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        AUG 1, 2017        

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Greetings Dear Friends

I'm writing from the steamy jungles of Winnipeg as Jen and I move across the country on our Jennis summer tour. Right now we're staying with Jen's cousin Allison and hubby Jeff who live in the lovely, forested Wildwood Park neighborhood of Winnipeg. There's more info about the tour below.

Also, I thought I'd share an interesting video that I saw recently about our solar system's changing position in the Milky Way galaxy.

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Peace and love, Dennis.

Climate change has become a hot topic and a big concern for many - and rightly so. There is no doubt that human activity is contributing to it. Some contend that there is no direct evidence that 'global warming' is being caused by the 'greenhouse effect' - by humanity's rather large carbon footprint. I have no desire to enter that debate. In my opinion, we should be doing everything we can to curb the polluting of this beautiful planet whether or not it is causing global warming.
Having said that, many people including myself, feel that there are also other factors contributing to climate change. Much of the research I've done relating to the 'big shift' suggests that the Earth is experiencing major change because of its place in the galaxy - because of changing circumstances due to its changing position in a grand cosmic cycle.
Although some of the info I've accessed is of a scientific nature, much of it is not. Prophecies from many different times and cultures, channeled information, mystical traditions and other sources have talked about this shift, pinpointing now as the time that it will occur. I therefore find it exciting when I discover info from the scientific world that corroborates this view.
I recently came across a short video (16 minutes) that contains clear, easy to understand info, as well as great graphic imagery. It is based on hard scientific data from Russian scientists, NASA and other 'official' sources. I feel compelled to share it with you. Here is the link:  energycloud



Howdy Y'all.  
We're happy to be touring west again this year. We have some great gigs lined up and they're listed here. If you know anyone who is near to where we're playing and feel that they might enjoy what we do, we'd appreciate if you could let them know about it.

 *House concert details, video and music at
Sat, Jul 29 * Thunder Bay, ON: The Foundry
Wed, Aug 2 * Calgary, AB: House Concert*
Thu, Aug 3 * Canoe (Salmon Arm), BC: The Hive
Sat, Aug 5 * Pender Isl, BC: Stoney Pocket Festival
Sun, Aug 6 * Salt Spring Isl: Treehouse Café
Sat, Aug 12 * Dunster, BC: Robson Valley Festival
Wed, Aug 16 * Saskatoon, SK: House Concert*
Fri, Aug 18 * Gimli, MB: The Ship & Plough
Sat, Aug 19 * Thunder Bay, ON: The Foundry


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