JUNE, 2019
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Greetings Dear Friends
It's been an interesting time - I've been busy working on new paintings and new music, getting ready for upcoming shows - more details below.
I've also been doing an extra amount of ruminating these days. Here's a wee pome i wrote the other day:  
we are all sacred beings on a sacred path to sacredness.
we come from sacredness, we are born into sacredness.
everyday we are sacreducated so that we are better prepared for this sacredible journey.
we are sacredulous to learn that the sacred is not the opposite of the profane.
when we arrive at sacredness, we will be sacready.
we will recognize that we were dismembered.
we will remember that we were discognized.
we will realize that almost everything we thought we knew
is sacrediculous.
we will see that everything, even evil and hatred, is sacred.
how could it not be?
a pome by dennis gaumond 

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Peace and love, Dennis.

What Is Real?
For some reason, lately, I have been thinking a lot about the development of technology and how it is affecting our world. It is advancing so quickly that most of us have no idea. For example, our notions of what a surveillance camera can do are totally outdated. AI (artificial intelligence/computers) has progressed beyond our imaginings. A photo taken by a drone high in the sky can take in an enormous amount of information - people or vehicles moving, etc. - and AI can process this info in an instant.
Check out this brief TEDTalk (disregard its alarmist title) to learn about some of the advancements in robot tech and AI: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
Another area of interest is the growing technology around virtual realities. I don't think I've ever played a video game, but more and more people are spending an increasing amount of time doing so. Elon Musk says that, very soon, computer created virtual realities will be indistinguishable from true reality.
The technology exists to turn a single still photo of a face into a movie, saying whatever it is programmed to say. So we can take a photo of Martin Luther King and make it recite a speech by Hitler. And the viewer would not be able to tell that it is fake. A photo of Donald Trump can be made to say anything. This short video illustrates some of these fascinating advances: VIRTUAL REALITY
This can all be very scary. It's already very difficult to know what info is real and what is fake. In the near future it may be almost impossible. How will we cope. The narrator of the video says that we will need to depend on our beliefs, our gut feelings and instincts. It makes me feel that it will be even more important to disconnect from controlled media sources and to take up practices like meditation - to hone our intuitive skills.
In terms of 'depending on our beliefs', I will continue to adhere to the idea that we are in the midst of a great shift. Human consciousness will quickly advance, not only in its ability to develop astonishing technology, but also in its ability to act from a place of compassion and benevolence. We are learning to transmute the lower frequency energy of fear into the higher frequencies of love. We are learning this at an exponential rate.
For those who like scientific evidence, there is a growing body of info suggesting that the cosmic rays that are entering our solar system have been changing dramatically. Here is an excerpt from a recent article by Mitch Batros of the Science of Cycles newsletter, which for many years has been reporting on the latest scientific findings pertaining to the earth-changes we are seeing: "Nasa's most recent study on galactic cosmic ray levels reaching Earth's atmosphere are the highest ever reported."
I believe that these cosmic rays, which are basically high frequency radiation, affect not only the physical aspects of the planet and its inhabitants, but also the collective consciousness. I believe that, despite the rapid rate of techno-advancement and its potential threat to human existence, our spirit will prevail. Things are unfolding as they should.

In Concert
We are performing at 2 house concerts in Ottawa on June 7 & 8.
They are both sold out.

Want to be in a Jennis video?
Jennis is shooting a video and we need some volunteers! It's for a song called Sneak Past the Mirror. Many of you over 50 will attest to having sometimes been taken by surprise at the person who looks back at you from the mirror. You feel like the same young person you've long identified with inside, but you see a far older person's reflection. We need at least 10 volunteers to playfully enact just that experience for the camera. We're looking for fun vibes, nothing sentimental or serious. If this interests you, the shoot will be happening at a lovely Toronto home near Lansdowne and Dundas on Sunday, June 23 between 10am and noon. We'd be so grateful to have you in our video! Ages between 50 and 100. Please reply to this email if you're interested.

CD Release Parties

Jennis is excited to be releasing our second album with a collection of new songs. We will be hosting 2 parties, one in Guelph at the Black Heritage Hall, 83 Essex St. on Friday, October 4 - the other in Toronto at the Burdock, 1184 Bloor St. W. on Sunday, October 6. We will have special guests - Tannis Sliman, Shannon Kingsbury, Tom Wolf, Lauren Wolf and Jason Marischiello. It promises to be a great show, so please mark it on your calendar. More details to come.

I'm thrilled and honored to be showing my art, along with the art of my good friend Oxanna Adams. The show will run from July 29 to September 7 at the Red Brick, 8 Douglas St., downtown Guelph. The opening will be on Thursday, August 1 from 7 to 9pm - finger foods provided. Here are the links to both of our art websites:



My book, Why Is Life?, has been released as an e-book, available for approximately $6 or less, from a list of online bookstores:
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The book can be purchased at any of these outlets, searching with either the title or this ISBN number: 9781483515403
OR, just click on one of these links: 

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