JULY, 2019
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Greetings Dear Friends
It has been a busy time for me - working on paintings for my upcoming show, working on a Jennis video and putting the final touches on our new CD. And July will be even busier - as you can see below.

Last month's article was called 'What is Real?'. This month we will also address the difficult task of trying to know what's what - to know what information can be trusted. How much can we trust science and the information it presents. What forces are at play that seek to manipulate and distort this information? How does it affect our daily life, our decision making?

Next month we'll look at the current state of journalism, the mainstream media versus the alternative media, the age of information wars.

I recently wrote this goofy little pome to remind myself of what is really important.
we are all sacred beings on a sacred path to sacredness.
we come from sacredness, we are born into sacredness.
everyday we are sacreducated so that we are better prepared for this sacredible journey.
we are sacredulous to learn that the sacred is not the opposite of the profane.
when we arrive at sacredness, we will be sacready.
we will recognize that we were dismembered.
we will remember that we were discognized.
we will realize that almost everything we thought we knew
is sacrediculous.
we will see that everything, even evil and hatred, is sacred.
how could it not be?
a pome by dennis gaumond 

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Peace and love, Dennis.

I'm a big fan of science. It brought us out of the dark ages and into the age of reason. Some of my biggest heroes are scientists. But there are some problems or challenges with the reliability of science and the scientific method. Partly it is due to the fanaticism that has always been an obstacle to the forward movement of knowledge. It has been said that science is the new religion, and like many religions, it can be rendered stagnant ineffective when it becomes dogmatic. Scientists have been persecuted over the years for challenging the established paradigms, and that still goes on today.
There is another big challenge that science faces in the modern era - it is being appropriated by big business, governments and other institutions who have specific agendas that they are trying to push. The results of scientific experiments, for example, are often skewed by the organization that is funding the work. True objectivity and thorough methodology is often pushed aside.
This short video (32 minutes) presents the many facets of this crisis of science very well:
JENNIS is mucho busy in July, we have gigs every weekend:
SUDBURY - Northern Lights Festival 
JULY 5 THRU 7 (see details below)
PICTON - At the Waring House, 395 Sandy Hook Rd. 
JULY 12, 13, - 6:30PM
MANITOULIN ISLAND -  Maja's Cafe, Hwy 542, Mindemoya 
JULY 20 (see details below)
- we're also playing on the Chi-Cheemaun ferry on the July 20, 11:20AM sailing and the July 21, 1:30PM sailing. 
PETERBOROUGH - The Garnet - 231 Hunter St. W.
JULY 25 - 8pm
WILNO - The Wilno Tavern - Hwy 60 
JULY 26 - 8pm
MAYNOOTH - The Arlington - Hwy 62
JULY 27 - 8pm 

Jennis is shooting a video!

It's for one of our new songs called Sneak Past the Mirror.
Thank you to all the fine folks who have contributed. It'll be fun to see the finished product, which should be fairly soon. Big thanx to the video artist, Olya Glotka.

CD Release Parties

Jennis is excited to be releasing our second album with a collection of new songs. We will be hosting 2 parties, one in Guelph at the Black Heritage Hall, 83 Essex St. on Friday, October 4 - the other in Toronto at the Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. W. on Sunday, October 6. We will have special guests - Tannis Sliman, Shannon Kingsbury, Tom Wolf, Lauren Wolf and Jason Marischiello. It promises to be a great show, so please mark it on your calendar. More details to come.

I'm thrilled and honored to be showing my art, along with the art of my good friend Oxanna Adams. The show will run from July 29 to September 7 at the Red Brick, 8 Douglas St., downtown Guelph. The opening will be on Thursday, August 1 from 7 to 9pm - finger foods provided. Here are the links to both of our art websites:



My book, Why Is Life?, has been released as an e-book, available for approximately $6 or less, from a list of online bookstores:
Apple i-Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony Reader Store, Koby, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie, eSentral, Scribd and PagePusher.
The book can be purchased at any of these outlets, searching with either the title or this ISBN number: 9781483515403
OR, just click on one of these links: 

New to e-books?
Click this link for a wikipedia article about e-books:

To read a variety of reviews of this book, click here:  
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