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Greetings Dear Friends

Great to be back in Canada, we got back just in time for the ice storm last week. Spring seems to be springing today though, thankfully. Because of an interesting controversy due to an article about UFOs that appeared in the New York Times back in December, I've decided to do a series on the topic over the next several newsletters.
Jennis had a great gig at a house concert in Toronto a few days ago. We have a busy May lined up - details below. We are proud to announce that we will be part of the Kitchener Blues Festival in August.  

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Peace and love, Dennis.


I find it quite remarkable that one still runs the risk of being thought of as a flake or a wacko if one mentions anything to do with ETs, UFOs, etc. Even though that tendency has lightened up over the past few decades, the establishment has done a great job of instilling that attitude in most of us. And yet most 'establishment mentalities' have no trouble buying stories about Moses parting the Red Sea, Jesus walking on water or 9/11 being planned and perpetrated by Osama Bin Laden and his band of ragtag terrorists.
For a growing number of people, however, the belief that we have been/are being visited by extra-terrestrial beings is a no-brainer. Anyone who decides to take an objective look at the information that abounds on the subject would have to admit that it is very compelling. Back in 2005 I attended a UFO symposium in Toronto. I was expecting the speakers to present the latest evidence, but for these experts there was no further need to convince. For them the evidence is conclusive. The theme of the event was 'disclosure' - when are governments around the globe going to disclose their classified info on the subject?
Of all the experts who took to the podium, the most interesting was the Right Honorable Paul Hellyer, former deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense in the Canadian government during the Trudeau years. He shocked the attendees by saying that, in the secret government files, there was ample acknowledgment of the existence of ETs on our planet.
Over the next few newsletters I will review some of the info on the topic of ETs interacting with humanity, both in the present and the past. There are some new controversies that bear looking at. In today's newsletter I'd like to recommend an hour-long movie that is available on Netflix and YouTube called 'Alien Contact: Outer Space'. This is a very sober, non-sensationalized account of the efforts that have been made to communicate with alien intelligence and the results of these efforts. I also recommend a brief, twenty-minute video about ancient Sumer and the references to the group of 'gods' called the here: anunnaki 


May 11 & 12 @ the Waring House,
            395 Sandy Hook Rd in PICTON - 6:30 - 10:30 - no cover!
May 18 @ the Artword Artbar,
            15 Colborne St in HAMILTON - 7:30 pm - $10 cover
May 19 @ Paul Morin's Art Studio,
            19741 Main St in ALTON - 8pm - $20 advance, $25 door
May 25 @ the Freetimes Cafe,
             360 College St in TORONTO - 8pm - $10 cover




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