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Happy New Year!
I thought I'd end 2017 on a positive note with this month's article, 'Things Are Getting Better!'. It's easy, especially in the Trump era, to be inundated with bad news and negativity. Despite some real challenges facing us, there is a lot of good news that we rarely see. Click on the links at the end of the article to access some interesting and entertaining info.
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by Dennis Gaumond 
Many of the opinions I've accessed online and in my direct experience seem to be saying that 2017 was a trying year in many ways. They are saying that 2018 will be a much better year. I must admit that I feel that way myself, but I also consider myself to be an eternal optimist. Despite the fact that I spend quite a bit of time and energy looking into the many problems that face the world, I do believe that a glorious future awaits us.
One of my most trusted truth-tellers and biggest heroes, Noam Chomsky, points out that some of the current global situations have an unprecedented potential to negatively effect life on Earth. Climate change and the threat of nuclear war are 2 examples of the critical challenges we face. He is a master at showing us the ways that the ruling elite is affecting our world, hoarding power, resources, etc. However he also points out that many things have improved over the past 50 years. We've made great gains in our attitudes towards gays, women, minorities, etc., although we certainly still have a long way to go.
I have great faith in human resourcefulness. I truly believe that we have the technological ability to solve all of the world's problems. If it weren't for some human attitudes such as greed and the thirst for power, there is nothing we cannot do. It is these attitudes that keep much of the world mired in poverty, that threaten the cleanliness of our air and water, that foster inequality and injustice and that wage war and misery.
I believe that, developmentally, humanity is in its adolescence. Like most adolescents, we have great ingenuity accompanied by an arrogant attitude that we have it all figured out. We tend to be self-centered and lack wisdom and compassion. We make questionable decisions. If we can manage to make it through adolescence without committing suicide or making a fatal mistake, I am confident that we will become ever more compassionate, resilient and resourceful.
In this era where public attitudes are shaped by a media that promotes fear and manipulates truth, it easy to bog down in negativity. Having a buffoon in the presidency and a world that is run by banks and corporations, it is easy to despair. But if you believe, as I do, in the power of consciousness - that with our collective mind we create our reality - then you will agree that we should stay focused on the positive. I feel it is important to remind ourselves of the many ways that the world is getting better.
Some of the statistics on key indicators such as infant mortality, extreme poverty, access to education, life expectancy, etc. are showing us that, despite the challenges, many things have gotten significantly better. This is especially clear when we stand back and look at the picture over the past several centuries, rather than focusing only on the latest bump in the road. The world has changed enormously over the past century. We have amazing new technology emerging that promises even more positive advances.
Here are some links to articles and videos that will point out some of these hopeful statistics and advances:
- A TedTalk with Peter Diamandis - TED TALK
- A short, fun video (obnoxious music) - VIDEO 
- Some interesting charts - CHARTS
- Good news from 2017  - GOOD NEWS


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