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         OCTOBER 1, 2012   

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Wow, what an amazing September it has been! It got off to an amazing start with the Summer of Love concert up near Owen Sound. The event was sold out - an amazing gathering of about 125 souls, all celebrating with music, chanting, dancing and grooving to a great variety of sacred sounds. For those of you who missed it or who may want to experience it again, we will be doing something in Hamilton on October 13 called the 'Autumn of Love'. See the details below.  


Also this month, my annual 'Rhythm and Groove' event with Wendy Roman up in Tobermory. Last year this event was sold out and a great time was had by all. If you're interested in Nia dance and Sacred Sound, check out the details below.


Something I'd like to tell you about - I'm involved with a group who are building an intentional community in Guelph - a place where we can live in an environment of shared values. We are bringing in a speaker, an authority on the topic on October 18, so if you are interested in learning more about this, see details below. Last but not least, I'll be leading an afternoon of Sacred Sound in Kitchener at the Satori Centre. Details below.


This month's newsletter contains part 4 of the 'Divine Energy Perspective' article, entitled 'Seeing Through the Maya'. If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, as well as articles on the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.
At this month's chant we'll be doing a water blessing, so please bring a small jar.

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., OCT. 3, 2012                     Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                            Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


Part 4  
by Dennis Gaumond 



If we continue to view the world from the limited perspective of our five senses, then we will continue to be subject to the illusions of life - something that the ancient eastern mystics called 'maya'. Adopting a new perspective, something we've called the 'divine energy perspective', will hopefully help us to understand that a greater degree of the illusive 'truth' lies beyond the maya. By seeing that everything in creation is made from the same fabric, something that we call 'energy', and that everything that happens in creation is some sort of interaction of energy, we will have taken a big step in seeing through the maya.


There are some aspects of the grand illusion that specifically relate to the past three segments of this ongoing essay. For example, what appears to be solid matter is an illusion. This is not only what has been told to us by the mystics, but also by modern science. If matter is magnified, we see that it is composed of atoms and that most of an atom consists of space. The more we magnify, we see that even the sub-atomic particles are mostly space. The perceptions of our five senses in normal conditions convey to our brains the illusion of solidity. Einstein and others have shown us that gravity, time and other components of our common sense-everyday reality are also types of illusions.


Another aspect of the maya is the idea that the collective consciousness of humanity and all the life forms on the planet is separate from the planet itself. From our new perspective we can see that they are one and the same. The word 'Gaia', the name of a mother goddess from Greek mythology, can be thought of as the name of the energy collective that constitutes the planet Earth. The circumstance described in the last segment, the cosmic cycle, is not just something that is happening to our planet, we are making it happen. The circumstances are affecting us, but we are also affecting them.


To explain it in oversimplified terms, it is not only our position in the cosmos that causes Gaia's vibrations to rise, it is also our collective actions. The more we can awaken and treat each other and the planet with love and compassion, the more the base resonant frequency of the planet will rise. The closer Gaia's vibrations match the higher vibrations that we are entering in the cosmos, the smoother will be the transition. We are in control of our destiny. We are not hapless victims.


Another important aspect of the maya that is relevant to our topic relates to a concept that has gotten a lot of attention lately, something known as the 'Law of Attraction'. This is the idea that we can attract to ourselves any circumstances that we desire. This concept is nothing new; it has been talked about in various ways by mystics throughout the millennia. Again, modern science seems to agree. The Uncertainty Principle, String Theory and other tenets of modern physics attest to the idea that consciousness is a creative force. It seems to be pointing to the possibility that energy and consciousness are equivalent, different aspects of the same thing.


It is definitely true that, with the power of consciousness, we can attract whatever we desire. However, one of the stumbling blocks to a true understanding of this phenomenon is the illusion that we are individuals and that our consciousness acts alone as it goes about its creative business. Yes we are individuals, but we are also inseparable components of the whole. It is our collective consciousness that creates the greater part of our reality.


At some deep level of our intuitive intelligence, we all know these things. For some of us, this knowledge is buried beneath layers of illusion - layers of incomplete perceptions of reality based on information gathered by our senses and our imbalanced deductive reasoning. By adapting the divine energy perspective, we can satisfy our need to understand things in a logical way so that we can get past that and once again trust our intuitive side. We can take a big step towards achieving a balance of feminine/masculine, right brain/left brain, yin/yang.


With that balance comes a strong realization - when all is said and done, it's all about love. Love is the key. The sooner we learn the lessons of love, the sooner we evolve, the sooner we make the big shift. As soon as we see through the maya, see past the fear and negativity, we will know beyond a doubt that underneath it all, there is only love.

 To register click here: rhythmwood.ca

To register click here:   crystaljourney.ca

This event is sold out.


with Dennis Gaumond

hosted by The Satori Centre

Saturday, October 20th, 2012    

The Circle will run 1-5pm and you are invited to join.    


chanting, toning, crystal bowl sound massage, and more...      


Sacred Sound heals at the cellular level in such a subtle and loving way. It can help us incorporate our thoughts and feelings into our spirit. If you are working on any form of healing or wish to share in a sacred sound experience, register now to secure your spot.      

Space is limited to 15 people and the cost is $60.00 for the 4 hours.   

The Satori Centre is located at 768 Union Street, Kitchener, N2H 6J1 


For more info or to register contact Patti Moses -   pattimoses@gmail.com  

For info about the Satori Centre click here:  satoricentre.ca 


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