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        APRIL 1, 2017        

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Greetings Dear Friends

Thank you to those of you who commented on my article about time fields. It was fun to read your thoughts.

This month's newsletter is a bit on the political side, but in my opinion, it is all connected. Despite the challenges that the Trump era holds, I am very excited about what I see as a great opportunity. People are so much more engaged these days. And what is happening in the press is quite remarkable. It seems that the elite are fighting amongst themselves, jockeying for position and competing for power. In the process much is being revealed. We are definitely starting to see through the veils.

We have decided to start up a discussion group that will meet semi-regularly. We hope you will join us. See the details below.

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Peace and love, Dennis.
Some people, aside from die-hard right-wingers, were excited about the election of Donald Trump because they thought he was a proponent of significant change. They naively saw him as someone who would confront the Deepstate/corporatocracy and the media conglomerates that represent it. After his cabinet appointments it is becoming increasingly obvious, despite a smattering of 'good' moves, that he merely represents a slightly differently flavored group of banksters and oligarchs.
There is, in my opinion, one important way that Trump is positively affecting us. Everywhere I look, I see people waking up. Those who may have been lulled into a false sense of security based on ill-informed notions that Obama was a good leader, are now questioning things like never before. They are paying attention to the WikiLeaks information, alternative news, various whistle-blowers and activists that have been trying to warn us for decades. This awakening may be important enough to trump all the negativity. (pardon the pun)
The opportunity as I see it, is to take some time out of our busy lives to inform ourselves as to what is 'really' going on - what are the forces that run our world, that affect our lives and the world that our children will inherit. The challenge, as I see it, is to take this opportunity in a way that is compassionate, peaceful and caring - avoiding fear and anger. Maybe we can even celebrate this volatile era as a bona-fide turning point in the evolution of human consciousness. It is an opportunity to remind ourselves that we can and will bring about positive change - that consciousness itself is a powerful force.
In an effort to do our small part in growing our awareness, we have decided to start up a discussion group focusing on anything related to geopolitics, American foreign policy, the influence of banks and corporations, our political leaders, the Deep State, etc.
We are extending an invitation to anyone who is interested in these things to join us at our home for semi-regular open discussions. We're thinking that they will happen on Sunday afternoons, from 1 to 4 pm, about once per month. There will be no fee or donation for attendance and we will provide light snacks and drinks.

Here is a list of topics that I feel would make for lively, fertile discussion: 
- What and who does Trump represent? How worried should we be? 
- What is the current state of affairs worldwide? Some very informed people believe we are on the brink of world war 3. 
- How did we get here? What is the history of global geopolitics? What are some of the key factors that have contributed to events over the past several decades? What has happened behind the scenes? 
- What role do the banks and corporations play in world governance? 
- What have the establishment, the power brokers behind the Bush/Clinton/Obama regimes, been doing over the last several decades? Many of the most significant developments have been under-reported by the mainstream media.
If you would like to participate in the discussion group, please reply to this newsletter and I will send you the specific details as to when and where, etc.
The information provided below is being offered as a resource for those who may be unaware of this info and who may want to become acquainted with it. It includes a list of some of the important players in the current environment, as well as some recommended videos and websites.
Peace & love, Dennis.
In this age of info-wars it's hard to know what or who to believe. Here is a list of people that I have found, over the years, to be trustworthy truth-tellers and whistle-blowers:
Noam Chomsky
John Pilger
Tariq Ali
Julian Assange
Edward Snowden
Catherine Austin Fitts
Abby Martin
Prof Peter Dale Scott
Chris Hedges
Ralph Nader
George Webb
Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Retired Maj General Albert Stubblebine
Retired Army General Wesley Clark
Here is a list of some of the key people around and behind Trump:
- Mike Pence - Vice President (an Evangelical Christian, former gov. of Indiana, supporter of the Tea Party movement)
- Rex Tillerson - Secr. of State (former Exxon CEO - pro free-trade, - pro-Russia, pro carbon tax)
- Scott Pruitt - Head of the Environmental Protection Agency (former Attorny Gen. of Oklahoma - hates the EPA - by January 2017, Pruitt had sued the EPA 13 times. Rejects 'climate change'.)
- Betsy De Voss - Sec. of Education (sister of Eric Prince - CEO of Blackwater - mercenary group/Christian right supporters)
- Sec. of Defense - James N Mattis (former Marine Corp General - hawkish on Iran - nicknamed 'mad dog' Mattis)
- Ltn. General Mike Flynn - Director of DIA under Obama, Nat. Security Advisor under Trump (resigned after 'Russian Diplomat incident')
Here is a link to a comprehensive list and description of Trump cabinet ministers:
- Robert & Rebecca Mercer  - big money behind Trump (bank profiteers - ultra rt. wing)
- Koch bros. - big money behind Trump (huge corporation considered by many to be 'highly toxic' - prosecuted many times.)
- Andrew Breitbart - founded Breitbart News (died in 2012 - fiercely rt. wing)
- Steve Bannon - Assistant to the President, White House Chief (took over Breitbart News - sponsored by the Mercers - ultra rt. wing, linked to white supremacist groups)
- Peter Schwietzer - Senior Editor of Breitbart News, (President of the Gov't Accountability Inst.
   - published 'Clinton Cash').
- James Comey - director of FBI (former Attorney General, former vice-president of Lockheed-Martin, giant arms producers/war profiteers )
- Mike Pompeo - Trump's newly appointed Director of the CIA (an evangelical Cristian - pro torture, pro Guantanamo, anti Muslim, hawkish on Iran)
- John Brennan - former director of CIA
- Elon Husk - appointed as advisor to Trump (a very forward thinking businessman - founded Paypal, Tesla, Space-x, Solar city, Hyperloop, etc - not religious, thinks artificial intelligence is the greatest threat to humanity, etc.)

Here is a list of some of the key people around and behind the Clintons:
- John Podesta - Chair of Hillary Clinton's campaign and the former Chief of Staff in the Bill Clinton White House. Prior to joining Hillary Clinton's campaign, he was Counselor to President Barack Obama, where he oversaw 'climate change and energy policy'. He also served as co-chair of President Obama's transition team. (has been a 'problem solver' for the Clintons for a long time - currently under investigation after the wikileaks) 
- Tony Podesta (John's bro) - a key lobbyist, founder of the Podesta Group. (has lobbied for a variety of groups, including Bank of America, BP, ExxonMobil, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Monsanto, etc.)
- Anthony Weiner - Former Democratic Congressman and close Clinton assoc. (being investigated by FBI - WikiLeaks emails, etc. - associated with child porn ring, etc.)
- General David Petraus - Clinton associate - formerly in charge of Iraq, Afganistan, etc. (hugely powerful - director of the CIA during the Libya invasion - many controversial scandals, etc.)
- Howard Gutman - Belgian ambassador & Clinton insider (a major contributor to Obama's campaign - scandal involving pedophilia and soliciting minors, etc.)
- Patrick Kennedy - Clinton 'official fixer' and spin doctor (credited for countless cover-ups of Clinton wrong-doings.)
- Sid Blumenthal - long-time associate and advisor to both Bill and Hillary, employed by the Clinton Foundation (accused of having financial interests in Libya and of being an advisor to Hillary concerning the Libyan invasion.)  
- Susan Rice - Held many powerful positions in both the Clinton and Obama administrations, including Ambassador to the United Nations, National Security Advisor, etc. (Hillary's 'right hand man' in the Libyan invasion, accused of having a 'combative mindset', member of think-tank Council on Foreign Relations)
- Corrin Brown - Politician and close friend of the Clintons - (busted for stealing scholarship money - many other criminal allegations)
Here are some examples of the many times the Clintons have been associated, investigated or charged for criminal actions:
- Whitewater - Clinton Real Estate venture - investigated for fraud
- Travelgate - Clintons tried to take over lucrative travel biz - many lies, etc - in judicial inquiry they were ordered to give it back
- Refco scandal - Hilary 5k investment becomes 490k (during the Arkansas governorship - charged with insider trading, etc - huge fines...)
- 15 Clinton friends and associates have been convicted of 40 crimes
- just before leaving office Bill pardoned 450 criminals - from coke traffickers to kidnappers
- Marc Turi - Phoenix, AZ-based arms dealer - saw himself being set-up by the Clintons to take the fall - went to FoxNews with the story but has since disappeared and is currently presumed dead.
- Eric Braverman - ex CEO of the Clinton Foundation - still missing since the election
Here is a link to a list of 47 close friends and associates of the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances:
Good videos:
Noam Chomsky - Changing Contours of Global Order
(a good brief history/overview of American foreign policy since WW2)
Anonymous - 'The TRUTH about WW3':
Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta (Empire Files):
Anonymous - 'Will Trump Destroy America?' (lots about Obama):
Prof. Peter Dale Scott - 'Deep State CIA'
Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents
Chris Hedges - 'Trump, Fascism & the Christian Right'
History of Post-Soviet Russia
cliff high - data processer - future of gold, deep state vs trump, etc.
david stockman (Reagan financial dude) - nat debt, etc.
Crimes of the Clinton Foundation
Good websites:


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