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        NOV 1, 2017        

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Halloween is over for another year and the only ghouls and goblins left are the ones holding government positions. Trump has been making noise about the release of confidential documents pertaining to the JFK assassination. I thought it might be a good opportunity to address this important historic event - see info below.

There's also some news about a new art show and a Jennis gig at one of our favorite venues, the Artbar in Hamilton. More info below.

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Peace and love, Dennis.
There has been a lot of talk in the media these days about the public release of confidential documents pertaining to the JFK assassination. Probably no event in U.S. history has been so shrouded in mystery and controversy and to this day a large percentage of the American people do not believe the findings reported by the Warren Commission. They don't buy the official story that Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman. Given the vast amount of info uncovered by many independent studies, that official explanation seems ludicrous.
Trump seems particularly keen to have these documents made public. Before I offer a brief explanation, let me say that I believe that Trump is an asshole of the highest order, lest anyone feel that I am somehow defending him when I suggest that the other presidents have been just as bad. They  have all been puppets, controlled by the banks and corporations. 
Most of the alternative info that I've accessed over the years suggests that the JFK assassination was part of a quiet coup d'├ętat that took place in the U.S. - whereby a new group of controllers who came to be known as the neo-cons or the neo-liberals came to power. By the time of the election of Ronald Reagan, they were fully in control. According to alter-info, all the presidents since Reagan, whether Democrat or Republican, were part of that group. Except for Trump. He represents a whole new group of controllers and his election threw the old group for a loop.
Some are saying that Trump is eager to release these documents, but that the CIA and FBI are resisting this and demanding that certain documents remain redacted. Others are saying that it is all an empty gesture and that no significant info will be released. Again, it is hard to assess any news coming from the mainstream as almost all of those agencies are controlled by the neo-cons, except for Fox News, which has jumped aboard the Trump wagon.
Anyway, I thought it a good opportunity to address the JFK event, as it is a key to understanding what has happened in the U.S. ever since. A Google search on the topic will yield an enormous amount of info, but I recommend a great documentary called 'JFK to 9-11 - Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick'. It is a fairly big investment in time - it's over 3 hours long - but if you want a good understanding of how things work behind the scene in America, I believe that this would be a worthwhile investment. Here is the link - JFK Video
Here is the link to a brief CBS report on the latest release of documents - JFK Docs Released

My Painting in Waterloo
This new painting has been selected for the 'Big Ideas' show at the Paula White Diamond Gallery, 103 - 187 King St. S in Waterloo. It will hang there for a month starting with the opening on Thursday, Nov 2, 5:30 PM.


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