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        MARCH 1, 2016       

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Greetings Dear Friends
Hola from Costa Rica! Excuse me for not having sent out a newsletter for February - I was a bit pre-occupied with things down here. I've played a few music gigs and also took part in a sound-healing event.

This series of articles comes from the section in 'Why Is Life' called 'Chakras and the Tree of Life' - seeking an understanding of the way that we humans interface with the vibrational universe. This month's entry focuses on the throat chakra.

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra, Conciousness and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 


Peace and love, Dennis.

DATE                                        CITY                                 VENUE   
WED., APRIL 6, 2016                Guelph,                        Unitarian   Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm                         Ontaro                   

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.com



Meaning - purification    
Location - throat
Systems or Body Parts - throat, ears, mouth, teeth  
Gland - thyroid, parathyroid
Musical Keynote - G,   Gemstone - turquoise,   Element - sound/ether
Sense - hearing, Seed Sound - Ham, Verb - I speak, Color - bright blue
Main Function - communication, creativity
The throat chakra is the center of personal expression. It has to do with communication on a spiritual level as well as the physical level of words and creativity. It has to do with being honest with oneself and with others. This is the center of our beliefs, our faith that we are a part of a greater wisdom, a greater power. This is also the center most associated with sound, which is the product of vibration. It is sound that gives solid form to the higher energies, shaping our reality. The throat chakra has to do with our words, our expression and communication. What we say is very important because it becomes what we do. What we do shapes our world. Even in the form of words, sound manifests our reality, creates our future. If we are able to voice our truth individually, then we will be able to voice our truth collectively, thus creating a future world that embraces the things we feel are important, shaped by deeply held values.
- Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Aspects/Issues: Communication at any level necessitates speaking one's truth and living according to one's principles. One who is balanced in this chakra is at ease with this. Such a person seeks to align the individual will with the divine will, faithful and secure in the notion that this higher intelligence is benevolent and wise. Speaking one's truth also has to do with making powerful, conscious choices and accepting responsibility for those choices. Actions or choices that are guided by divine authority yield the best results. The challenge here is to open oneself up to divine guidance, courageously making choices that truly empower and assist in the process of becoming a fully conscious human being.
When we don't speak our truth, we lose our spirit, our energy dissipates and we become alienated from our core. Imbalance at this level often has to do with the fear of showing one's true self and living according to one's true values. This fear is often based on underlying fears of rejection, of being alone and of failure. Such imbalance often leads to addictions to unhealthy substances as well as unhealthy habits and attitudes. One such attitude is the tendency to be close-minded and judgmental, which often results in the individual being blinded and weakened by negativity. Being honest with oneself and with the rest of the world, calling one's spirit back from bad habits and respecting the truths and ways of others can bring healing and can help restore one's personal power.
- Physical Functions of the Throat Chakra: Energy at this level governs the throat, the larynx, mouth parts, neck vertebrae, esophagus and thyroid gland. This gland is responsible for metabolism and the overall functioning of our bones, muscle tissues, and brain activity, including memory and sleep patterns. It supervises the overall vitality and well being of a person.
- Physical Malfunctioning: Blockage at this chakra can lead to sore throats, loss of voice, thyroid problems, mouth and gum problems, scoliosis, headaches, ear infections.


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