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Becoming a Better Magician
December 30, 2007
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I hope you are having a great time over the holiday season. I wish you the best in the new year. I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be an incredible year of change, full of wonderful opportunities for growth.

I'm very excited about the launching of the Bhadra Collective, an ensemble of singers and musicians celebrating the  return of goddess energies to the planet with a new brand of danceable chant music. There will be a new CD which will be released in the spring.  I'm also excited about an upcoming event in February
that will offer a preview of the band - see below for more details.

In past newsletters I offered a series of articles on the 'power of consciousness'. (By the way, all previous newsletters are available on the 'newsletter' page at my website -
whyislife.com.) In this issue I'll be presenting the fifth segment in the series on 'magick'. This segment will continue to discuss some of the components of effective magicianship.

Peace and love, Dennis.


- part 5 -

       by Dennis Gaumond

In the previous newsletter we began to discuss some of the skills required to become an effective magician - to better harness the power of consciousness. We established that it is essential to possess a clear intention of what it is we wish to achieve - where we want to go. The ability to visualize this desired outcome greatly increases the power of the intention. Both of these components of effective magicianship are powerful on their own, but this power increases dramatically with the third component, the ability to remain lucid while in a trance state.

If one can remain lucid - stay focused on one's visualization and intention while in a trance state, then one will have greater success in manifesting them into reality. The deeper the trance, the more powerful the intention. The reason for this is difficult to explain, but here goes. One could say that the barriers between the conscious and unconscious minds break down in trance. Put another way, the internal shields are lowered, allowing the entranced consciousness access to a larger degree of 'truth' or reality. Put yet another way, the magnetic aspect of our electro-magnetic essence is relaxed, allowing access to a greater portion of the electric aspect, which is the 'totality of information' or the 'truth'. To understand this in terms of vibrations, one could say that while in trance, one has access to the higher frequencies - has one foot in the next dimension or 'level of reality'. In the next dimension the mind's creative power is greater, more immediate. There is less density and therefore less buffer between a thought and its manifestation into reality.

Achieving trance states is an important aspect of most shamanic traditions, including; Vodun (Voodoo), Macumba, Candombl and Santoria. There are many ways to achieve a trance state, including; exhaustion, music, dancing, spinning (as with the Whirling Dervishes), ingesting psycho-tropic drugs, meditating, dreaming, etc. Some of these methods provide relatively easy access to trance, but the methods that are most effective as components of magic usually require a certain degree of skill and self-discipline. (Today's youth dance culture, with its raves and house music, is reminiscent of some shamanic practices. Trance-like states can be achieved when a gathering moves to the same hypnotic rhythms for a prolonged time. Although this activity is often accompanied by drug use, there is a growing movement that recognizes the benefits of drug-free trance.)

One of the easiest ways to enter a deep trance is to fall asleep and dream. The trick, the difficult part, is to retain lucidity and control of one's thoughts and actions while in trance. Someone who has a good ability to remain in control while dreaming would be a very powerful magician. This is very rare, however, and it is usually wiser to develop these skills by starting with shallower trance states in which it is easier to maintain control. To plunge deep into trance using drugs, for example, may be useful in allowing one a 'glimpse of divinity', or to open the mind to the idea of other realities. However, it is very difficult to maintain a good grasp on this altered reality, to retain control and to negotiate one's way to a desired end while in such a deep trance.

Using artificial means to enter deep trance can pose some dangers, especially if one is without proper discipline and the capacity to control one's fear-based impulses. Addiction is one of them. It is easy to become addicted to artificially induced glimpses of divinity or bliss. We all know of the addictive potential of mind-altering drugs. Another danger is the risk of losing personal power or confidence while in trance - the deeper the trance, the greater the risk. There are other less common risks as well, such as becoming prey to the less noble intentions of other magicians.

The point here is that it is much easier to learn to be an effective magician by starting off with shallower trance-states. In such a state it would be easier to maintain a clear visualization of one's desire and to be able to remain focused. One of the most pleasant ways to enter a relatively shallow trance is to chant. If one can stay clear and focused on an intention while chanting, it becomes a beautiful meditation, a powerful prayer, an act of magic. When a group gets together to chant, especially if the group can hold a common intention, it becomes a very ecstatic and hugely powerful endeavor.

In the next newsletter we will look at safe and pleasant ways to enter shallow trance and to develop our powers and magical skills.


The Guelph Chant Club, which usually meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month, will meet this month on THURSDAY, JAN. 10th at the same location.


DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
THURS., JAN. 10/08   Guelph,                   Guelph                      Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm        Ontaro                    Chant Club

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more Detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.ca


DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
FRIDAY, JAN. 11/08     Waterloo,               Waterloo                    
The Community of Hearts
7:30 to 9 pm                 Ontario                Chant Club                           Yoga Studio
826 King St. N., Unit 21 across from the Waterloo Stockyards, close to St. Jacobs 
(north on Conestoga Pkwy, exit at Rr - 15, turn left onto King St.)  COST: $15

For better directions or more info call Joan Schaner at

chant magic graphicINTRODUCTORY OFFER:

Chant Magic
has been re-packaged:


This CD is different than most chant CDs. It contains 9
from a variety of traditions, i.e. Vedic/Sanskrit,
African, Native American and Latin/Christian. They are
done up in a way that is both playful and soothing, great                                                      
for either singing along or just for listening. This music              1. Om Mane Padme Hum 6:06 -  (Tibetan )
can serve as a meditation - lie back with headphones and                         2. Windayaho 5:53 - (Cherokee)
allow it to take you to 'the zone' - or it can accompany               3. Gatay Gatay 6:26  - (Buddhist / Far East)
other activities. Either way, these chants will lodge in your                4. Thuma Mina 5:55 - (South African)
sub-conscious where they will continue to do their healing      5. Om Nama Shivaya 6:47  - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
work.                                                                                    6. Ganesha Sharanam 6:35 - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
About the booklet:                                                     7. Gloria 5:25  - (Christian/ Latin)
The booklet is full of useful information about how               
8. Ira Weray Weray 5:12  - (African / Nigerian)
chants work, how sound heals, etc. It also contains                               9. Kali Ma 6:40 - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
the words, translations and interpretations for each
chant. It even has the chords so you can play along
on your guitar or piano.


Our Price: $ 19.95 (CAN), $16.95 (USD) 

Party at Wally's with

dennis gaumond
and the
psychedelic blues band

"blues with a worlbeat twist - a mix of the sacred and profane"   

Wally's Tavern
Phone: 519 827-1486
Address: 107 Wyndham Street North,
Sunny Downtown Guelph

when: Friday, January 18, 9:00 PM
   who: Dennis Gaumond - guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals
            Sam Cino - drums
           Jesse Turton - bass
why: I dunno

"bring your dancing shoes"

- Hope to see you there.

"You're invited to a special evening!"


WHERE: The Capital Arts Theatre, 20 Queen St., Port Hope, Ontario.
WHEN: Friday, Feb. 8, 2008 - 7 PM

This event will include:
- a screening of the movie, 'ONE'
- musical offerings by Monk Mann, Gina Tome, Emilio Zarris
and Dennis Gaumond and the Bhadra Collective
- inspirational words by Sri Tushi Sen

Tickets available at:www.capitoltheatre.com
phone: 905 885-1071, toll-free: 1 800 434-5092
adults - $20, students - $15, groups of 15+ - $17 pp

for more info, including audio-clips please visit:

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