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           If you are a reader looking for one multi-functional book that could introduce you to a wide variety of ‘hot topics’, a broad range of ‘alternative information’, a smorgasbord of mystical food for thought, there are very few books on the current market that can fit the bill. ‘Why Is Life?’, however, is such a book. Within its pages you’ll find the latest information on ancient mysteries, such as Egypt and the Great Pyramid, Atlantis, Lemuria, Stonehenge, the Mayans, the Olmecs, the Sumerians, Old Testament stories, etc. You’ll also find the latest on current mysteries, such as the face and pyramids on Mars, UFO phenomena, the crop circles, the great changes facing our planet, the hidden agenda of the world’s greatest powers, etc. There are so many enigmas and anomalies. There is a list of enigmatic fossil findings, such as human footprints and shoeprints millions of years old. There are amazing ancient maps that show how the Earth looked when Antarctica was free of ice.

           There is information in this book that challenges our strongest belief systems. For example, there is great controversy regarding the Bible and the history of organized religion. Much of this information is shocking. There are secrets about human sexuality, about human origins, about extra-terrestrials who played significant roles in our past and our present. There is fascinating information about suppressed inventions, the connection between the Nazi movement and the occult, sacred geometry, dolphins, chakras, angels, etc. The latest progress in the world of modern physics - quantum mechanics, relativity and string theory - is offering us a view of realty that is very similar to the view offered by mystics throughout the ages. It is a view that is very different from the one that has dominated the human psyche for thousands of years. ‘Why is Life’ summarizes this information, rendering a topic that can be somewhat dry and difficult into something that is interesting and accessible.

           How do all of these fascinating topics relate to each other? What is the common link? All of this mysterious information offers us great clues, insight and food for thought when considering the question, ‘Why Is Life?’. This book ties it all together with an interesting and entertaining analogy. It offers the possibility that we are here as part of a great, cosmic ‘Game’, that everything in the universe is a manifestation of energy on a great evolutionary journey, and that all these ‘segments’ of energy are part of a greater whole. Each segment, over the course of eons, participates in the task of accumulating every possible type of experience. At the human/physical/third dimensional level of the game, even though most of us are not aware of it, we are in the process of achieving a state of being that is sometimes called ‘enlightenment’.

           When one gathers enough experience or learns all the lessons of the Game at this level, one arrives at a state of mind whereby every possible circumstance in life is greeted with love, compassion and gratitude. With the awareness that all aspects of life, even suffering and death, are a type of illusion, comes the awareness that there is absolutely nothing to fear. At this point, one is enlightened, and graduates to a new level of the Game.

           When viewed from this perspective, many of the mysteries of life suddenly make more sense. It seems that the ancients were much more aware of the quest for enlightenment and many of their actions can thus be explained. They had a better sense of the illusory quality of our perceptions and of the many levels of reality created by our consciousness. They were more in touch with the ‘magical’ ways that energy likes to behave. It seems, however, that somewhere along the way humanity ‘fell asleep’ and forgot.

           More and more people believe that, due to a phenomenon sometimes called the ‘big shift’, we are in the process of waking up. We are truly living in exciting times, heading into a new awareness, a new way of being. We are exposing ourselves to a new cosmic energy, one that will help us to transform into glorious beings of incredible power. We are about to reclaim our true heritage.

           ‘Why Is Life?’ is written for the average reader. It is written with an attitude that is exemplified in the following question - why utilize the word ‘utilize’ when one can use the word ‘use’? Much of the information in this book comes from sources that are very dense and difficult to read. I have made it my task to act as translator, to try to present even the most heady of subjects, such as quantum mechanics, in a language that any reader could understand and enjoy.

           “I believe that this book is unique. I have not found a book on the market that is quite like this one. Under the label of ‘new age’ books (a catch phrase with which I’m not completely comfortable), there are mostly books that address a particular aspect of the ‘newly emerging picture’. For example, there are books that specialize in info about Tantric sex, or Wicca or Magic, about Atlantis or ETs in our past or present. There are books about various ‘conspiracy theories’, books about the Freemasons, the Bible controversies, the Pyramids, etc. Some books examine quantum physics, or new ideas such as chaos theory or morphic resonance, sometimes demonstrating the ways in which they accord with ancient mysticism. ‘Why Is Life?’ tackles all these issues and more, summarizing and weaving these many aspects into a larger picture. It shows the connections between these fields of study.

           There are also books on the market that offer information that is less ‘fact-based’. They are more involved with offering spiritual wisdom and ways to live a more meaningful life. This book also has elements of such wisdom. But it also provides a backdrop, a context by which other books can make more sense, a ‘bigger picture’ within which other smaller pictures can be seen to fit. Unlike most other books, this is a multi-purpose book. It is a useful and practical resource, while also offering the reader a fascinating and entertaining banquet - a wild assortment of flavorful morsels of food for thought.

           I believe that this book would appeal to several different groups of people. It would appeal to those who already have some knowledge of ‘alternative’ information by reaffirming and validating their existing interests and by adding scope to their visions. It makes links between different bodies of knowledge with which they might have some degree of familiarity. This book offers new ideas to chew on, holistic ways of contemplating reality and the meaning of life.

           ‘Why Is Life?’ would also appeal to those who are new to and interested in such info, who keep hearing tantalizing snippets of alternative info, but don’t know where to start. I believe that there is a rapidly growing group of people who want to know ‘what the fuss is all about’. This book offers them a general understanding of a wide variety of topics. It is also a good resource book, taking great effort to recommend reliable sources for anyone wishing to delve deeper into any particular subject area. This book could be valuable to any study group under the broad ‘new age’ banner because it provides a context – a way to understand how the particular topic being studied fits into the bigger picture.

           I believe that ‘Why Is Life?’ would appeal to the type of person that has a hard time believing in abstract, ‘spiritual’ ideas without some kind of logical explanation. The type of person who would dismiss most new age books as being too ‘flaky’ would welcome something that deals with the flaky material in a non-flaky way.”

Sincerely, Dennis.

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AWAKENING: who I am; why I am here; enlightenment; the age of non-dogma
ABOUT THIS BOOK: synopsis; inherint hardships; what is this book about? Establishment information; alternative information; I didn't write this book to impose my views upon anyone;
BELIEFS: liquefying my beliefs; skepticism; seven core beliefs

BOOK 1 GOD = mc2 or 'Well Then, That Explains It!'

All aspects of reality, everything in the universe, consists of different manifestations of the same substance; Everything is energy, the Divine Consciousness.

Part One - The Nature of Reality

experiencing all that could possibly be experienced; energy; the Gameboard; realms; density; the Players of the Game; evolving; the Game Objective; the Game at the third level; Earthschool; illusion; dualities; love and compassion; fear; enlightenment; laws of karma; questions - Can you shed some light on the concept of enlightenment? - What are the differences between the third and fourth realms? - Can you elaborate on the 'power of consciousness to create'? - Can you shed some light on the concept of time? ; dimension - Is there a different universe for each realm, or do all the realms exist within the one observable universe? - How does a Player prepare for existence in the next realm?; karma - Could you please elaborate on the concept of free will? - Why does life at this level involve so much suffering?; remembering; gratitude; healing - What is the difference between coming to the point of 'awakening' and coming to the point of 'enlightenment'? - How does the idea of 'evil' fit into the Game?; Maybe you are a lightworker!

end of the world? Gaia; from a five-sensory personality to a multi-sensory personality; external power; authentic power

What is a mystic?; Hinduism; Tantra; history of Tantra, male/female dualism, cosmogenesis, the power of sound; Buddhism; Chinese philos-ophy; Confucianism; Taoism; Zen Buddhism; Shamanic mysticism; Psychedelic plants; Egyptian Mystery Schools; Greek Mystery Schools; Qabala; Christian Mysticism; Sufism


history of physics; mechanistic view; matter as it appears at the sub-atomic level; THE SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY: Albert Einstein; space and time; space-time continuum; E=mc2; THE GENERAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY: gravity; black holes; the Big Bang; QUANTUM MECHANICS: photo-electric effect; double slit experiments; wave-particle duality; equation of wave function; principle of uncertainty; quantum foam; quantum field theory; standard model; Bell's Theorem; consciousness; STRING THEORY: theory of everything; supersymmetry; more than three spatial dimensions

unity of all things; dualities; space and time; constant motion; emptiness and form; collective consciousness; usefulness of the scientific method

the chakra system; definition of a chakra; the non-physical bodies; the causal body; the astral body; the etheric body; nadi; kundalini; liberating current; manifesting current; sickness and disease; basic principles of healing; FIRST: BASE/ROOT CHAKRA; SECOND: SACRAL CHAKRA; THIRD: SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA; FOURTH: HEART CHAKRA; FIFTH: THROAT CHAKRA; SIXTH: BROW CHAKRA; SEVENTH: CROWN CHAKRA; THE TREE OF LIFE; Sepher Yetzirah; the ten Sephiroth; Qabalistic cosmology; the path of the serpent; abyss; thirty-two paths of wisdom; Tetragrammaton; Shekinah; four levels of meaning

reality is equivalent to consciousness; system of systems; pantheons of gods; hierarchy of angels; consciousness creates reality; seminars and conferences

Part Two - The Big Shift
end of the world?

global warming; climatic change; pole shifts; collision with some celestial body; solar flares; the Big Shift;

all is energy; cymatics; resonance; entrainment; grids; the matrix; Law of Octaves; Law of Three

what is a prophecy?; now-times; accumulation of information; phenom-ena that challenge our current paradigms; weather anomalies; massive extinction of species; a need for change; alternative health care; change in tolerances; unexplainable 'alien' phenomena; other strange phenomena; highly unusual alignments; prophets and prophecies; ancient calendars and traditional cycles

precessional cycle; precession of the equinoxes; magnetic field cycle; solar cycles

magnetic strength; frequency of vibration; brain-wave activity; to entrain with the new rate; change at a genetic level

to facilitate the process of entrainment

or 'Is Someone Pulling The Wool Over My Eyes?!'

enlightenment; the collective is healing; ruling paradigms; free energy; a state of knowing; doing the best I could with what I had at the time; forgiveness; the ever-changing power elite; controlling devices

Part Three - The Origins of Man
science; conventional overview of the history of life

natural selection/survival of the fittest; define the terms 'Darwinism' and 'Darwinian'; random mutations; controversy; human evolution; human sexuality; theory of an 'Intelligent Designer'; Chaos Theory; underlying order; fractals; morphogenetic fields; mechanistic view; organistic view; morphic resonance

the Dogon; Nommo; Oannes; Sumer; the Annunaki; Nibiru; Anu; Enki and Enlil; preoccupied with sex; nuclear holocaust; Abraham; dragon bloodline; menstrual blood; white powder gold; alchemy; Philosopher's Stone; Great White Brotherhood; Dragon Court; Holy Grail

Atlantis; Plato; possible locations; evidence for the existence of Atlantis; various theories regarding the demise of Atlantis; the people of Atlantis; Atlantean colonies; Lemuria; Mu; Naacal; evidence regarding Lemuria; the people of Lemuria; contact between Lemuria and Atlantis; Dar, Zu and Ur; Mars; Venus

Part Four - An Alternative History

volunteers and facilitators

Gondwanaland; Lemuria; Atlantis; Fall of Lucifer; the Great Flood; Egypt; Thoth; Akhenaten; the Essenes; Jesus the Nazorene

Part Five - Mysteries and Enigmas

Forbidden Archeology; ancient plank; California goldrush; fossilized human footprints; Antikythera Computer; Piri Re'is; Orestius Finnaeus; Portolans

the Great Pyramid at Giza; peculiarities in the dimension and layout; Khufu; why was the Great Pyramid built?; how was the Great Pyramid built?; who built the Great Pyramid?; when was the Great Pyramid built?; the Sphinx; the Oseirion; enigmatic qualities of stone structures; archaeo-astronomy; Baalbek; Tiwanaku; Chavin de Huantar; Cuzco; Sacsayhuaman; Machu Picchu; Nazca Lines; Easter Island; Mayan Structures; extensive knowledge of the Mayans; extreme accuracy; sophisticated three-tiered calendar; the Aztecs; Teotihuacan; the Olmecs; Stonehenge; Avebury; Silbury Hill; Glastonbury

mere hoaxes?; characteristics in common; hidden meaning; specific patterns; How can we explain it?

history of UFO reports; Roswell; Holloman Air Force Base; livestock mutilations; characteristics in common; human abductions

monuments on Mars; pyramids; face on Mars; the Moon; Venus

Part Six - Bible Roots and the History of Western Religion


difficulty of communication; compilation process; distortion by omission; time context; hidden meanings; simple punctuation; translation process.

compiling the Old Testament; Apocrypha; Nag Hamadi Library; Gnostic Gospels; Dead Sea Scrolls; simplified overview; 25 million people were put to death!; compilation of the New Testament; history of Christian religion; St. Paul; Constantine; Council of Nicea; Theodosius the Great; the Library of Alexandria; Augustine, Ambrose and Jerome; Justinian; Gospels of Mark, Luke, Matthew and John; Revelation to John; heretical Christian groups; the Gnostics; the Coptic Church; the Celtic Church of Ireland; Manicheans; Arians; the Cathars; the Reformation; the Mormons.


After the flood; Abraham; Ishmael; Isaac; Esau and Jacob; Joseph; Moses; Joshua; twelve Tribes of Israel; Judges; David and Solomon; religio-political factions; standoff at Masada; Sephardic Jews; Ashkenazim Jews; Biblical Chronology Chart

the Creation Story; Adam and Eve; Noah and the Flood; the Tower of Babel; Abraham; Sodom and Gomorrah

according to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible; Moses; Aaron; plagues; a jealous God; fear of the Lord; the Ten Commandments; insurrection; 'utterly destroyed'; Joshua; pagan gods; Samson; Saul; King David; Solomon; two factions; Josiah

Possibility # 1. This image of Jehovah was introduced to the people through Moses; who was Moses?; Akhenaten; Nefertiti; Possibility # 2. Was Jehovah an extraterrestrial?; El Shaddai; Elohim; Enlil; YHWH; Tetragrammaton; the Ark of the Covenant; disappeared; description of the Ark; Jericho; Possibility # 3. The image of Jehovah was a man-made distortion; modern archeology; Deuteronomistic history; archeological history of Israel; strict puritan reforms; propaganda of the Old Testament; Possibility # 4; Possibility # 5;


differing versions of the Jewish faith; Diaspora Jews; puppet kings; the Herods; Roman procurator; many sects

short list of respected books; key persons; the Apostles; James and Thomas; Simon Magus; Jonathan Anas; Judas Iscariot; Simon Peter; John the Beloved; Jesus' inner circle; Jesus' mother; Joseph of Arimathea; John the Baptist; Jesus was many things; the Essenes; the Nazorenes; the Messiah; the Crucifixion; after the Crucifixion; the lineage of Jesus

a street prostitute; Bethany; sacred prostitute; Mary was married to Jesus; sexual rituals; Isis; the Virgin Mary; Black Madonnas; who was Jesus?

Part Seven - Sex and the Return of the Goddess

human animal; clitoris

a right-brained, matriarchal society; a left-brained, patriarchal society; shela-na-gigs, the Greek legend of Delphi; Roman Church attitudes; the sexless Virgin Mary


sexual hospitality; bridal prostitution; carte blanche; ritual promiscuity; sacred prostitute; temple prostitution; semen; menstrual blood; the Holy Grail

Tantra; male/female dualism; unity; healing methods; mantra; yantra; mandala; meditation; pranayama; mudras; nyasa; asanas; the sex act; maithuna; semen retention; whole body orgasms; a typical sexual ritual; collective sex; Karezza; Oneida Community

history of sex magic; define sex magic; control of the will; visualization; ability to remain lucid while in a trance state; clarity of intent; addiction; extended, full-body orgasms; autoerotic; heteroerotic; homoerotic; group sex rituals

BOOK 3 I BELIEVE or 'I Think I Believe'


In presenting this type of information, it is very easy to digress. It's almost impossible to proceed in a direct, linear fashion. There are so many interrelated topics that it can be difficult to maintain a steady flow. It's often necessary to refer to some relevant sub-topic which would take several paragraphs to explain, so that by the time we return to the first line of thought, the original point becomes harder to grasp. To avoid this, 'Why Is Life?' uses information boxes, which will present self-contained mini-essays of related side issues. Thus, hopefully, the main text can proceed in a reasonably linear, fluid manner.

- BOX 1; Channeled Information
- BOX 2; Law of Octaves
- BOX 3; Time Lines
- BOX 4; Sacred Geometry
- BOX 5; Systems Seeking Balance
- BOX 6; The Angelic Realms
- BOX 7; Scientific Evidence of the Collective Mind
- BOX 8; Past Extinctions
- BOX 9; The Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Sequence
- BOX 10; Free Energy; Tesla and Schauberger
- BOX 11; Machiavellian Controlling Devices
- BOX 12; Ezekiel
- BOX 13; The Tenth Planet
- BOX 14; The Sumerian Number System
- BOX 15; Ancient Dynasties
- BOX 16; Masons, Templars and the Secret Societies
- BOX 17; The Nazis and the Occult
- BOX 18; Dolphins and Whales
- BOX 19; Ley Lines
- BOX 20; The Significance of Pi
- BOX 21; The Coral Castle
- BOX 22; Mayan Predictions
- BOX 23; 144,000 and 666
- BOX 24; Sir Francis Bacon
- BOX 25; Satan
- BOX 26; The Legend of Issa
- BOX 27; Chants and Mantras
- BOX 28; The Science of Meditation.


- DIAGRAM 1; The Electro-magnetic Spectrum
- DIAGRAM 2; The Fabric of Space-Time
- DIAGRAM 3; Double Slit Experiment
- DIAGRAM 4; The Caduceus
- DIAGRAM 5; Flower of Life
- DIAGRAM 6; The Precessional Wobble
- DIAGRAM 7; The Photon Belt
- DIAGRAM 8; The Golden Mean Spiral
- DIAGRAM 9; Inside the Great Pyramid

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‘Why Is Life?’ consists of thirty-nine chapters which have been arranged into three ‘books’ and seven ‘parts’. (See Synoptic Table of Contents for specific chapter titles.)

BOOK 1- ‘GOD=mc2’ or ‘Well Then, That Explains It!’

           Anyone who has ever gazed up at the stars is filled with a sense of awe and wonder at the vastness of creation. Who or what is ‘God’? What is the meaning of life? What’s it all about? These are our greatest mysteries. While even the most inspired writings could never answer these questions definitively, this book offers the reader a playful, new and exciting way of looking at them. The first half of the book attempts to make sense of things by viewing all aspects of reality as different manifestations of Energy. The ongoing process of creation, with all its intricacies, is seen as the evolution of Energy. And what is Energy? Could it be the equivalent of consciousness itself? Both modern science and ancient mysticism seem to be saying just that.

PART ONE - The Nature of Reality

           In order to take a stab at addressing the question, ‘Why is life?’, a good first step would be to try to get a better understanding of the nature of reality. How can we make sense of our universe? This chapter presents several models by which we can get a handle on these enduring questions. It starts with an analogy, based on mystical viewpoints old and new, of reality as a glorious Game whereby energy evolves through different levels of expression. It alludes to different ‘rules’ and constructs of the game, focussing mainly on the level of the Game that involves the physical, material realm in which humanity currently finds itself. The Game at this level is described as a process whereby each individual manifestation of energy, each human soul, learns enough lessons here on Earthschool to eventually achieve a state of ‘enlightenment’. The soul is then ready to ‘graduate’ to the next level of the Game.

           Part One then proceeds to present the most recent theories in modern physics, which attempt to shed light on the nature of reality. This includes quantum mechanics, relativity, chaos theory and string theory. While this may sound like a rather dry enterprise, it is quite the contrary. This information is presented in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. There are many striking parallels between modern science’s emerging description of reality and that of the various mystical traditions, both ancient and modern, throughout the globe. They point to the idea that our consciousness creates our reality. These concepts are delivered in a way that is accessible and fun.

           The next section goes on to present two ancient schools of thought that have much in common, the Tantric system of chakras from Indian traditions, and the concept of the Tree of Life, from Hebrew traditions. These bodies of information can help us to understand the way in which each individual interacts with and is a part of the greater whole. It also provides an analogy which explains how ‘cosmic thoughts descend’, manifesting in the material world, and vice-versa.

           The final segment of Part One deals with the notion that reality is a dynamic, evolving process, the product of evolving consciousness. In other words, reality is a ‘condition’, something that we have the power to affect, both with our individual and collective consciousness, with our will. This viewpoint is being embraced by a growing number of scientists and spiritualists.

           The information in this chapter, as with all chapters, is offered in its essence - without the encumbering detail that can often cause the average reader to bog down. For those who want to investigate further, every effort is made to refer the reader to sources where greater detail and deeper insight can be found. As well as providing a fascinating read, this book is a good reference resource.

PART TWO - The Big Shift

           Prophesies from diverse sources all through history have pointed to the present era as being a time when mankind will be “destroyed by an outer fire or transformed by an inner one.” Part Two cites many fact-based examples of significant change that is occurring in our time. It suggests that such changes are part of a phenomenon that some have called the ‘big shift’. According to this idea our planet is moving toward a position in the cosmos, part of a recurring 26,000 year cycle, that will expose it to new forces. This will bring serious change, possibly enormous cataclysm. This has happened in the past and there is reason to believe that ancient societies were aware of it.

           This chapter cites some of the scientific evidence that suggests that the planet is undergoing a profound change. For example, the base resonant frequency is rising while the strength of the magnetic field is diminishing. These and other conditions are shown to have a powerful effect on our consciousness. Many people feel that these circumstances represent a great opportunity, that a reduction of the ‘density’ of this planet will result in a condition that will facilitate the spiritual evolution of its residents.

           Somehow, it seems easier to make sense of things when we allow ourselves to be open to new possibilities. Anyone who is remotely aware of the vast changes confronting us should find this chapter fascinating.

BOOK 2 – ‘QUESTIONING THE PARADIGMS’ or ‘Is Someone Pulling                   The Wool Over My Eyes?!’

           Mysteries abound. Throughout history there have been many enigmas and anomalies, such as the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and other ancient stone structures, which defy our ability to explain. In the modern era we have crop circles, various UFO phenomena, psychic phenomena, structures on Mars and fossilized shoeprints that date back millions of years. Most of the significant information involving these topics is kept from the public. When we have difficulty explaining such enigmatic findings, they are often swept under the carpet or they are given explanations that are woefully inadequate. Book 2 questions some of our most important paradigms.

PART THREE – The Origins of Man

           Who are we? Where do we come from? Part Three lays out the accepted paradigm that we evolved from a type of ape according to the laws of natural selection. Darwinism, having broken through the previous paradigm of Creationism, has replaced it to become the scientific pillar that supports our definition of humanity. It has become so established that it is very difficult to question. Many scientists, however, are indeed questioning it, pointing out that the fossil record does not accord with the popular Darwinian view. There are far too many stumbling blocks, things that the concept of natural selection cannot explain.

           This section illuminates some of the holes in the Darwinian paradigm and suggests some other factors that could be driving our evolution. Some of these factors are within the boundaries of established academia, borrowing from chaos theory and a new study of a phenomenon called ‘morphic resonance’.

           Part Three also deals with information that is well outside of our current paradigms. It examines the possibility that we have descended from other advanced societies such as Atlantis and Lemuria. It presents a wide array of differing theories regarding these ‘mythical’ societies, and looks at the large body of evidence that might support such claims.

           A few decades ago, Erich Von Daniken stirred things up with his book, ‘Chariots of the Gods’, by suggesting that extra-terrestrials played a big role in our history. Although even the most open-minded readers often came to the conclusion that his claims were exaggerated, his books sold by the millions. Today there are many theories, usually backed up by much better research, claiming the same thing. This section looks at these theories and some of the evidence that they offer.

           While there is little doubt that some form of evolution has shaped us, it seems clear that there are factors at work other than natural selection. There are definitely large pieces missing in our understanding of human origins. Are our paradigms holding us back? Whether one believes in Atlantis or space travelers in our past, one cannot go away from this part of the book without feeling that there is a lot of compelling information out there that should be common knowledge. Why isn’t it? Part Three takes the reader on a thrilling ride, offering a fascinating new look at the mystery of our roots.

PART FOUR - An Alternative History

           This section offers a departure from the type of information offered in the book thus far. It is drawn from sources that are decidedly non-scientific. What we get is a playful synopsis of the accounts of indigenous traditions, mythology and information that was ‘channeled’ from ‘higher entities’ to psychic mediums, which gives a completely different picture of our history on this planet.

           This history includes references to Atlantis and Lemuria, ancient civilizations on Mars, the Great Flood of Noah, the Fall of Man, the construction of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza, and the ‘handing down’ of civilization in ancient Egypt and Sumer. It suggests that, in the past, mankind was much more aware of our need to seek enlightenment. It offers the possibility that, throughout history, there have been ‘higher entities’ that have come to Earth to try to help humanity on the path to enlightenment. It also suggests that there have been other entities, possibly extra-terrestrials, or the ‘forces of darkness’ if you like, who have attempted to thwart mankind’s efforts.

           While to some this may sound rather ‘heavy’ or far-fetched, it is presented in a light-hearted manner. The author does not attempt to sell any particular idea and the reader is encouraged to chew on this food for thought in her own way.

PART FIVE - Mysteries and Enigmas

           We can’t depend on our educational institutes or the mass media to provide us with the information we need to make an honest effort at understanding our world. One must make the effort to dig out such information. Even a modest amount of investigation will reveal a great number of enigmas that completely defy our accepted view of the world. Conventional attempts to explain these mysteries seem deceptive and inadequate. It’s becoming embarrassing.

           There is a growing list of discoveries, fossils and such, that suggest that there has been some form of intelligent life on Earth for many millions of years. A growing number of researchers claim that there are many structures from our ancient past, not the least of which is the Great Pyramid in Egypt, which simply could not have been made by primitive people wielding copper tools, as we are taught in our schools. The information in this section suggests that some major pieces of the puzzle are missing. For example, some ancient societies had very complex calendars that went back hundreds of thousands of years. Some of them knew things about the cosmos that our modern society has only learned in the past few decades.

           Unexplainable phenomena are not only related to our ancient past. There are more than enough anomalies emerging in the present. The amazing crop circles that show up every summer, and the ongoing cover-up and silence on the matter, are absolutely shocking. There are NASA photographs of what appear to be artificially made monuments on Mars. There are reports on UFO sightings, livestock mutilations and abductions.

           The information that has emerged in the past few decades is astounding. Part Five provides reading that is compelling and intriguing. It is designed to loosen the reader’s grip on old belief systems, encouraging an attitude that is open to new possibilities.

PART SIX - Bible Roots and the History of Western Religion

           Among the most powerful paradigms, the ones that have shaped our history and continue to exert a strong influence on our daily lives, are those deriving from our religions. Biblical notions of chosen people and promised lands still fuel the powder keg of tensions in the Middle East. These belief systems are deeply ingrained in the human psyche and provide the underpinning for virtually all of our social institutions. They have been used to justify some of the most heinous crimes against humanity, including persecution and war. In the fairly recent past, to merely question such beliefs was to invite suffering and death.

           Part Six takes a thorough look at the history of the Christian religion and the roots of the most powerful book in known history, the Bible. Although it wields, both directly and indirectly, an extraordinary control over our lives, we know very little about it and where it came from. In the last two hundred years or so, since it is no longer life-threatening to question the Bible, a great deal of information has come to light. Various archeological discoveries, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hamadi library and other sources are painting a picture very different from the one promoted by organized religion.

           Much of the evidence suggests that many of the firmly held tenets of Christianity have little or no basis in reality. The latest archeology does not accord with the history outlined in the Old Testament. There is ample evidence to warrant a serious questioning of the familiar stories surrounding Jesus and other Biblical characters. Yet very few of these ground-shaking breakthroughs are being presented to us by the media or the school systems.

           This section presents a wide range of controversial information that challenges the Bible and the Christian establishment. It offers several explanations of some of the Bible’s content that may make more sense in light of some of the ideas presented earlier in the book. Whatever your religious beliefs, Part Six provides an entertaining and fascinating ride.

PART SEVEN - Sex and the Return of the Goddess

           Not only is sex fun, it is also good for you. Sex heals! There is a great deal of information, both ancient and new, that refers to the power of the sex act. Unfortunately, we’ve been taught for thousands of years that it is something dirty and shameful. Do our inherited attitudes toward sex represent a great wound in the collective human psyche, which obscures our vision and impairs our progress - our capacity to love?

           Some people would be shocked to read about some of the sexual rituals practiced by ancient societies or by some modern indigenous groups. There is evidence to suggest that there is a wisdom behind such rituals, an awareness that the sex act is a powerful ‘tool’ that can be used in the quest for enlightenment. Chapter Seven presents this knowledge as having been prevalent back when the matriarchy dominated, when the female aspect of humanity was valued and respected. It also examines the possibility that this attitude toward the ‘goddess’ is returning, bringing wisdom and balance.

           Although the information presented in this chapter may be considered risqué by some, it is certainly controversial and challenging. In any case, it makes for very entertaining reading.

BOOK 3 – ‘I BELIEVE’ or ‘I Think I Believe’

           This shorter section summarizes the author’s opinions and interpretations of the information presented in the book.

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