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From Cosmic's 'The Universe' Reviewer:

A fantastic overview of established and alternative information about all of life’s mysteries including our origins, our reality, our future, many mysteries, religion, sex, and the author’s beliefs (Dennis has established himself as a leader in modern thought). And yes, Albert Einstein said it best: E = mc2. When translated from its mathematical origins, this means that matter is equivalent to energy, or that all reality is made of the same stuff – we are all one. How cosmic is that !! This book is a must for all those who are seeking to know more about life.

Spirituality Reviewer: Rev Doreen Oceana

An invaluable tool for self-growth. Who am I? Why am I here? What is the meaning of existence? The author describes how he has ‘awakened’ to find this answer: “I am an incredibly beautiful being who exists simultaneously in a great many dimensions and time frames. I am an amazingly powerful entity with an enormous storehouse of information, capable of extraordinary feats of creative genius…. I am here to remember….”

Personal growth and self help Reviewer:: Dr Bev Steinbeck

A fantastic resource for those seeking enlightenment. As the author writes, ‘subscribing to a set of beliefs is a dynamic process by which my awareness moves toward absolute truth. Although dogma and pre-set doctrine have played valuable roles at points in our collective evolution, I believe that it is becoming more useful to look inward, to listen to one’s inner voice, to work things out for oneself’. Far be it from me to add to this bit of wisdom – Dennis says it best ‘I believe the best route to enlightenment is to follow one’s joy. If you’re doing something that ‘makes your heart sing’, you are probably assisting your own healing process’. Absolutely !!

Healing Dr Memhotep

A journey of healing for the author, who found himself waylaid with a debilitating disease - and at the same time with an opportunity for enlightenment – his life’s quest. Writing this amazing book has been a way for this author to heal himself and at the same time provide the same opportunity for all those who read this great work. Humanity has an incredible story, and the journey of healing and awakening is the stuff of enlightenment, shedding light or awareness, consciousness, into our environment and opening up the veil that has shielded us from the workings of this divine ‘game’ as the author refers to life.

The Mystical – Meru

The author is sharing what he has found as he ‘has fumbled his way long the path to enlightenment’, at the same time acknowledging that he’s come a long way on that path and that the is aware that he still has a long way to go. He describes the age of Non–Dogmata, where rather than adhere blindly to preconceived doctrine or the opinions of others, it is preferable to work things out for ones own self. Hopefully one learns to listen to one’s higher self or inner voice, which will always help to guide on to whichever paths seem most beneficial. Life is truly a mystical experience – Dennis has done an incredible job of compiling information from many difference sources to create the big picture of our life on earth. He compares current dogma (belief held by organizations or religions) to alternative information (information that has been hidden or not commonly accepted) about all facets of life on earth – and then also occasionally throws in his two cents worth (Dennis's views are incredibly insightful). His section on mysteries and enigmas is quite excellent and compelling for the reader to follow up and do some research on their own with the many links and references he provides. Mysteries are only mysteries because we haven’t figured them out just yet – food for further thought and pondering as we awaken out of our holographic dream to find the inner workings of life !

Human consciousness – Hans Gunther Knepp

The author has an incredibly enlightened view of life and reality – The Glorious Game. To be awake is to realize that everything we do is designed to bring us closer to the light, that any action that does not assist us along the path to enlightenment is not worth pursuing. The process of ‘remembering’ who we are is the process of ‘enlightenment’. The best way to begin – ask you your own questions and find your own answers. Dennis acknowledges that to describe our reality, there is no single explanation that will be satisfactory. He offers several different perspectives or explanatory models and they do all come together at the end, providing great insight into the mystery of our reality ! (….pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…’ – Wizard of Oz, from The Wizard of Oz 1939). By providing his process of discovery, Dennis has provided a tool for us to help with our own incredible journey.


           Take one part of Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’, one part of Dan Brown’s ‘ Da Vinci Code’, one part of ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’, and two or three heaping parts of author Dennis Gaumond’s own extensive research and engaging writing style and you have one of my new all-time favorite books – ‘Why Is Life?’
           If you, like me, are even vaguely interested in questions like, “where do we come from?”, “how was the universe created”, “is there a God?”, “who was Jesus?”, and “what’s it all about anyway?”, this book will give you delicious food for thought.
           Gaumond states, “I believe that the beliefs I have today are not the beliefs I will have tomorrow”. That said, he lists the beliefs he has today – after having written this huge volume and done more research than I would have thought humanly possible for one man to do.

1. Most of what we refer to as reality is an illusion.
2. We are not just clever naked apes designing better mousetraps - humanity is much more     than we tend to believe.
3. An incredibly glorious, beautiful and exciting destiny awaits us all.
4. We are the creators.
5. We, and all things in all universes, are one.
6. There is absolutely nothing to fear.
7. Love is the master key to all doors.

           So who is Dennis Gaumond? For most of his life he was a Canadian blues musician, but also, for most of his life he was struggling with the great questions of life. He was at a spiritual retreat in Australia when he had his personal moment of enlightenment. As the great Zen masters will tell you – you don’t simply get to be enlightened and then sit back and bask in bliss – this is an ongoing process.
           Gaumond tackles an enormous range of topics in 400 pages, starting with the nature of reality and exploring the latest findings of the world’s top quantum physicists. He moves on to Darwin and evolution – and don’t expect a recap – Gaumond questions everything and the thoughts he raises on evolution are intriguing indeed. He presents an alternative history of the planet as well as mysteries and enigmas that we have largely ignored.
           How did 20,000 slaves build the Pyramid of Giza, the base of which covers 13 acres, the stones of which fit together so perfectly that no hand tool could have possibly engineered them? The best experts today, given the most modern tools, say they could not duplicate it.
           One of the most intiguing sections concerns the Bible and its teachings. If you’re ready to keep an open and questioning mind, this one could rock your world. The section on the goddess and sacred sex might also shake you up a bit. As I said, the book is extremely well researched. It might take you years to follow up on the vast bibliography. It is also very well written. In fact, it’s a page turner on the order of the Da Vinci Code – not as much of a cliff-hanger perhaps, but in terms of electrifying information, definitely. In fact, you’ll find more information in these pages on some of the Da Vinci Code’s enigmas.
           The author is coming to town as a guest of the Unity Church of Nanaimo, May 29 for a talk/workshop from 1 – 4:30 PM and another workshop June 4 at 9PM. For information, call the church office at 758-1021 or e-mail unitynan@shaw.ca.
Goody Niosi for The Nanaimo Daily News.

           If you enjoyed the Da Vinci Code for the information presented, then you’ll love Why Is Life? Imagine that life is a game, and Earth is a school. This can be helpful for those of us who are awakening spiritually; who want to be brought up to speed on the current ‘alternative information’ and who want to take a fresh look at the old established information. Dennis Gaumond’s well-timed book has brought clarity to my somewhat foggy understanding of such things as the nature of reality and the history of humanity, no less.
           First, awakening requires rubbing the sleep out of our eyes. And then, the light may seem a bit harsh. Light can be considered information. For example, reading about the Big Shift, with its accompanying prophecies of Earth changes and personal symptoms of change could arouse fear in some of us. But Gaumond steers us ahead gently with his reassuring positive attitude. Also, Gaumond’ s honest sharing of his emotions about writing the section on Bible Roots and Western Religion helped to ease my deeply held emotional issues on these subjects.
           As in the film, What the Bleep Do We Know?, Why Is Life? adds modern science with ancient mysticism to equal a sum greater than its parts. This book itself is an example of balance between the masculine, linear, logical, rational, left-brain aspect of the mind with the feminine, circular, intuitive, emotional, right-brain aspect to form wholeness (holiness). Perhaps this unity consciousness constitutes the next stage of planetary/human evolution.
           Gaumond cites evidence - impeccably - throughout a fascinating scientific retrospective on the evolution of the human species. This seems to merge with the conclusions of renowned mystics. The author asks, ”Is this book a useful tool? I would answer, yes! because it points out some mistakes that we can learn from, and we can choose to evolve - to a state of cooperation, peace and love.
           In my view, the greatest human truth to have been obscured is the healing power of sacred femininity and sexuality. John Gray, PhD states that healing only comes with the sharing of the truth. Then, it’s no wonder why this book was a ‘healing tool’ for the writer. He uncovers this shining truth from under many layers of fear and dark deception that have accumulated over the ages. He states: “This book simply represents my attempt at sharing what I’ve encountered as I fumble my way along the path of enlightenment”. I’ve decided to fumble along, too. Are you coming?
Xena Zwicker Muzzell for Off the ShelfMagazine

           This is very well-written and readable, with lots of factual and intellectual references that take this out of the personal realm and make this a more analytical and educational commentary. The author is comfortable with himself and his beliefs and quite expressive. Anyone wanting to know more about this particular line of thinking and many, many variants that the author goes into in great and well-researched detail, will find that the book has a lot to offer. A tremendous range of esoteric subjects are extremely well-covered here. The book includes a list of references galore, a list of websites, and an index, all of which are useful for the serious reader.
Writer’s Digest Magazine.



“Many authors request reviews unworthy of great praise. Why is Life? by Dennis Gaumond grabbed me from the start with sincerety, friendly organization, clarity of composition, and depth of reasoning uncommon among contemporary works of spiritual discipline. Embrace this therapeutic blessing in the spirit from which it was written--the power sourcing from Divine universal connection. Plug into its love for your personal enlightenment. . . . Master Gaumond shares all here!”
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Humanitarian and Award-winning Author of 14 Books Including the Bestseller ‘Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola--Nature, Accident or Intentional?’

"As the long-time owner of a metaphysical bookstore, I have read countless books. I have over 8,000 books in my personal library and Why Is Life? is right up there amongst my very favorites. This book is unique in its approach. It is both a very entertaining read and a useful resource."
Debbie Purvis, Odyssey Books and Resource Centre.

“I found 'Why is Life?' to be an enjoyable and thought-provoking book that has inspired me to look beyond the conventional views of science.”
Christine Dupont, PhD, Biology

“ Even though this book deals with some complex material, it is easy to read and easy to understand.”
Dennis Laforge

"A comprehensive work of grand scope and great detail."
Renata Radek, author, essayist

“Big time kudos to you for your book. I really enjoyed it. You managed to tie together a lot of seemingly unrelated concepts in a clear and meaningful fashion.”
Paul Reda

“Hi Dennis! I'm enjoying your book.....especially the first 100 pages. I can't believe you put this together in only 3 years. What an awesome undertaking! It's the best explanation of modern Physics that I've ever read.”
Ralph Billings

“Great book! ...thoroughly enjoyable and very thought provoking.”
Dave Coulter

“On a recent vacation I picked up your book, and like you i have read many books on many different aspects of spiritually and such...Your book is perfect! It wraps it all up in one. I use it like a text, and continue to reread sections over again. You are one of the first that I have seen to include a whole chapter on sexuality in the same book - beautiful.”
Laurie Adams

“I think your book is awesome, there are many items in the book that I knew but did not know they correlated. Your book clarified, is easy to read and gives quick insights into the whole matter of awakening. Thanks for a fabulous literary achievement.”
Dieter Teuschler

“As far as the book goes, I have been reading in this area for awhile, and like you, want to know about how the eternal philosophy runs through all bodies of metaphysical thought. This is why I appreciate all the work that has gone into your book, putting together what is out there, right down to the lizard people. It is really a reference book. I like your ability to draw on your extensive reading, without sounding like a prophet expounding. I like too, your openness and willingness to see what can be done to expand awareness.”
Cathy Anderson