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Greetings Dear Friends
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Ho ho ho and all that.  'Tis the season to consider the origins of the Santa tradition and the consumerism that goes with it. In this month's article we take a light-hearted look at the notion that the whole story grew out of shamanic traditions that embraced the use of magic mushrooms! 
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we are all sacred beings on a sacred path to sacredness.
we come from sacredness, we are born into sacredness.
everyday we are sacreducated so that we are better prepared for this sacredible journey.
we are sacredulous to learn that the sacred is not the opposite of the profane.
when we arrive at sacredness, we will be sacready.
we will recognize that we were dismembered.
we will remember that we were discognized.
we will realize that almost everything we thought we knew
is sacrediculous.
we will see that everything, even evil and hatred, is sacred.
how could it not be?
a pome by dennis gaumond 

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Peace and love, Dennis.

Santa Claus Is A Mushroom 

Santa Claus has become the most recognizable icon of consumerism in western culture. There are many videos and writings that illuminate the history of Christmas, showing how Saint Nicholas became the shopping mall Santa we've come to know. The roots of the whole Santa Claus story evolved from some interesting legends and traditions. One theory that I find interesting and entertaining is the idea that many of these traditions originated in Lapland, where the reindeer was pretty much domesticated and where the shamans regularly consumed the amanita muscaria mushroom, which in the modern era we call 'magic mushrooms'. Here is a brief, fun video called: A Very Mushroom Christmas
This reminded me of a book I read years ago released in 1970 entitled, 'The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross'. The author, John Allegro, is an internationally respected scholar and one of the few selected to work on the Dead Sea Scrolls - a Bible expert and an adept in the deciphering and translating of Aramaic and other ancient languages. He surprised the academic world by contending that the amanita muscaria mushroom played a large role in the early cultures of the middle east going as far back as the Sumerian civilization of 4000 BC.More controversial than this, he claims that many Biblical stories allude to it and that Jesus and the early Christian movement were part of a mushroom cult. There are many depictions of this mushroom in ancient art and many references to it in ancient writings. Here's the link to Allegro's website: ALLEGRO 
It seems to me that Allegro overstates his case, seeing allusions to the sacred mushroom everywhere. However, there's no doubt in my mind that psychotropic plants have been used extensively by shamanic and mystical traditions in a sincere effort to better understand the nature of 'reality' and to seek enlightenment.
In the modern era psychotropic drugs have been demonized by the authorities and used as a party drug by the youth cultures that grew out of the sixties. But in many traditions the mystical use of drugs was always done with the deepest respect and with the highest of motives. It was not intended for recreational use or forms of escapism. These rituals were taken very seriously. They were often considered dangerous and were supervised by a learned shaman. As Don Juan points out in the Carlos Castaneda books, the 'power plants' were useful mainly as a way of glimpsing other realities and thus opening the mind to such possibilities.
It would be interesting to know how many allusions to psychotropics in our myths and legends have been downplayed or suppressed by the powers that be. It also begs the question - why? What are they afraid of? Could it be that it is easier to oppress and control people who are less aware of the true nature of reality?
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Hello Dear Friends
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