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Sex Magic
January 30, 2008
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A bit of interesting news - on Sunday, January 13th, there took place a momentous meeting. About a dozen 'sound practitioners' from a variety of locations met in Toronto to begin the process of establishing the Canadian Association of Sound Healers (CASH). We will soon have a web-site up and running. I'll keep you informed as to any new developments.

I'm very excited about the launching of the Bhadra Collective, an ensemble of singers and musicians celebrating the  return of goddess energies to the planet with a new brand of danceable chant music. There will be a new CD which will be released in the spring.  I'm also excited about an upcoming event in February
that will offer a preview of the band - see below for more details.

In this newsletter we will look at some fascinating info about 'sex magic'. (By the way, all previous newsletters are available on the 'newsletter' page at my website -

Peace and love, Dennis.


- part 6 -

       by Dennis Gaumond

In the last newsletter we identified three key components to effective magicianship: clarity of intent, the ability to visualize and the ability to remain lucid while in a state of trance. We established that it is easier to develop these skills in a shallow trance rather than a deep trance. In this segment we will look at some safe and pleasant ways to enter shallow trance.

It is not a coincidence that words associated with magic, such as 'incantation', or 'enchanted', and the word 'chant' are derived from the same root. The use in English literature of words such as 'abracadabra', are testament to the idea that certain sounds have always been associated with magic - incantations, mantras and power sounds. The effective use of these types of sound have to do with something one could call 'the mantra effect'. (see my article -'The Power of Mantra' on the 'newsletter' page of my website - whyislife.com) Aside from this effect, the use of sound in a variety of ways to achieve mild trance is well known. The acts of chanting, repeating mantras, toning or overtoning, or making music in almost any capacity has the potential to mesmerize and entrance. Listening to certain sounds also has this effect. Some sounds are more effective than others; ie crystal bowls, Peruvian whistling vessels, overtone singing, etc. Dancing, Tai Chi, yoga and other forms of movement are also great methods.

There is one very pleasant way to achieve a mild trance - a methodology that is seldom spoken of - something called 'sex magic'.  Again, this knowledge and these practices were more common in the millennia before the Christian era, and were written about in ancient mystical texts like the Tantras and the Qaballa. The Egyptian and Greek Mystery schools also had much to say about it, as did the Gnostics. The suppressive doctrine of the Christian Church drove it underground where it was preserved by the secret societies mentioned earlier. In more modern times, like other bodies of knowledge, sex magic is making a comeback and this information is becoming available to the common people. Such movements as Wicca and Neo-shamanism, which recognize some forms of sex magic, came about after World War II and have been growing steadily.

         Sex magic, in its more focused forms, started taking a foothold in the late 1800s, due to the efforts of men such as Pascal Beverly Randall (USA) and Edward Sellon (England). Circa 1900, an organization dedicated to the principles and methodology of sex magic was formed, called the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Two very colorful figures were instrumental to its conception. The great spiritualist and educator (and one of my personal heroes), Rudolph Steiner was head of the German branch for nine years until he dissociated himself from it just before the outbreak of World War I. It is said that, according to his wishes, Steiner was buried in his OTO regalia.

         The leader of the English branch was a very controversial man named Aleister Crowley. Probably the most well known sex-magician, he is referred to by some people as the most evil man that has ever lived, and by others as a hero and genius. He and a man named Austin Osman Spare did much to develop the OTO, including extensive writing on the subject of sex magic. After Crowley's death in 1947, the OTO broke up into several factions.

        Put simply, if two people are united in sex and allow themselves to sink into a dream-like reverie, while holding onto the same intention and visualization, it becomes a very powerful act with great magical potential.During the sex act, depending on the degree of relaxation and other factors, one can achieve a mild form of trance, especially at the point of orgasm. Crowley has named this sexually induced trance 'eroto-comatose lucidity'. A strong intention or desired outcome, if held in the mind and visualized throughout the sex act and especially at orgasm, has an increased likelihood of realizing. Again, a deeper trance, a clearer visualization and a stronger will results in greater magic potential.

          Perhaps the best way of intensifying the trance is to develop the ability to have extended, full-body orgasms. With much practice, one can learn to come to the very brink of orgasm and to prolong that state indefinitely, without going over the edge and ejaculating. One can also learn to spread the sensation of the orgasm throughout the body, rather than confining it to the groin region. As well as considerably heightening the level of bliss, it is easy to see that this would greatly increase the depth of the trance and thus greatly increase the magical potential. (A much more complete discussion of this type of orgasm, sometimes called a 'valley orgasm', can be found in the works of Mantak Chia - 'Tao Yoga' and 'Tao Yoga of Love'.)

           An awareness of the potential of sex magic can benefit one's life to varying degrees, but like anything else, serious mastery of this art requires dedication and practice. It involves confronting and conquering various fears, such as; performance anxiety, fear of sex, fear of losing control, over-sensitivity to body-image, fear of rejection, of intimacy, of the opinions of others, etc. Such a process, followed through to a significant degree, requires time, devotion and a good amount of courage.

            In the next newsletter I'll present the conclusion to this series of articles on Magick.



DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
WED., FEB. 6/08        Guelph,                   Guelph                      Unitarian Church
7:45 to 9:30 pm        Ontaro                    Chant Club

The Unitarian Church is on the corner of
Harris and York Streets in Guelph.

For more Detailed directions, check out guelph-unitarians.ca


DATE                       CITY                        TOPIC                        VENUE                      
FRIDAY, FEB. 15/08     Waterloo,               Waterloo                    
The Community of Hearts
7:30 to 9 pm                 Ontario                Chant Club                           Yoga Studio
826 King St. N., Unit 21 across from the Waterloo Stockyards, close to St. Jacobs 
(north on Conestoga Pkwy, exit at Rr - 15, turn left onto King St.)  COST: $15

For better directions or more info call Joan Schaner at

chant magic graphic
I recently received some interesting reviews of my book, 'Why Is Life?'  If you'd like to read them, please go to this site:       cosmicbookreviews.com
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"You're invited to a special evening!"


WHERE: The Capital Arts Theatre, 20 Queen St., Port Hope, Ontario.
WHEN: Friday, Feb. 8, 2008 - 7 PM

This event will include:
- a screening of the movie, 'ONE'
- musical offerings by Monk Mann, Gina Tome, Emilio Zarris
and Dennis Gaumond and the Bhadra Collective
- inspirational words by Sri Tulshi Sen

Tickets available at:www.capitoltheatre.com
phone: 905 885-1071, toll-free: 1 800 434-5092
adults - $20, students - $15, groups of 15+ - $17 pp

for more info, including audio-clips please visit:

The Power of Consciousness
with dennis gaumond

SUNDAY, MARCH 2nd, from 1:00 TO 5:30 PM

The ancients have always known about the magic of Sacred Sound - that it is a powerful healing device. They've also known that it is a very effective way to develop the power of consciousness. This workshop will teach us how to use sound to amplify and accelerate the vibrations of our intentions, to effectively attract more of what we desire and less of what we don't desire.

         Learn how to use mantras to change your mindset and attract your desires.

         Experience the healing power of chanting and overtone singing.

         Allow the sound of the crystal bowls to soothe and transform you.

         Learn to use all of these 'sound tools' to enhance your 'attracting power'.

         Share your open heart in a respectful, loving space.

         Please bring a water bottle

The cost for this workshop is just $50.00 (includes GST)
at The Lotus Centre or
by phone
with Visa or MasterCard - 519 642-2378
email -


Party at Wally's with

dennis gaumond
and the
psychedelic blues band

"blues with a worlbeat twist - a mix of the sacred and profane"   

Wally's Tavern
Phone: 519 827-1486
Address: 107 Wyndham Street North,
Sunny Downtown Guelph

when: Friday, February 22, 9:00 PM
   who: Dennis Gaumond - guitar, dobro, harmonica, vocals
            Peter Grimmer - drums
            Jesse Turton - bass
why: I dunno

"bring your dancing shoes"

- Hope to see you there.
chant magic graphicINTRODUCTORY OFFER:

Chant Magic
has been re-packaged:


This CD is different than most chant CDs. It contains 9
from a variety of traditions, i.e. Vedic/Sanskrit,
African, Native American and Latin/Christian. They are
done up in a way that is both playful and soothing, great                                                      
for either singing along or just for listening. This music              1. Om Mane Padme Hum 6:06 -  (Tibetan )
can serve as a meditation - lie back with headphones and                         2. Windayaho 5:53 - (Cherokee)
allow it to take you to 'the zone' - or it can accompany               3. Gatay Gatay 6:26  - (Buddhist / Far East)
other activities. Either way, these chants will lodge in your                4. Thuma Mina 5:55 - (South African)
sub-conscious where they will continue to do their healing      5. Om Nama Shivaya 6:47  - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
work.                                                                                    6. Ganesha Sharanam 6:35 - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
About the booklet:                                                     7. Gloria 5:25  - (Christian/ Latin)
The booklet is full of useful information about how               
8. Ira Weray Weray 5:12  - (African / Nigerian)
chants work, how sound heals, etc. It also contains                               9. Kali Ma 6:40 - (Hindu / Sanskrit)
the words, translations and interpretations for each
chant. It even has the chords so you can play along
on your guitar or piano.


Our Price: $ 19.95 (CAN), $16.95 (USD) 

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