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        SEPT 1, 2015      

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Greetings Dear Friends
Summer is flying by at a dizzying pace. Jennis played some really fun gigs in Tobermory, Hamilton's Festival of Friends and Rosehaven near London. We have a busy fall lined up, starting with some concerts in September - see the deets below.

This series of articles comes from the section in 'Why Is Life' called 'Chakras and the Tree of Life' - seeking an understanding of the way that we humans interface with the vibrational universe. This excerpt is about the relationship between one's chakra system and one's health.

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Peace and love, Dennis.
DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., SEPT 2, 2015                Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                         Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com


Part 5 -  
A body that is in perfect health has a chakra system that is completely open, with prana coursing through the body unobstructed. It is accessing all of the available frequencies in a balanced way. A more enlightened individual has access to a greater range of frequencies, and thus to a greater range of reality. If there is a blockage or imbalance in one of the power stations it can result in sickness and disease due to the unavailability of sufficient life energy. Illness is associated with a disturbance in the flow of energy through the chakras. This disturbance manifests as a physical ailment or 'dis-ease'. By balancing and opening the chakras, thus improving the flow of energy, the body regains its 'ease' and functions harmoniously.
A blockage in the flow of prana is usually due to some fear-based 'issue', some 'lesson' that the individual has yet to work out. Certain issues are associated with certain chakras, and we will look at these relationships when we examine each specific chakra. In other words, the ancient Tantra recognizes that illness of the physical body is associated with some sort of illness of the spirit. Some fear based attitude or behavior pattern is inhibiting the healing power of love, which is the essential ingredient of prana. The life force, prana, can be thought of as pure love.
For an individual who is awake, who is consciously facilitating her own process of enlightenment, knowledge of the chakra system can be a great tool. There are many ways to stimulate or open a chakra, allowing healing energy in. Such methods can include the use of vibration in sound, color or aroma, the assistance of a healer who can manipulate energy, the ingesting of homeopathic remedies that work on an energetic level, and the alignment of the spine via chiropractic adjustment or the practice of yoga positions. This increased energy flow can aid in the process of confronting deep-rooted fears, resolving issues and learning to be a better lover. These facilitating methods offer a period of respite, a temporary increase in pranic flow, which often brings with it a clearer mind, awakened memories, opportunities to confront fears and issues. However, many people become addicted to these temporary periods of respite, preferring the delusion of a 'magic wand' therapy, rather than the honest homework that true healing requires. No healing method can be effective without a sincere, willful effort to change the negative pattern or attitude that underlies the ailment.
In other words, the healing of the body is synonymous with the healing of the soul, which is synonymous with knowledge, the ability to see through illusion and to accept all circumstances with loving gratitude. Attending to the chakras can help this process greatly. Aches and pains can become little wake up calls, pointing to a specific chakra and the issue that resides there, waiting to be healed.
Caroline Myss identifies some basic principles of healing;
Biography Becomes Biology - Basically, our bodies contain our history, conveying our strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears.
Personal Power is Necessary for Health - It is important to recognize and acknowledge the things in our lives that hold power over us (money, authority, title, beauty, security) and to learn to access a more authentic source of power.
You Alone Can Help Yourself Heal - Healing (versus cure) is an active, internal process, engaging the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of a person. To heal is to become whole.
Healing is a process of awakening, of becoming conscious. Becoming a conscious individual means seeing through the illusions of one's life, seeing the universality or symbolic meaning of events in our lives. In this way, we wake up the energy inherent in each experience, which is ultimately meant to empower us. Each event, person, experience comes to us as an opportunity, benevolently designed to help us heal a fragment of ourselves. It is important to realize that everything is as it should be and that everything is designed to awaken us to our higher purpose and meaning in life.
Conventional medicine, with its emphasis on the surgical removal of body parts and its alliance with the pharmaceutical corporations, has little or no interest in such approaches. The use of a pharmaceutical drug may be effective in relieving or even curing a specific condition, but it almost always results in side effects, which according to energy healers, represents some other part of the physical system being thrown out of balance. Conventional medicine shows little concern with the notion of balance and pays no attention to the ancient wisdom regarding chakras. However, there are many effective alternative healing modalities, many of which are interrelated, that deal with the chakras. Here is a list of some of them; color therapy, crystal healing, the use of essential oils and flower essences, meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), fasting, positive thinking, ritual, energy work (therapeutic touch, polarity, Shiatsu, Reiki), sound (chanting, mantras), visualization, homeopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga, movement (Tai Chi, dance).


Jennis has had a lot of good exposure this summer - we played the Festival of Friends in Hamilton and were finalists in the Toronto Blues Society's 2015 Talent Search. We have some groovy gigs coming up in September. We'd love to see you there.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 13, 2 TO 5 PM - The Toronto Blues Society's Annual 'Blues In The Garden' - Artscape Garden, 910 Queen at Crawford, Toronto, ON - TORONTO BLUES SOCIETY

FRIDAY, SEPT. 25, 8PM - The Artbar - 15 Colbourne St., Hamilton ON - (905) 543-8512

SATURDAY, SEPT. 26, 8PM - Cafe Garafraxa, 131 Garafraxa St. South, Durham ON - (226) 432-2175


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