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           I have written a book addressing no less a question than ‘Why is Life?’. Who am I, to be embarking upon such an ambitious endeavor? Of course, I am none other than God, omniscient, omnipotent creator of the universe! Aside from that however, I am a humble dude born and raised in a mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada. As a youth I was a counter-culture party animal who barely managed to stay out of jail. At eighteen years of age, angry and confused, I traveled throughout Europe and Northern Africa. In my wanderings I met some interesting people that introduced me to Hinduism, Buddhism and meditation. I began to read any books that I could get my hands on that addressed, in any way, the great questions of life.

           A few years later, armed with an idealistic desire to help, I studied as a social worker and went on to work as a correctional officer. Disillusioned after four years of working in both jails and treatment facilities, I decided to change directions and pursue my passion for music. For the better part of my life I’ve been a folk/blues musician, performing in many different contexts at venues all over the land and releasing three albums of original songs. During this time I received further education, both formal and not so formal. I am two credits short of a degree in fine arts and have had a wide array of strange interim jobs, such as commercial salmon fisherman and children’s entertainer, wearing a ‘dog suit’ with built in microphone. I’m also a husband and a father.

           I have been active in my own community, hosting a TV show featuring local artists and a radio program focussing on Blues music. I’ve also been an activist, becoming involved in socio-political issues and serving for a time as vice-chairman of our local branch of the Council of Canadians, Canada’s largest activist group. I founded and maintain the Guelph Chant Club. Once a month I lead a group of people who get together to sing chants from a variety of cultures. I am a voracious reader of books related to my topic and have been accumulating info for thirty years.

           Four years ago, during a year in Australia, I had something of an epiphany. I had been spending more and more time meditating and pursuing spiritual interests. At a spiritual retreat in the rainforest called Gunnebah, due to a strange set of circumstances, I found myself giving a talk on ‘alternative information’. It was received with great interest and I was asked to do more presentations. It made me realize that part of my spiritual journey, part of my personal healing, involved writing a book. Upon returning to Canada, I fell into another set of unusual circumstances and started giving seminars through the Ontario Board of Continuing Education. These talks are well attended and rewarding, and preparing for them gave me the skeleton upon which to build the book.

           I am not a PhD or a widely recognized personality. However, with the type of book I’ve written, I believe this may prove to be an asset. The book covers a wide range of info, accessing an array of sources. There really is no academic degree that would qualify me for such a task. Most fields of study are more focussed, and experts in these fields tend to write books that address such a focus. In my case you have a layman who has tried to address the question, ‘why is life?’ by examining, in a layman’s way, many different fields of study. Thus my book is jargon-free and written in a way that is comprehensive to the common reader. In a sense it can be seen as a ‘translation’ or a ‘demystifying’ of information that can be quite dense or abstract, into layman’s terms.

           Although I have written this book primarily as a result of my own ongoing quest for enlightenment, I offer it to you with deep love, hoping that you will find it useful and enjoyable.

Bon Voyage!
Sincerely, Dennis Gaumond