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Becoming a Magician
December 1, 2007
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In past newsletters I offered a series of articles on the 'power of consciousness'. (By the way, all previous newsletters are available on the 'newsletter' page at my website - whyislife.com.) In this issue I'll be presenting the fourth segment in the series on 'magick'. This segment will discuss key components of effective magicianship.

Thanks to all who attended the 'Power of Thought' seminar on November 30 - it was a big success. It's important that we continue to spread the word about this concept. Kyle and I will be offering more free seminars in the future.

Peace and love, Dennis.


- part 4 -

       by Dennis Gaumond

To become an effective magician - to effectively use the power of consciousness - it is crucial that we first believe in the concept itself. There is no room for doubt in the thought patterns of a skilled magician. In the first three segments of this article, we strengthened this belief by pointing out that there was a much greater understanding and awareness of the power of consciousness back in ancient times. We also touched upon the growing body of scientific evidence that supports this idea. One of the best ways to expand our belief is to actually see and experience this power in action, which is something we do with the demonstrations at our seminars.
            It is very helpful to understand that we live in a vibrational universe - that everything in the universe is made of the same primal stuff. We can refer to this primal stuff as energy. Everything in creation is a manifestation of energy vibrating at different frequencies; even what appears to be very solid matter. Einstein showed this with his famous equation, E=mc2. When we can see that we, as individuals, are also 'energy patterns', then we can understand the way we are affected by other energy patterns, leading to a better grasp of astrology, ESP, various healing modalities, etcetera.  
            When we can see the universe in this way, it greatly enhances our ability to understand many aspects of life and many of the 'unexplained' mysteries. To understand things in this new way is to arrive at new definitions of humanity, new definitions of God, angels and extra-terrestrials. It leads to a better understanding of illness and healing, of suffering and death and the ways that humans behave. We can better see why the ancients built what they built, wrote what they wrote. It also gives us greater insight as to the problems facing humanity at this time.
            When we grasp the 'vibrational perspective' we realize that our thoughts are also energy patterns capable of affecting other patterns. Our thoughts and feelings are vibrational emissions, which we send out to the universe. The ancient concept of 'karma' is about this same idea - the quality of the vibrations we emit determines the circumstances that we attract into our lives. The more we can control those emissions, the more we can control the circumstances that shape our reality.
            Magic can be understood as a series of methods that help us to control our vibrational emissions, to harness the power of consciousness. Some of these methodologies include the use of sound, the use of ingested substances, the use of the sex act (sex magic) and other devices. Sometimes a number of methods may be used in conjunction with each other. All forms of magic have certain commonalities, including certain key techniques. These techniques affect three essential components of effective magic - clarity of intent, visualization, and the ability to remain lucid while in a trance state.
            A key to magic, and all endeavors, is clarity of intent. It is very difficult to control the outcome of any action if one is not aware of what one wishes to achieve and where one wishes to go. Although this may seem somewhat obvious, it is remarkable that often most of us go about our daily business without a clear intention, without really knowing what it is we are hoping to achieve.  A good magician does not send mixed messages to the universe. A good magician says clearly, "This is what I desire, this is who I am." 
        Another key component of magic is visualization, the ability to clearly picture the desired outcome in the mind's eye. Some of baseball's best home-run hitters, for example, profess an ability to visualize the ball leaving the ballpark before stepping into the batter's box. Visualizing involves not only seeing the desired thing, but also feeling it. When one can feel gratitude in advance, as if the desired thing is already present, then that thought transmission becomes much more powerful. A good magician has the ability to constantly keep an eye on the target, to focus the mind and the will on the desired outcome. As any practitioner of meditation will tell you, staying focused on a vision is not an easy thing to do and requires practice.
         The third essential element of effective magic is the ability to remain lucid while in a trance state. This one is a bit more complicated and harder to understand. I will devote more space to it in the next newsletter.

(In subsequent newsletters we'll be presenting more segments of this article. We'll be exploring more info about magic, including tips on how to become a skilled and effective magician. Stay tuned.)

Come out and join us for this great ongoing tradition of chanting together - very uplifting and fun.

The November meeting of the Guelph Chant Club was the largest group I've seen for some time. The energy was amazing!


DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
WED., DEC. 5/07       Guelph,                   Guelph                          Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm        Ontaro                    Chant Club

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more Detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.ca


The Waterloo Chant Club will next meet in the new year. See next newsletter.

The Community of Hearts Yoga Studio
826 King St. N., Unit 21 across from the Waterloo Stockyards, close to St. Jacobs 
(north on Conestoga Pkwy, exit at Rr - 15, turn left onto King St.)  COST: $15

For better directions or more info call Joan Schaner at
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Chant Magic
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This CD is different than most chant CDs. It contains 9
from a variety of traditions, i.e. Vedic/Sanskrit,
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for either singing along or just for listening. This music              1. Om Mane Padme Hum 6:06 -  (Tibetan )
can serve as a meditation - lie back with headphones and                         2. Windayaho 5:53 - (Cherokee)
allow it to take you to 'the zone' - or it can accompany               3. Gatay Gatay 6:26  - (Buddhist / Far East)
other activities. Either way, these chants will lodge in your                4. Thuma Mina 5:55 - (South African)
sub-conscious where they will continue to do their healing      5. Om Nama Shivaya 6:47  - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
work.                                                                                    6. Ganesha Sharanam 6:35 - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
About the booklet:                                                     7. Gloria 5:25  - (Christian/ Latin)
The booklet is full of useful information about how               
8. Ira Weray Weray 5:12  - (African / Nigerian)
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the words, translations and interpretations for each
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Lately several people have been asking me to include notices of my upcoming blues gigs and concerts - so here it is:

Party at Wally's with

dennis gaumond
and the
psychedelic blues band

"blues with a worlbeat twist - a mix of the sacred and profane"   

Wally's Tavern
Phone: 519 827-1486
Address: 107 Wyndham Street North,
Sunny Downtown Guelph

when: Saturday, December 8th, 9:00 PM
   who: Dennis Gaumond - guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals
            Vince Maccarone - drums
            Dennis Keldie - keyboards
why: I dunno

"bring your dancing shoes"

- A WORD ABOUT WALLY'S - Wally's Tavern is under new ownership - it has changed. They are now booking the best Blues and R&B acts from Toronto and have done a lot to clean up it's image. It is a strict non-smoking environment and the attitude there is very friendly. There is room to dance. Check out their web-site:

- Hope to see you there.

David Hickey

40th Birthday celebration for David

Friday, December 7th -8:00pm

 Special Guests-Gary Diggins & Castalia

Unity Church

21 Rosedene, Ave (off Upper James St)

Hamilton, Ont

Cost: $20.00/person at the door

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