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The Power of Thought Seminar
November 9, 2007
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The newsletter that we sent out recently contained a mistake pertaining to the 'Power of Thought Seminar'. The phone number that we provided was for the Zehrs store where the seminar is taking place, rather than for the correct line to register. Oops. The store phoned us to say that they have had many calls. If you were one of them, please accept our apology. The correct number is now in the information below.

Peace and love, Dennis.



                    Have whatever you desire to have!                                           
              Be whoever you desire to be!

Are you completely happy with your life? No matter how happy you may be, you can be much happier.

Join us, Kyle O'Brien and Dennis Gaumond, for an evening that will change your life. This dynamic seminar will open your eyes and help you discover the incredible power that you possess.  Your thoughts are a magical, creative force.  What was once a thought, can actually "come to life" in the real world. Through the power of thought we transform the reality in which we live.The demonstrations in this presentation will show this in no uncertain terms. Experience it for yourself.  This seminar will teach you how to:

--  Be Happier  --  Enrich your life  --  Make more Money    --  Empower your choices  --  -- Be Healthier   --  Improve your Relationships  --

            head shot - b&w                                          head shot - b&w           DENNIS GAUMOND                                                   KYLE O'BRIEN                                  

This Seminar is FREE, But seating is Limited

Phone:  519 342- 6590

WHERE: Community Centre "Upstairs at Zehrs"                                           
1005 Ottawa N , Kitchener , ON
(@ Ottawa & River)  

(When you come into the store Turn Right and Follow the Stairs)

WHEN: Friday, November 30th, 7:00 to 9:00PM

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