather unprepared for three days outdoors with limited food, toilets, or accommodation. For the Summer of Love 2012 gathering, here's an outline of some things you may want to bring: Water and personal water containers, food to eat and share, blankets or yoga mats, camping gear if you are saying overnight, chairs, flashlight, bug spray, sun hats, plates, cups, cutlery, sun screen lotion, and a whole lotta LOVE.


Blessings and Light, David

Part 3 
by Dennis Gaumond 



Whoever came up with the words 'catastrophe' and 'disaster', both of which contain the root 'astre'(star), knew that cataclysms here on this planet are directly related to our position relative to the stars. Earth is subject to many different cycles, often having to do with its orbits through the cosmos. This segment deals with the notion that our planet is moving through the cosmos according to periodical cycles, and that our position in the cosmos has been and continues to be a key factor triggering earth-changes.


The Earth is subject to many different cosmic cycles. Different positions relative to other cosmic bodies expose us to different strengths of electro-magnetic and gravitational force. Some positions within these cycles cause the planet to come in contact with an increased amount of energy radiation, some positions with less. The amount of energy, as well as the frequency of the energy with which we interact, is a major factor affecting many aspects of life on Earth. Energy from different sources in the cosmos interacts with our consciousness here on Earth. This is the same basic notion that underlies the practice of astrology, which seeks to identify certain predispositions in one's character based on the position of the planet at the time of that individual's birth. Different energies coming in from different cosmic bodies have been said to have their own unique qualities, which somehow imprint upon the newborn personality. These different energies are said to affect us in different ways.


There are several different cycles that affect life here on Earth, some small and less significant and some greater, with greater significance. Probably the most important of these is one that has come to be called the precessional or great cosmic cycle. Some of the ancient societies were well aware of this cycle. It is approximately 26,000 years in length. In other words, circumstances here on the planet change according to this cyclical pattern, taking 26,000 years to complete (actually 25,920). Different 'ages' within this cycle have different energies, different qualities. If we divide 25,920 by twelve, we get the twelve signs of the zodiac; twelve ages, each lasting 2,160 years. We are said to be currently at the end of the Piscean age, about to enter the age of Aquarius.


It is said that twice in every 26,000 year cycle we are exposed to an increased amount of energy radiation, an accelerated frequency of vibration, which effects our tectonic plates and volcanic activity, climate, magnetic field and other things. It also affects our consciousness. Earth-changes of varying intensities are said to have taken place roughly every 13,000 years, at which time we are 'pre-disposed' to cataclysm.


In our universe cosmic bodies are in constant motion, revolving around other bodies that have greater gravitational pull. Just as the moon revolves around the earth and the earth around the sun, so does our entire solar system revolve elliptically around an enormous source of gravity, which we'll call the Galactic Center. Our planet's position in the galaxy changes from year to year. It would take 25,920 years before the planet will be in the same position, relative to the rest of the cosmos, as it is right now.


During this cycle, as our solar system revolves around the Galactic Center, there are times when our position is such that we are exposed to increased amounts of energy radiation. Twice in every 26,000 year period we are closer to this center due to the elliptical shape of the orbit. We are thus exposed to more energy, to higher frequencies, than when we are far from it. The life forms on the planet tend to entrain, to resonate in synch with whatever new frequency the planet is experiencing.


Thus, as the planetary frequency increases, the frequency of our collective consciousness also tends to increase. Because our consciousness is interacting with more energy, we become more 'enlightened' or 'awakened' during this period. The higher vibratory rate also tends to 'shake up' the planet, causing many changes in the patterns and 'behavior' of the planet. For the other half of the cycle we move away from the energy source and thus fall 'asleep'. At these times the planet is denser - more stable. In other words, every 13,000 years, the planet is exposed to a greater energy that physically destabilizes it and creates an opportunity for great change.


Many earth-changes, including the 'Great Flood', are said to have occurred 13,000 years ago. The Wisconsin ice age came to an end at that time. Many animals, such as mammoths, sabre tooth cats and the like went extinct at that time. We are said to be, once again, on the verge of great change, a new era. We are about to enter the 'Age of Aquarius'. We are entering that part of the cycle that brings higher frequencies.


These new circumstances may bring some earth-changes -  a greater degree of cataclysm. By looking at this change from the old physical perspective, it's easy to feel fear - to cling to our old reality in desperation. It is easy to come up with explanations that fit the old paradigms, but are basically misinformation. There are those who will even attempt to exploit this misinformation.


By using the divine energy perspective, however, we can see that it is a very positive thing and that there is nothing to fear. Our new position in the cosmos brings a great opportunity for us to make enormous advances in our healing, our evolution, our progress toward enlightenment. We are entering a new era in which it will feel easier and more natural to exist in a state of love and compassion. We are entering a new reality, with expanded parameters of vibration. What was once considered to be 'extra-sensory perception' will become common perception.


It is a glorious time to be alive - I am very grateful. I await the future with great anticipation and excitement. I extend to you and to all beings and all things, my heartfelt love.





Experience Thai bodywork....the ultimate lazy and simple way of obtaining all the benefits of yoga and more.  Thai bodywork is a rhythmical workout that balances the body's need for movement and stretching while remaining in a very relaxed, meditative and passive state.  It has been called the 'un-Thai-ing" of physical and emotional knots.


A thai massage therapist uses passive yogic stretching techniques, joint mobilization and gentle muscle compression along the body's energy lines.  This compression may be done by thumbing and palming techniques as well as with the use of knees, legs and feet.  Thai massage in general helps increase flexibility and range of motion as well as easing muscle and joint tension and balancing the body's energy systems.  It is both relaxing and energizing.


The recipient of thai bodywork is clothed in thin, loose garments, preferably made of natural fibres.  The receiver is also barefoot.  Customarily, no lotions or oils are applied to the body, although there may be some application on the feet  and/or neck to facilitate work in these areas.


Traditionally in Thailand, a thai massage would be 2-3 hours in length.  In our busy, active world, this may not be feasible.  However, a minimum of  1 hours is recommended.


One and a half hours   =    $60

Two hours=    #75



Reiki and Axiatonal Alignment - Fall Promotion

Experience these two modalities combined to facilitate stress reduction and a profound state of relaxation that helps promote healing on all levels.  These two alternative touch therapies help to clear blockages and balance energy through the meridians in the body.  Natural and safe, these two energetic healing modalities can complement any medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


One hour treatment:  $40

CONTACT ENZA at enzagaumond@hotmail.com

519 763-0004  

with Gary Diggins and Friends
(note the new location)

A soulful celebration of
drumming, didgeridooing & dreaming.
(bring a drum)

Saturday, Sept 15, 2012
Dublin Street United Church (side door)
Corner of Dublin and Suffolk in downtown Guelph
Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for an 8 p.m. start
$25 per person for tickets at the door  $20 in advance
Join Gary Diggins, Dennis Gaumond, Jen Gillmor, Tom Wolf, Greg Dean plus musical friends for an ecstatic evening.  The BIG BEAT engages everyone through spontaneous movement, hypnotic music, a joyful rhythm circle, and imaginative soundscapes.   
Nourish yourself!
To pre-register click here:  dgomo@golden.net
The BIG BEAT was designed by Gary Diggins - a Toronto musician who brings social change through the arts.  Gary maintains a private practice, teaches soundwork as soulwork, and facilitates community-building events. In Africa, Gary encourages peacemaking efforts through Mindfulness Without Borders.   
Check out   garydiggins.com


with Dennis Gaumond

hosted by The Satori Centre

Saturday, October 20th, 2012    

The Circle will run 1-5pm and you are invited to join.    


chanting, toning, crystal bowl sound massage, and more...      


Sacred Sound heals at the cellular level in such a subtle and loving way. It can help us incorporate our thoughts and feelings into our spirit. If you are working on any form of healing or wish to share in a sacred sound experience, register now to secure your spot.      

Space is limited to 15 people and the cost is $60.00 for the 4 hours.   

The Satori Centre is located at 768 Union Street, Kitchener, N2H 6J1 


For more info or to register contact Patti Moses -   pattimoses@gmail.com 


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