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Greetings Dear Friends
It's that special time of year. I'm feeling like a Halloweenie. It has been such a busy year - I'm looking forward to a relatively less busy month of November when I can regroup and relax. I hope you have enjoyed the fall colors and are now battening down the hatches preparing for our glorious Canadian winter. 
Jennis had two successful CD release parties - thank you to all who contributed to the fun by being there. Our new album has been met by positive reviews and enthusiasm. Thank you to those of you who have purchased a copy. If you haven't yet, but you'd like to, you can order one via Bandcamp - see below.  
I recently wrote this goofy little pome to remind myself of what is really important.
we are all sacred beings on a sacred path to sacredness.
we come from sacredness, we are born into sacredness.
everyday we are sacreducated so that we are better prepared for this sacredible journey.
we are sacredulous to learn that the sacred is not the opposite of the profane.
when we arrive at sacredness, we will be sacready.
we will recognize that we were dismembered.
we will remember that we were discognized.
we will realize that almost everything we thought we knew
is sacrediculous.
we will see that everything, even evil and hatred, is sacred.
how could it not be?
a pome by dennis gaumond 

If you'd like to access past newsletters containing articles on the Big Shift, the Physics of Mysticism, Magic, the Power of Mantra, Consciousness and other topics, please visit the 'newsletter' page of my website: 

Peace and love, Dennis.

The Brain-Heart Connection

 The Greeks, Egyptians and other ancient cultures acknowledged and venerated the heart as the organ most responsible for the functioning of the human body. Several centuries ago, with the dawning of the age of science and modern medicine, the focus shifted to the brain. Recent research, however, has brought increasing attention to the importance of the heart, not only as a blood pump, but also as a centre with its own brand of intelligence.
The HeartMath Institute, working in conjunction with some of the world's top scientists, has shown that the heart is a major centre of intelligence in the human body. We have known for a long time that the brain sends messages to the heart, but in the last few decades we have seen that the bigger messages are sent from the heart to the brain.
The science of physics has shown that the nature and behavior of an atom can be changed by changing either the electric or the magnetic field in which it resides. We now know that the heart generates very powerful fields that profoundly affect the body at an atomic/molecular/cellular level. These fields are much bigger and stronger than those generated by the brain.
In the early nineties science identified cells in the heart that were called sensory neurites, brain-like cells that think independently of the neurons in the brain. It was shown that the 'thoughts' generated by these cells are strongly linked to feelings and emotions and that fostering a harmony, a dialogue between the brain and the heart had a profound effect upon the functionality of the many systems in the body. As you might expect, positive feelings of love and compassion generate heart-thoughts that communicate to the brain and the rest of the body, leading to a much more healthful state of being.
The idea that our thoughts create our reality, is something that we've looked at often in past newsletters. Science is showing us that our continual daily attitudes, beliefs and habitual behaviors cause the neurological pathways in our brains to 'hardwire' into patterns. Our thought patterns reinforce our reality and our reality reinforces our thought patterns. In order to change our reality, we need to change our thoughts. Creating new neural pathways is much easier to do when the brain is in line with the heart. There are many easy meditation techniques that are designed to enhance the heart-brain connection.
I recommend Googling the works of Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza, among others, who have spoken lucidly on this topic and have developed easy methods and meditations. Here are two short videos by Braden and one by Dispenza:
How the Brain Heart Connection Works: BRADEN 1 
The Harmony Between the Heart and the Brain: BRADEN 2 
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: DISPENZA 
Our New Album, 'The Mirror',
Is Now Available! 
Hello Dear Friends
We are so happy to have finally released the album we spent the past year working on. It was such fun involving the various talented musicians who helped to create the lush sonic landscapes to illustrate our songs. We are thrilled with the high quality of the recording and Dean Drouillard's fine mixing skills. We feel this album is a major step up from our debut in many respects.
It's a bit of a strange time to be a recording artist. Gone are the days of bringing one's new wares to record stores to proudly see them displayed. Illicit downloading, the sharing of entire music collections between friends and now streaming services have taken a lot of the impact away from the proud moment of a new release. Let's face it, the music market is quite saturated and it is harder than ever to make a splash. 
Before we move into the next chapter with our music, we wanted to take a moment to be sure you were all aware of our new baby and how you may obtain a copy to enjoy for yourself. We have CDs ($15) and 4G data sticks with both albums, videos, lyrics and photos ($20). You can also download the digital album for $7.
While we are available on iTunes and streaming services, the best way to support independent music is not by giving your hard-earned cash to Apple or Spotify (whose pay structures exploit musicians). Instead, sites like Bandcamp are far more direct ways to explore and support music. Bonus: Bandcamp is full of interesting independent music!
You can listen to the songs on Bandcamp. To access our new CD on Bandcamp, click here: THE MIRROR
We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us by purchasing music and coming out to concerts. Thanks in advance to anyone else who chooses to buy a copy of The Mirror. We love you!
We hope you enjoy the new tunes!
Dennis and Jen

Jennis video - 'Sneak Past the Mirror' is now available for viewing.
Thank you to all the fine folks who have contributed. Big thanx to the video artist, Olya Glotka. Click here:

The Jennis website has been totally revamped -
check it out:


My book, Why Is Life?, has been released as an e-book, available for approximately $6 or less, from a list of online bookstores:
Apple i-Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony Reader Store, Koby, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eBookPie, eSentral, Scribd and PagePusher.
The book can be purchased at any of these outlets, searching with either the title or this ISBN number: 9781483515403
OR, just click on one of these links: 

New to e-books?
Click this link for a wikipedia article about e-books:

To read a variety of reviews of this book, click here:  
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